Oekonomierat J. Fischer

Eltviller Kalbspflicht Auslese Cabinet Riesling 1959

1959 Auslese for how much?! There is something truly unique and precious about a wine that has never left its place of origin... it's what some call provenance.
This now defunct
#Rheingau estate was at this time on top of its game and produced some of the finest #Rieslings from #GrandCru vineyard sites in #Eltville and #Kiedrich. Eltviller #Kalbspflicht Riesling #Auslese from Jacob Fischer Erben was so fresh and lively that the closet guess was 1976!
Where else can you find such a phenomenal wine from an awesome year that is pushing 60 years of age for $250 in a restaurant???
#JacobFischerErben #GermanWine #Rieslinglover
— 4 years ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Nice description!
Dade Thieriot

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Thanks @PetervandenBesselaar! This one truly deserved a rave.
Sebastian Garcia

Sebastian Garcia

The idea of this bottle makes my mouth water!