Kaiserstuhl, Baden


Rhini Blauer Spätburgunder 2020

Lyle Fass

Ridiculous Rhini! What a nose. Red cherries and berries galore. You can smell the density. Gorgeous soil and limestone tones. Unreal expansiveness and so so aromatic. Just a crazy nose that has so much breadth. The clarity, purity and pinosity are off the charts. Palate is tangy and tense and as usual at chez Ziereisen it needs mega air but the structural architecture is there. A very red fruited expression of Pinot which seems to be the new direction this estate’s Pinots are going in which I am here for. Lovely bitter herbals on the nose now. Great freshness and acidity but needs to fill out. It will. I’ll be back. Fruit getting sweeter with air that classic hidden Rhini structure. Now with air the nose is super spicy and complex . Herbal and spicey. Fruit is so much sweeter and is like a squeegee on the palate and clings to the palate. So clean on the backend. Huge quality change on day 2. Nose is denser and cleaner with rich cherry fruits, pine resin, black forest vibes and spice. Wow. A 9.7 nose today. Palate is elegant and dense with that unreal Rhini elegant yet substantial structure and crazy complexity. Big but very very fine tannins. 9.5 to 9.6 overnight. — 4 days ago

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Enderle & Moll

Baden Pinot Noir 2021

11.5%. Darker than previous vintages. For 20bucks this is a great value. Unbeatable at that price point. Incredibly juicy. Light and so drinkable. Limited tannins. And not as acidic as in the past. Faint orange zest. Touch cherry. A drink now wine. Not as ‘exotic’ and characteristic as previous vintages. In 2021 their killer wine so far is the E&M Rose. 9. 1 as it opens up after 15 min. Tart cranberries. — 4 days ago

Max Geitlinger

Wein Pinot Noir 2015

Unscrew and pour. On the nose: blueberry, wild strawberry, more hi-toned than I remember. On the palate: gorgeous acidity, light-styled, good density, more blueberry and wild-strawberry, soft spice and velvety soft tannin on the tangy finish. Yum. — a month ago

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Henrik Möbitz

Kanzel Pinot Noir 2012

Less than 1000 bottles made. By a Hobbyist from Novartis. Carries interest but is now too old so drink up! Orange rind, bandaid, tannins almost fully resolved, acidic, lacks fruit. Hint of cherry and oregano. — 8 days ago

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Enderle & Moll

Spätburgunder Rosé 2021

Quite tart strawberry driven. So fresh. Folks at the impromptu ‘case-tasting’ when Lyles wine arrived liked this one the best. More when this is settled after it’s travails. — 19 days ago

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Weingut von der Mark

Engerstein Pinot Noir 2020

A cleaner Liaison. It doesn’t have the VA I always hope is restrained. I said it. — 10 days ago

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Shelter Winery

Lovely Lilly Baden Pinot Noir 2021

Nice, light body... my kind of red — 20 days ago

Enderle & Moll

Liaison Pinot Noir 2018

Rose petals, cherry, wet moss, wild berries, subtle herbs (tarragon?), flirty hint of grape, bubblegum. And that signature wild, almost over the line E&M VA. Fine tannins, very pretty. Substantially more va in one of two bottles opened. — 11 days ago

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Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

Great wine yet on the edge. And once the VA blows off it is all good. The VA is actually Ethyl-acetate which humans can small in extrem small amounts. The whole VA acronym is a misnomer.

Weingut Bernhard Huber

Bienenberg R GG Spätburgunder 2006

WOTN...rich developed leather, graphite and dark berries. Beautiful wine — 4 days ago

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Dr. Heger

Ihringer Winklerberg Großes Gewächs *** Spätburgunder 2010

Baden. Pinot. Kaiserstuhl. An old vulcano in the rhine valley. GG. Warmest area in Ger. figs grow there. Undertasted, ratet und non existent in the US. A suitcase import. Under imported. And overpriced when they are imported. Bought this for 20 bucks in 2012. Brown tinge. Orange zest nose, brown tinge. In the glass blueberries, bark, touch crushed marble, cardamom, hint turmeric, cherries and black tea. Great juice! Might go back May 2024. — a month ago

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