Negroamaro Blend

L'Astore Masseria

Alberelli di Negroamaro 1947

Scott C

Reminds me of Puglia last summer . A great winery with some really interesting wines . This is from old vines 2015 vintage. Serious complexed , riles fruits , hint of marzipan. Long dry finish . — 20 hours ago

Casa Vinicola Apollonio

Valle Cupa Salento Rosso Negroamaro 2012

Your unusual Puglia wine. 50% primitivo, 50% negroamaro. Plum, blackberry, blackcurrant, full of flavour, dark colour but very elegant and not plump. Great wine! — 19 days ago

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Gigaro Salento Negroamaro

Random nice dinner — 10 days ago

Marchese di Borgosole

Riserva Salice Salentino Negroamaro

Lovely velvety mouth feel. Maybe cherries and a little chocolate. Paired nicely with manchego cheese. — 9 days ago


Ultima Quattro Uve Red Blend

Nice and pleasant easy drinker. Nothing brilliant about it but also nothing massively in your face. — 8 days ago

Vini Menhir Salento

Vega Salento Negroamaro Primitivo 2015

Thick and inky. Steak pairs well with the wine. After a day it opened up really well. Tannins still holding on with lush mouth watering acidity that compliments the red and blue fruit (think blueberries and raspberries), with some wet underbrush on a fall day, moist crisp air and freshness. It’s yum. — 4 days ago


Negramaro del Salento

Black licorice.... then it dissipates... and it’s a lovely wine. — 4 days ago

Neal Ferry
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Neal Ferry

Neal Ferry

Did this come from the same place as my jeans in 1980? If so that great because this bottle is great too


Salento Negroamaro 2009

Deep, dark, earthy blueberry red fruit, bordering on soy sauce. Clean finish. Really enjoyable! — 24 days ago