New Hampshire, Usa

Hermann J. Wiemer

HJW Bio Riesling 2019

Honestly I don’t remember the last time a wine made me shriek “F#iK YEAH” so... let’s lead with that this is sapid AF. One of those wines that is so layered but also you get them all at the same time so you are smacked down with I dunno...perfection? Really rich in ripeness that feels like a clove studded orange to me. Something that hits like lemonheads but maybe gold and mysterious myth and frankincense? It’s hard to give precise taste metaphors when a wine is unapologetically itself. Why find tasting notes on a wine if the wine could be the taste itself? — 7 days ago

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Ellen Clifford

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@Richard Jayson glad you enjoyed the review!


Really intriguing notes! Happy cheers!🥂
Ellen Clifford

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thanks @Trixie ! Hope you can try this one of these days, it’s goooood

Eve's Cidery

Golden Russet Still Dry Cider 2019

Dry as a bone essence of apple. You can tell the wild yeast fermentation as it has the sour funk in a good way. — 20 days ago

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Forge Cellars

Sunrise Hill Vineyard Riesling 2020

Very nice. Purchased during our wine tasting visit to Forge. Unlike most Resiling, this wine has more body and is very easy to drink! Paired with salmon, broccoli, sweet potato fries and steamed white rice. Perfect wine for the summer. — 10 days ago

Channing Daughters

Envelope Chardonnay Blend 2014

Visited the vineyard on my birthday this past year and picked this baby up, last of their bottles.

Shades of peach in the glass 🍑

Dried apricots, honey, boozy bouquet

Not super linear, a bit of complex notes of apricot, citrus, and hay. A bit herby, a bit earthy🪴

Jammy and bramble, the silken texture is welcome and gives a plush, soft reason to come back for more
— 6 days ago

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Hermann J. Wiemer

Estate Grown Dry Riesling 2020

Always a good value dry Riesling. The 2020 has a bit more fruit than I recall, but still quite piercing with that stony acid quality. — 13 days ago

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Ravines Wine Cellars

16 Falls Vineyard Dry Riesling 2018

16 falls vineyard. Nice kind of chalky ina good way. In Naples — 13 days ago

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Standing Stone Vineyards

Timeline Dry Riesling 2019

Produced by the Herman J. Weimer team after they purchased the Standing Stone Winery and vineyards. Intense aromas of white flowers with notes of green apple. Hint of petrol. Green apple, peach and slate on the pallet with just a bit of lemon on the finish. Bone dry with very prolific acidity. Quite bold and rich but there is just a touch of sharpness that is noticeable. — 14 hours ago

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Hillick & Hobbs

Dry Estate Vineyard Riesling 2019

Uber citrus and orange blossom nose and palate. The golden yellow color makes me contemplate a heavier wine and this one is not a lightweight by any means but it nearly sparkles throughout the mouth—and yet! Then finishes heavy with a hint of petrol like one would after a long road trip filled with fast food stops. Unlike those trips though this is one to take a lot. I wouldn’t call this a heavy and down nor would I call it nervy or unnecessarily perky. Is this a wine that doesn’t need therapy? It’s cool being chill. The chills that aren’t cool with being chill aspire to be cold and they are unhappy. — 20 days ago

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Heart & Hands Wine Company

Finger Lakes Sparkling Riesling 2019

Another lively vintage of this very interesting Sparkler. Produced utilizing the traditional method and Riesling grapes. Pleasant nose of unripe peach, limestone and exotic spices. Apricot and tropical fruit on the pallet. Extremely dry and very little RS. Crisp, pallet cleansing acidity. Refreshing. This wine actually had some red wine enthusiasts drinking Riesling! Something a bit different from a great FLX producer! — 6 days ago

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Ravines Wine Cellars

Finger Lakes Dry Riesling 2017

This wine is just delightful. Finger Lakes Rieslings are on another level. — 15 days ago

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I need to try more Finger Lakes wines 👍@Devin Healey