Bernkastel, Mosel

Martin Müllen

Kröver Paradies Auslese Riesling

2010 is this mislabeled ? This is zero star. Does not Taste like that.

This is sick off the bat.

Nose is elegant peach and peach flower. Crazy density. Some aged Riesling. Complex ... but I’m so blown away I can’t focus on detailing every little thing.

Palate is concentrated perfectly ripe peach. Crunchy confectionary elements. Juicy. Crazy fresh. It has the concentration of baked peaches but the freshness and clarity of perfect fresh ones.

Epic levels of almost tart acidity. Wow.

Whatever I bought it was a massive under buy.

Bought from fass selections.
— 10 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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Von Schubert

Maximin Grünhauser Abtsberg Spätlese Riesling 2016

Nice nose of pineapple, lichee and a tiny hint of smoke. Nice balance. Persistent salty and mineral aftertase. — 4 days ago

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Weingut Clemens Busch

Pundericher Marienburg Rothenpfad Großes Gewächs Riesling 2016

Delicate, crisp and refreshing, with a medium bodied mouthfeel. Holding back on the nose, but intensely mineral on the palate, with grapefruit and bitter grapefruit peel. Maybe I’m reading into it because I know that this producer is biodynamic, but this wine is alive. . — 13 days ago

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Trittenheimer Apotheke Kabinett Riesling 2016

Characteristic petrol & pear bouquet expectant of this appellation.

Pear cider bomb. Perfect salinity dances with flourishes of effervescence.

This is a classic example of what a well-balanced off dry Riesling can accomplish.

— 6 hours ago

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Weingut Günther Steinmetz

"Von Den Terrassen" Piesporter Treppchen Riesling 2016

Wow. Classic middle mosel dry Riesling.

Nose is green apple and grapefruit rind. As it opens some lovely slate.

Palate is grapefruit rind apostle skin and green apple. Nice minerality. As it opens some lovely richness. Maybe a touch of rs.
— 8 days ago

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Dr. F. Weins-Prüm

Wehlener Sonnenuhr Mosel Spätlese Riesling 2007

A. R.

Good proper MSR, on the high end of sugar extract. Acid remains in balance. Bit of petrol, good length. — 3 days ago

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Martin Müllen

Kröver Letterlay Riesling Spätlese** Trocken 2016

Lyle Fass

Drank last night with friends. No formal notes except at 1 hour in it was stunning. — 6 days ago

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Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen

With old friends even two buck chuck is memorable. ;-)

Of course muellen is better by a bit ;-).

Glad you had a great evening. I can think of no better producer to share with old friends.

Weingut Hermann Ludes

Thörnicher Ritsch Alte Reben Riesling Auslese 2010

Lyle Fass

The acid in this wine is bonkers. Just bonkers. Nose of lemon curd, slate, savory, minerals, confectionary, so so clean, some Vulcanized rubber which I love on my Mosel sweet wines. Rainwater. Glorious, epic palate of insane acids and dazzling green apple fruit, purity and freshness. So so so youthful. Still so utterly primary. Amazing texture and mouthfeel and so so savory on the finish. This is just incredible, energetic and genius Auslese. So so complex. 50+ years ahead of it. This tastes like freshly bottled 2019 Auslese. Devastating wine.
— 13 days ago

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Weingut Hermann Ludes

Thörnicher Ritsch Auslese Riesling 1995

Lyle Fass

In a wonderful place. Slatey, savory nose. Some bruised green apple skin, so much dusty earth. Floral, herbal. Just stunning and evocative nose. Palate is so elegant. Hyper elegant. Juicy and mineral with much lower sweetness than I was expecting. So so juicy and tangy. Long. Like wow long. Salty, savory. Like a Perfect dessert at Michelin 3 star in liquid form. Ludes is absurd. — 11 days ago

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Weingut Günther Steinmetz

Dhroner Hofberger 'GD' Riesling 2011

Big nose, big flavors, great wine. Mineral, petrol, grapefruit, sweet citrus. Very nice. — a day ago

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