Dominio de Pingus

Flor de Pingus Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2017

Produced by Peter Sisseck, of Denmark, arrived in Spain in 1993 to manage a new project and thought about the old vines around the Ribera del Duero. By the 1995 vintage, Peter had found ancient vineyards that inspired him to make "Pingus," after childhood nickname. Deep Ruby, concentrated dark fruit aromas with gently smoky notes. On the palate cherry and plum flavors, sweet vanilla spice, well balanced, soft warming tannins, long ending with slight oaky tones. Very Nice! — 15 days ago

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Hubbs Creek

Süssreserve Gamay Rosé 2017

Rosé.... That’s my nickname.... (most people won’t get that). Good wine. — 2 years ago

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Sohomare Sake Brewery Co.

Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo Sake

吉川special A rice. Yeast 6, 7, 9, 1401 and two year rice batch. Kimoto style. #7 yeast from Masumi Brewery. Rich earthy vintage mushroom. Excellent! Nickname Tuxedo in the US for its black bottle and elegance — 3 years ago

Tuck Beckstoffer Wines

Hogwash Grenache Rosé 2015

My nickname in high school. Look at me now 🐷🐖 — 4 years ago

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Domaine de la Verde

Royal Sunset Vacqueyras Rosé 2019

Rose...that's my nickname. Cocaine flowing in my thick veins.

Great dry flavor, notes of peach. Or something like that.
— 3 months ago

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Albino Armani

Alfio Moriconi Selection Valdadige Pinot Grigio

This pinot will definitely stand apart from others. The flavor is strong and delicious. I read a description that it has a tropical feel with pomegranate notes. I would fully agree. Since pinot wines are nice but lacking the strength of a good wine. This wine can pair pretty much everywhere from appetizer to main course to dessert. It can also be your wine of choice at any occasion. It's nickname should be "I can't believe it's a pinot!" — 2 years ago


Caballo Loco Number Fifteen Red Blend

Number 15. Fruit bomb. Pronounced aromas of black fruits. Black currant jam. Chewy tannins, but with good structure. Full-body and off-dry on the palate.
Caballo Loco (Crazy Horse) is the nickname of 1 of Valdivieso’s previous winemakers Jorge Coderch, who created this wine. It doesn't have vintage but release number. This one of the top Chilean wines is created using a solera system - each edition has 50% of the current vintage and 50% of the previous. Blend: CabS, Malb, Carm, Merl, CabF, Carignan. Rating 3,9/5
— 4 years ago

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Villa San-Juliette

Petite Sirah

Fantastic, fruity blueberry and blackberry and jammy, why its nickname is blueberry motor oil — 5 years ago

Craft wine Co.

Minimus RedWhitePink Willamette Valley Rosé Blend 2018

Soda fountain suicide - this is that. RedWhitePink is a suicide of six grapes - Pinot Gris, Mondeuse, Viognier, Blaufrankisch, Ribolla, Gruner. Reds treated like red, whites like white, then blended. It’d be “illegal” in Europe, hence the wine’s nickname. It’s kind of a mind trip but any singular reference point would probably lead you to Tavel.

Glowing magenta. Sour cherry lozenge, bitter blood orange, mild woodsy notes and grippy tannins.

And of course, Dr. Pepper at the end.
— a year ago

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Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn Premium Badge

@Dawn E. Minimus is making great stuff. This is a ton of fun!
Sharon B

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It definitely sounds like a fun wine! Cheers!
Jay Kline

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Ha! Great note. Without having tried this one, I have a really good idea what to expect. Thanks @Ely Cohn

Bodega Bressia

Sylvestra Cafayate Torrontés 2017

David T

Argentinians have a nickname for this wine, the liars wine. They gave it this name for how different the nose & nose intensity is from the palate.

On the nose; sweet citrus, pineapple, melon, lime zest, lemon, candied (jolly rancher if they made these flavors), honeydew, honey, some orange citrus & fruit blossoms.

On the palate; the fruits are tamer on the nose. White citrus, pineapple, melon, lime zest, lemon, green apple, candied (jolly rancher if they made these flavors) honeydew, honey, some orange citrus, big chalky volcanic minerals, saline, dry stones & fruit blossoms.

Photos of; their road sign, lobby tasting area and some landscaping around the property.
— 3 years ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Yum, under-appreciated varietal.
Bob McDonald

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Love Torrontes.
David T

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@Bob McDonald Me as well. It remains largely under the radar in the US market.