Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Canvasback (Duckhorn Vineyards)

Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

I’m always down for a bottle of Canvasback as I find it to be consistently good. I enjoy the robust, ripe red & black fruits, the notes of cedar and wood shavings, menthol and baking spices, and the seductively sweet notes of burnt brown sugar, molasses, and Luxardo syrup. While it’s on the higher end of the price I consider reasonable for this selection, it’s still agreeable in my opinion. — 4 days ago

Krystal Vento
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@Ryan Vento Ryan Good wine, good post, good pic Cheers 🍷
Ryan Vento

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Thanks @P A 🤙🏻 Cheers

Grand Rêve Vintners / Force Majeure

Force Majeure Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

This is a fantastic wine. Needs to breath about an hour. Simply delicious old style cab. — a day ago

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Long Shadows Wineries

Pirouette Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2013

Turkey day pairing with beef tenderloin and bernaise sauce. 63/20/12/5 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.Decant an hour before serving. — 9 days ago

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Bel Canto Cara Mia Vineyard Red Blend 2016

Almost all Cab Franc with some Merlot & PV in there. Power/finesse balance on display. Darker fruited take on Franc. Great producer who hits very high notes with this vineyard. Highly recommended. — 10 days ago

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@Hugh O'Riordan - Yes. Just don’t have tons of time for posting. Thanksgiving holiday helps!
Serge S

Serge S


Dunham Cellars

XIV Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

The 2016 ‘Columbia Valley’ Cabernet Sauvignon is a beautiful new effort from this warm vintage in Washington. The nose shows off rich blackberry pie, Turkish coffee and sagebrush aromas that meld in the glass. The palate is beautifully balanced, showing ripe red cherry, blueberry compote, coffee grounds and suggestions of black tea and exotic spices. This just might be the first ‘Columbia Valley’ Cabernet Sauvignon wines by Dunham out of roughly fifteen where I have found blue fruits. Nonetheless, this is delicious wine that is drinking marvelously now and will cellar well for at least another ten to fifteen years. Drink 2019-2033- 93 — 15 days ago

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@Dr. Owen Bargreen Dr. Nice post and gray scale pic. Have a great weekend Cheers 🍷
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@P A Thanks my friend, beautiful new wine 🍷

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@Dr. Owen Bargreen Dr. Life is good Cheers 🍷

Côte Bonneville

Carriage House DuBrul Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2011

Thanksgiving wine #2. 2011 is a challenging vintage and this is definitely at peak. Cedary Bordeaux nose. Classic Dubrul red currant notes on the palate. Tannins are largely resolved, and while there is plenty to enjoy here, drink them if you have them. Happy Thanksgiving! — 9 days ago

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Matthews Winery

Reserve Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet is my go to wine. This Reserve Cabernet does not disappoint! It is full body, dark red, complex and satisfying as a big red. Will stock up on this for the winter. — a day ago

John Bookwalter Winery

Conflict Conner-Lee Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2016

The ‘Conflict’ is a melange of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon with 48% Merlot and a dash of Malbec. Ripe red fruits dance with shades of anise and herbal undertones that take form in the glass. The palate has good freshness and minerality with medium-bodied red and dark fruit flavors, with a touch of milk chocolate. Drink 2019-2029- 91 — 3 days ago

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Good stuff there

Fall Line Winery

Artz Vineyard Cabernet Franc Blend 2013

Wow, do I love a Washington state wine!

Roasted hazelnut nose, with a couple of char ones on the mix.
Large, bold body, light berry, fruit leather, smoke, slate, and mirrors.
This is a wine that enjoys company, and I am lucky to dog sit my Sister in laws Ewok for a couple of days..
— 8 days ago

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He’s fixated on the wine. Poor thing! None for him, just @MaJ CappS 😀
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@MaJ CappS I do agree!

Baer Winery

Ursa Merlot Blend 2015

All Merlot. Great one to start the holiday week. Dark fruit, & firm tannins, drinks more like a Cab. Powerful and generous. This producer delivers consistently and this one shows that success. — 11 days ago

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