Piedmont Nebbiolo

Francesco Rinaldi e Figli

Cannubi Barolo Nebbiolo 2016

Decanted, notes from 2 hrs open. When I taste young barolo: I'm reminded of the joke: man goes to the doctor and says: "it hurts when I do this"...doctor says: "don't do that". I wanted to see what 16 fruit is like, but was, I think understandably, nervous about immense tannin. On the nose: pure sweet blackberry and blood orange, with a hint of smoke. So primary, but the fruit is beautifully pure. On the palate: lovely acidity, tar, blackberry, fantastic density, and just amazingly dense and drying tannin on the finish. Will I still be able to drink wine when this is at peak? Will my kids? — 6 days ago

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Giovanni Manzone

Le Gramolere Barolo Nebbiolo 2016

Color of clear light purple, almost Pinot noir like. Nice legs. Nose of cured meat, a bit smoky, leathery, hint of dried strawberry, and strength of alcohol. Taste follows the nose with addition of refined tannins, dates and plum, dried strawberry, black pepper, some whisky barrel note, black tea, and some more dried strawberry. Aftertaste of some more ripe grapes, a bit more zest, and savory currants. Nice. — 3 days ago

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Produttori del Barbaresco

Riserva Ovello Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2011

My first check-in with the 2011 “Ovello”. Popped and poured. Consumed over two days. On the nose, predominately red fruited with raspberry and pomegranate, walnut, some spices, red flowers and forest floor. On the palate, red fruits, almonds, and forest floor. High tannin and medium-plus acid. Overall, this is a very serious wine and tremendously satisfying. It held up really well over the two days it was open…which leads me to believe that these have a long life yet ahead. I’m very happy to gave several bottles remaining and look forward to checking in on their development for years to come. — 10 days ago

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Daniel Bloom

Daniel Bloom

The best Co-op in town!
Jay Kline

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@Daniel Bloom or quite possibly anywhere in the world for that matter
Bob McDonald

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@Jay Kline Thanks for the heads up via your tasting note. I have 2 bottles of this very Cuvée in my cellar. Walter Speller has a drinking window of 2020 to 2032 FYI.

Giacomo Conterno

Cascina Francia Barolo Nebbiolo 1990

Amber tawny color. Looks old in the glass but not overly so. Gave this 6 hours in a decanter before taking it to our restaurant. Has a great old Barolo nose. Notes of Asian tea, soy sauce, roses, black cherries, some leather saddle and a little tar. Silky in the mouth, with a perfume that gains intensity. Still has ample fruit with a nice soft structure that delivers a memorable finish. Great performance tonight, and bottles like this easily have another 5-8 years of peak delivery. — 10 days ago

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Giovanni Viberti

Buon Padre Barolo Nebbiolo 2016

Color of clear burgundy, bubbly with copper tone on the rim. Nose of strength of alcohol, light cherry jam, some dried strawberry, a bit peppery, a bit leather, and a bit tobacco leaves. Nose is not too impressive. Taste shows ample acidity, still intense tannins, sour cherry, black pepper, just a bit sweet and some zest note. Aftertaste of some more ripe grapes and tinkling bitter note on the tongue. Not my type of wine. — 12 hours ago

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Produttori del Barbaresco

Barbaresco Nebbiolo

From a 3L bottle that I have cellared since release. I always hesitate to open these large format bottles, instead making excuses to hold them for longer since they tend to age at a glacial pace. However, we were hosting a large group of people for my 40th birthday dinner and since we were having lamb and rice, and big bottles are meant for big parties, and the world hasn’t been able to enjoy many big parties over the last 14 months, I figured WTFN. In an attempt to maximize the potential of the bottle, I pulled the cork almost 30 hours prior, a recommendation from by buddy Tim who tends to know a lot more about these things. I left the bottle in my cellar, allowing it to slow-ox. By dinner the following evening, this was absolutely singing. Gorgeous, translucent ruby color with a slight brownish rim. Ripe red fruits just ever so slightly stewed, red flowers, dry earth, and dried Mediterranean herbs. This bottle was positively bursting with energy! Bone dry. Medium+ tannin; medium+ acid. The finish was long and somewhat saline and was an absolutely sublime pairing with our Khaleeji fare. A fabulous bottle and a much better showing than the 2013 (standard format) that I recall drinking a few years back. — 12 days ago

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Jay Kline

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@ESF @Daniel Bloom @M. Christopher Roebuck thanks guys!! Dance party tomorrow for the actual birthday.
Anthony De Blasi

Anthony De Blasi

Happy 40th!!

Josetta Saffirio

Barolo Nebbiolo 2016

Lyle Fass

This is much more closed than the last bottle but shows some hints of what it could be. Roses. Floral. Sick florals. Licorice. Stunning. Dark florals. Meaty. Tree bark. Palate is sweet, silky, elegant and super pure but this is closed. Digging sweet fruit. Air will help it. Great energy. — a day ago

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Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen

Bottle variation.


La Pira Barolo Nebbiolo 2007

Shay A

WNH Barolo theme.

Not having any experience with this producer, I tried a small glass at pop and pour, then decided to decant for an hour and a half. I then enjoyed the bottle over the next two hours.

I’m between a 92 and 93 here. If I had tried this blind, I think I would have taken this to left bank Bordeaux. As odd as that sounds, my reasons are mostly due to hardly any floral notes at all, and a hint of leather on the palate (with both the classic Barolo and Cabernet finish showing drying tannins). The longer this was open, the more cherry menthol notes picked up (but not in a bad way). Red currant, cherry and vanilla Pope tobacco, and underripe fleshy black cherry skin. Sporting a classically warm 2007 profile with richness and tannin, this powered through the entire evening and was best about halfway through. I’m sure it can hold many more years, but this is at a stage where the fruit is fading to the background and savory herbs, dates and fig will soon make their way to the forefront. Just depends on your preferred Barolo style. Enjoyed from a Grassl Cru glass which does a great job of accentuating the aromatics in old world wines.
— 12 days ago

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Mike R

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@Shay A great note indeed but amazing find - Bender involved somehow with this or you got a source you been hiding from me my young abs gifted friend
Shay A

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@Mike R : Ha! Bender was not involved. I was able to source this locally from a cellar. In a beautiful drinking window!


Perbacco Langhe Nebbiolo 2017

Ming L

Delightful nose of cherry, raspberry, strawberry complemented by tobacco, touch of balsamic and hint of truffle. The fruits feel lightly candied on the juicy palate. Medium body, and the tannins command attention.

If the Castiglione bottling is the king, this would be the queen: lively, graceful, yet authoritative.
— 4 days ago

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Serralunga d'Alba Barolo Nebbiolo 2013

From a party sized 1L bottle. It’s a solid example. Nice has rose petals, cherry liqueur, and a bit of dry gravel. On the palate, it’s a leaner style but with good intensity, lots of crisp macerated cherry fruit and some minerality. Great acids and soft tannins. Good value! — a day ago

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