South Dakota, Usa

Commonhouse Aleworks

Park Circle Pale Ale

@Delectable Wine this is Commonhouse Aleworks White Point Light. System was good at identifying brewery but not the product.... A lighter well-made Hefeweizen made for drinking in 100 degree temps. 20 ibu only. Nice malty head on the tap pour. Substantial amount of body for a beer that finishes very light. Orange, tiny bit of yeast throughout, little bit of lemon tart on the finish. I think this is about 5.5%abv so nice and light for the summertime. — a day ago

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Ron R

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Looks so inviting. Nice write up, @Mark Flesher.
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

@Ron R definitely a nice drinker made for downing a 12-pack on the shores of the beach and not leaving you too dehydrated!

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@Mark Flesher Mark nice review sounds like an enjoyable easy drinking IPA Cheers 🍻

Dakota Sun Gardens

Haskap Berry Wine

I don’t even know what a haskap berry is, but this wine was delicious! It’s definitely semi-sweet, but there is a tartness to the berry that balances perfectly. Could easily drink this all day/night #roadtripwine #northdakota — 18 days ago

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Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

We have lots of haskap berries up here in Canada! Cheers! 🍷
Kendall Johnson

Kendall Johnson

Thanks! It was surprisingly tasty :)

The Bruery

Saison Rue

Perfect crown! Garden of the gods lacing. Bone colored number, and what structure! Moves like chef’s foam. Dark, bronze-golden body. Orange, peach, cherry and pear blossoms in an arboreal array. Lacing morphing erratically into tropical vines. Warm apple pastry, limoncello, sliced bing cherry, golden beets, and a raisinate grape with honey cake, in an elegant botanical park of aromas. The beer is nothing like this, it is deep and creamy, exhibiting Sauternes barrel richness, Saigon cinnamon, shiitake, maple nut, chocolate pods, pecans, nutmeg, dark caramel, dark honey wheat bread with aspirations to rye. Including a near-caraway. Light coffee notes throughout, conversely tea with a honey spoon.. This is a dichotomy. But an interesting one worth exploring. — 18 days ago

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Westbrook Brewing

India Pale Ale

@Delectable Wine this is the IPA. Another winner of the Charleston IPA contest. This and Huber St had plenty of character. Thisbhadbannide combo of citrus and pime hop with interesting resin notes on the finish. Last beer of the trip at the airport Beerworks restaurant! Would buy again without a doubt. — a day ago

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Coast Brewing Company

Hop Art India Pale Ale

Not bad. Was my number one until I had the Huber St. A lot of grapefruit and tangerine citrus hop. Makes the mouth pucker. Leaner finish than my preference is. Competed very well with shrimp and grits and complemented well. — 3 days ago

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Oak Mountain Winery

Estate Merlot 2013

A very herbal red wine. Nose of Lavender and pine and rosemary. Green herbal flavors synchronizing with the nose. Plenty of acidity for food pairing. Full bodied, drinkable on its own. Not overpowering. Vibrant and alive. I like! — 13 days ago

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Westbrook Brewing Co.

Massican Birra Bianca

It can’t all be wine. — 9 days ago

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Revelry Brewing Company

Poke the Bear American Pale Ale

Revelry brewery Poke the Bear Pale Ale. Nice citrus hops. Medium-bodied. Had a little bit of hop weediness in the middle. I'm not too over-the-top, so for those people who really don't like IPAs but do like something a slight bit on the hoppy side, this one is a must. — 3 days ago

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@Mark Flesher Cheers 🍻

Palmetto Brewing Company

Huger Street IPA

Best IPA of the trip this far. If I lived here, I would be buying this one on a regular basis. Great dry, pine, and citrus hops that are very well balanced and integrated with a satisfying finish. — 3 days ago

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The Bruery

Terreux Sour in the Rye American Wild Ale

Revisit from four weeks ago, so I’ll keep it short and less windy. Red amber body is just a beauty. The white crown an equal. Strawberry nose with fresh apricot, peach and pickled peach too. Mouth puckering-ly sour with green strawberry, cherry sweet tart, lemon juice, limes, red grapefruit, apple cider vinegar and Dijon mustard, sour pineapple, star fruit and kumquat. Tartness just brands you initially, and you seek shelter in the oak relics below the sour reliquary. — 7 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Love their stuff! Find any of the 'Anniversary' beers, with the wax dipped neck, be patient they're not ready on release, you'll be happy.