Florida Orange Groves

Swamp Head Brewery

Eerie Jelly Berliner Weisse

I love the Jelly series of Berliner Weiss that Swamphead comes up with and this one is no exception, so fruity and tart with a nice citrus kick from the orange! Very unique beer. — 2 months ago

Biscayne Bay Brewing Company

Tropical Bay IPA

Golden with amber suggestions. Glows, but oddly opaque. Poached egg foam topper that recedes to reverse galactic pointillism. Juicy nose of ripe pink grapefruit, mango, pineapple and Meyer lemon, lime zest, and peach blossom. Soft sweet grapefruit and it’s spongy pith keep the entry light on carbonated clouds with silver mineral. Orange peels back to reveal hidden lemon, lime zest, and grapefruit juices. The whole suggest a cool minerality. Best enjoyed in sunny south Florida in some less infectious future. Solid session ipa. .
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— 8 months ago

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Cigar City Brewing

Fancy Papers Hazy India Pale Ale

Opaque tangerine color that reddens toward the white with pink-y hinted top. Quick, cosmic dissipation. Lacing in sheets with buttons. Tangerine was spot on in the citrus aromatics, also peach, lemon, lime, ruby grapefruit and luxardo cherry. Really pleasant and clean, zesty mouthfeel. Metallic orange, pithy grapefruit, lime zest, lemon zest, white pepper sensation, poppyseeds, saline sunflower shell, and lemon pith. Citrus is racy and real in this session hazy. Tastes like Summer. #cigarcity #hazy #hazyipa #ipa #indiapaleale #ale #beer #bier #biere #birra #biere #cigarcitybrewing #flbeer #Tampabeer #ccb #ccbfancypapers #stratahops #idaho7 — 10 months ago

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@David Kline Cheers 🍻

Due South Brewing Co.

Category 3 IPA

Frothy head of bone, with lacy lacing, thick as a garter. Blood orange eternal. Heavy perfumes of musky jasmine, deviled eggs, tarragon and chamomile. A bitter pine-y entry turns evenly sweet, between honey and radicchio flattening to light caramel on dried hempseed. Ever cycling from one side to the next. Amarula, and then cigar stub. Cognac sweet and then candle-grappa and cigarette paper. Feels like you’re chasing your tail, until you forget and are left with a pleasant blend of after dinner courses and cigar coating comfort. — a year ago

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Crooked Can Brewing Co.

Purple Cow

One of my favorite breweries in the south. I know, I know, Sweetwater in Atlanta’s great and all, but Crooked Can outta Orlando is something else.

Their seasonal Oktoberfest pictured on the right hits all the right Autumn notes.

Purple Cow to the left of that has got nice açaí, blueberry, and licorice notes.

Down the line, the Pia Kawa is a perfect tart pineapple sipper.

Finally, the Mellow Step, probably the favorite of the flight, has got the perfect amount of hops balanced with a saltwater taffy mango afternote.

10 mile bike ride and flights on the West Orange Trail. Chill.
— 4 months ago

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Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019

A welcome familiar face from my bar in NYC that luckily Tim’s Wine in Orlando, Florida carries.

Mineral, mountainside zephyrs, glens of dewy grass, peach in the nose.

Welcome fine, subtle carbonation. Supple grass like a day spent on the great lawn in Central Park in better times.

Peaches and the citrus of a mandarin orange. Love the sweet, creamy mouthfeel.

An ode to beautiful rolling meadows.
— 9 months ago

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Cigar City Brewing

Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Powering through the last of the oak beers on the way to wine immersion. On a positive note, the baby now has a room! Anyway, last year’s Good Gourd! Looks like dark tea or a hot cider, nice eruption of bubbling magic. Orange tinged; good start! Super spiced cinnamon apple, caramel, vanilla, nutmeg, and oddly smelling of a California wine. Sierra foothills mascarpone notes and also a hot buttered rum smell. Cinnamon tea, clove studded orange, whiskey-lemon-honey tea, toasted coconut, sweet tobacco, brown sugar, dates, fruitcake candied notes with a nod to its density. A cream soda finish with raisinets. #cigarcitybrewing #cigarcitygoodgourd #goodgourd #imperialale #ale #beer #bier #biere #birra #imperialpumpkinale #pumpkinale #pumpkinbeer #ccb #halloweenbeer — a year ago

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Concrete Beach Brewery

Sola IPA

Pale amber with frothy white that dims to fringe and crop circles. Same alar lacing. Shiny lime, dried pineapple, banana skin, and orange zest, with light aniseed scent residuals. Lemon-orange to lemon zest. Lime pith, tangerine, thyme; zesty finish that is somehow supple. Not so creamy, as a revisit to spongy; pith. .
#concretebeachbrewery #concretebeach #concretebeachsolaipa #solaipa #ipa #indiapaleale #ale #beer #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja #flbeer #flabeer #miamibeer #miami
— 8 months ago

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@David Kline David Cheers 🍻

Copperpoint Brewing

A-10 Hop Hog Red IPA

Brilliant and red-amber come in at just-translucent showing slightly piebald broiled beef fat foam and eyebrow-expressive, graphic lacing. Woody, with elm and holly and cherry wood, blood orange and ruby grapefruit too, a peppery, meaty complexity. This beer really reminds me of some British ale that I can’t quite pinpoint. Nuttiness. Shelled pecans and dusty walnut, roasted hazelnut, and cigarette paper. Bitterness ion bits defining turn that smacks of savory, chestnut, dry cigar, weak coffee, cinnamon. Interesting twists here, and low fruit and malt reliance. .
#flabeer #flbeer #copperpoint #copperpointbrewing #copperpointbrewingco #copperpointA10hophog #hophog #redipa #ipa #indiapaleale #BoyntonBeachFl #BoyntonBeach #Mosaic #beer #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja #florida #USAF
— 9 months ago

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Seemed a fitting backdrop. Not a shadow box, just a framed memento.


@David Kline Cheers great aircraft and beer 🍺
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Ocean Song

Rum Barrel Aged California Merlot 2017

Summer may be officially over but not in Florida! 🌴🌞🍷 the bottle had me at “toasted coconut, Madagascar, vanilla, black cherry and orange peel”! Who could pass that up!? Happy Friday! — a year ago

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Such a tropical vibe to the post. 🌞 Happy weekend!🍷🍍🍉


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