Hiyu Wine Farm

Aura Columbia Gorge Pinot Gris Pinot Noir 2017

More like a traditional rose than their rose. Delicious wine with Gris up front and vibrant Noir on the finish. And the labels are just gorgeous. — 2 months ago

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Tenuta Cavelier Pepe

Santa Vara Irpinia Falanghina

Lemon, green banana, lime pith, daisy, crushed rock dust, a sweet note: lemon verbena pudding. Lychee notes with lemon, lime and tangerine with amazing acid and mineral residuals that coalesce to lemon soaked pith. Round and lovely aura around tangential, edgy acid. Finesse.
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— 10 months ago

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Château L'Eglise-Clinet

Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 2004

2004. Encore un bébé. Completement fermé
Aura besoin de temps. La note va grandement ameliorer avec le temps
— a year ago

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Emidio Pepe

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Sunday afternoon lazy drinking with Italian weekend brunch at aura. Marco and candy and Gaia! — 2 years ago

Château Cheval Blanc

St. Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend

Un monstre ce Cheval Blanc 03. Il aura besoin encore de plusoeurs annees, mais on peut goûter tout le potentiel.
Content d en avoir 1 en cave.
— 3 months ago

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Château Mazeyres

Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 2015

Blood red, with maximum density. Rosemary, plum-prune, sage and thyme, blackberry, black cherry, black pepper, cassis, violets, piebald earth and a touch of cranberry aromatically. Medium mouthfeel of elegance, and satin-y tannins despite its youth. Smoky raspberry sporting a cranberry aura, black currant leaf, light cassis, and roasted lamb with the lightest mint. Fantastic pomerol at a great price point. Hold this for another five years at least, and you will be well rewarded. Otherwise decant and serve with rustic fare smothered in olive oil! Brilliant. — a year ago

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Huyghe Brewery (Brouwerij Huyghe)

Delirium Tremens

Loved this as a child. But after having this on tap, I was loathe to revisit the bottle, but it found its way home, so I will raise it. Perfect balance of long-hang merengue and lively golden cats eye with a tinge of greenish fire. Yeastbomb nose with a powerful ripe lemon aura. Drops of tangerine, grapefruit zest, lemon poppyseed cakes, pineapple and lillies. Nice, ‘I am beer’ intro of iron and gummy yeast, turns malty and unctuous with brioche, orange peel, toothpick, baked orchard fruits, metallic skim of caviar shimmering atop a soft pretzel. — a year ago

Frank Cornelissen

Susucaru Terre Siciliane Nerello Mascalese 2018

Tart introduction and then soft strawberries and cranberries on the tongue. Quick kick of tartness again as it ends. But the color! Beautiful blue-violet aura in the glass. — 4 months ago

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout

Another day of powering through the stash to make room for baby stuffs! Luckily just an 8.3 abv. version of this big turkey. Gulp. Apple-cherry in bourbon compote/mincemeat pie plus Old fashioned/new fangled with a delicious root beer streak and rich vanilla aura softening a coriander prickle. Orange peel and fresh pear bent on being brandy. Coffee candies swim in bourbon syrup, over cooked chocolate pie, and pecan pie under cream. Vanilla throughout. Pleasant enough to softly pull your guard down and adumbrate an evening in warm robes of holiday evocations. — a year ago

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David Kline

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It’s a daunting prospect. I may get through the big beers, but there is plenty of whiskey, spirits and non-vault wine to go!
James Forsyth

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Good luck!!! (And for the baby)
David Kline

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Thanks! Feeling positive all around, and just weeks to go to seal good vintages in this hemisphere. For the baby, of course! Cheers!

Château Le Gac Chambard

Bergerac Red Blend 2015

Testé pour Noël 2018 avec tourte au canard. Rond, fruité notes de fruits rouges. "Un bon 9" aura dit Jérôme. — 2 years ago