Weingut Keller

Kirchspiel Riesling 2004

For me this was the #wine of the night at the #Escoffier dinner at #WeingutKeller... And in a double #magnum it could not have been better in terms of freshness and complexity. A ringing, linear core of ripe acidity together with a lining of medium-bodied extract all in perfect balance and harmony... the epitome of finesse and elegance. A fabulous accompaniment to the delicious cuisine that kept arriving course after course throughout the evening. When it comes to #dry #Riesling it simply doesn't get any better! #Keller #2006 #Kirchspiel #GrossesGewächs #GG #Rieslinglover — 4 years ago

Petra Thieriot
with Petra
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Daniel P. Drake

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Do you rate anything less than a 10 Dade? Seems like that you drink nothing but 10's. I definitely want your source. 😉
Gus Kalaris

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This wine is the bomb !

Gebrüder Simon

Brut Sekt Riesling

Such a Winner! And the magnum of this is one of my favorite gifts to give. #Rieslinglover #Simon #Sekt — 4 years ago

Von Schubert

Maximin Grünhauser Herrenberg Trockenbeerenauslese Riesling 1959

#rieslinglover! And this is why. 1959 #TBA that's astoundingly fresh and long lasting. — 5 years ago

Dade ThieriotFritz WittkowskiPetra Thieriot
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John Van Trijp

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1959 riesling germany still rocks!
Dade Thieriot

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Words fail me...if perfection is ever truly attainable this remarkable #Ruwer #Riesling from one the greatest all-time #German vintages is unquestionably it--PERIOD!

Weingut Clemens Busch

Marienburg Rothenpfad Auslese Riesling 2013

A sweet finish to a great #LA #wine tour! Very subtle amounts of #botrytis that give this sweet little baby years and years of aging potential supported by a fine core of ripe acidity--2013 was an excellent vintage on the #Mosel and this gem is just one of many examples of how great the late-picked Rieslings turned out. #ClemensBusch #Rothenpfad #Riesling #Auslese #Rieslinglover — 4 years ago

Petra Thieriot
with Petra
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Dade Thieriot

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Hi Christian, won't you please send me contact details then I'll have someone get in touch asap?
Christian Adams

Christian Adams

Is it Matt Peterson?

Oekonomierat J. Fischer

Eltviller Kalbspflicht Auslese Cabinet Riesling 1959

1959 Auslese for how much?! There is something truly unique and precious about a wine that has never left its place of origin... it's what some call provenance.
This now defunct
#Rheingau estate was at this time on top of its game and produced some of the finest #Rieslings from #GrandCru vineyard sites in #Eltville and #Kiedrich. Eltviller #Kalbspflicht Riesling #Auslese from Jacob Fischer Erben was so fresh and lively that the closet guess was 1976!
Where else can you find such a phenomenal wine from an awesome year that is pushing 60 years of age for $250 in a restaurant???
#JacobFischerErben #GermanWine #Rieslinglover
— 4 years ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Nice description!
Dade Thieriot

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Thanks @PetervandenBesselaar! This one truly deserved a rave.
Sebastian Garcia

Sebastian Garcia

The idea of this bottle makes my mouth water!

Peter Lauer

Kupp Faß 8 Kabinett Riesling 2013

Perfect with Asian flavors - Korean and Thai. Simply delicious!! Discovering the wonderful world of Riesling! #rieslinglover — 5 years ago

Weingut Clemens Busch

Grosses Gewächs Marienburg Rothenpfad Riesling 2011

When most people say "old vines" they mean 35-50 years old. Why? Because older vines tend to produce wines of greater concentration, depth and complexity. Also, the older the vine the lower the yield so you need a lot of old vines to produce a fraction of what the younger vines can produce. But the quality is far greater than what young vines can give you. In the #Rothenpfad, for example, the vines average 85 years and these Rieslings are incredibly rich, full-bodied and extremely complex...plus they age beautifully. This #2011 has an almost chewy texture for a #Riesling and will stand up to rich sauces and grilled meats with any red wine. #ClemensBusch #Rieslinglover
— 4 years ago

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Weingut Robert Weil

Kiedrich Turmberg Auslese Riesling 2009

This gorgeous wine was flat out AWESOME!!!
I've always liked this vintage and
#Weil nailed it was classic examples of balanced #Rieslings from a big ripe, but not too ripe, vintage. This #KiedrichTurmberg was so perfectly integrated between acidity and sweetness that it never came off as top-heavy or cloying in the least--this is AMBROSIA!!! #2009 #RobertWeil #Rheingau #Rieslinglover
— 4 years ago

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Weingut Clemens Busch

Vom Grauen Schiefer Riesling

Gray #slate city...does not SUCK! #Rieslingrocks #Rieslinglover #ClemensBusch #Riesling #Mosel #grauenschiefer — 4 years ago

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Anna Savino

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Why would that suck!? 😜One of the most memorable producers i have ever tasted!
Dade Thieriot

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@Anna Savino I totally agree with you... Unforgettable!

Von Schubert

Maximin Grünhauser Abtsberg Spätlese Riesling

Classic Aroma profile #rieslinglover Low acidity (die a Riesling that is) still lovely 2003 — 5 years ago

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Stefan Metzner

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Its an Auslese and IT is 2003