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Welcome to the Delectable community! Whether you’re enjoying Merlot or Mezcal, Pinot Noir or Pilsner, Delectable is the perfect way to make your wine, beer, and spirits memories last a lifetime. On the Delectable app, you can keep track of what you’ve tasted, find your next favorite bottle, follow friends and Wine Pros, explore your taste preferences, and so much more. Here are ten tips to help you make the most out of your Delectable experience. 1. SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE Can’t make up your mind while shopping for tonight’s bottle? Never fear! Snap a picture of the label or search by name to instantly see ratings and read reviews from the Delectable community and professional critics. Feeling more like Bourbon than Bordeaux? On Delectable, you can scan and rate your beer and spirits, too! 2. ADD A BOTTLE To add a bottle to your profile, press the camera icon to snap a photo of the label. Once the bottle has been identified, press “Rate” to add your rating and record your tasting notes. Click "Who are you drinking with?" to tag your drinking buddies, and add a location by clicking the "Where are you?" button. 3. ABOUT LAST NIGHT Did you drink something special last night, but forgot to add it to your profile? It's never too late on Delectable. If you already snapped a picture of the bottle, click the camera icon on the bottom of the app. Next, press the arrow button to upload an image from your library and voilà! You can upload multiple wines simply by tapping on each desired image and hit "Done" in the upper right-hand corner. Don't have a photo? Search for a bottle by name, click “Rate,” and it will be added to your profile. 4. WRONG BOTTLE? Having trouble finding your bottle on Delectable? Should the app pull up the wrong selection, simply click the “X” to mark the scan as incorrect. Instead, you can search for the bottle by name or press “Request Expert Review,” and our team will add the post to your profile. 5. TASTE INSIGHTS Want to discover what pleases your palate? Go to your profile and click "Taste Insights." With this feature, you can explore your most frequently tasted wine varieties and regions, revisit your top scored bottles, and even check out how your friends measure up! The more you scan with Delectable, the more your taste insights will reveal your favorite styles and preferences. 6. FIND YOUR FRIENDS Want to see what your buddies are drinking? Click the icon in the top left-hand corner of your profile, then press "Find Friends." There you will discover which of your contacts, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers are using Delectable, as well as a suggested list of Wine Pros for drinking inspiration. 7. WISHLIST What have you always wanted to try? Whether you see something you like, or want to create a wishlist for your birthday, click the heart icon to add a bottle to your wishlist. On your profile, click "Wishlist" to view your list, or visit a friend’s profile to see what they’re hoping to try. 8. BUILD YOUR CELLAR Eager to start collecting? We’ve partnered with America’s most trusted retailers to provide the Delectable community with its own one-stop wine shop. Available bottles may be purchased directly through the app by pressing the “Buy” button. You can also browse shopbanquet.com to view the entire selection. 9. A SIP OF KNOWLEDGE Want to learn more about what’s inside your glass? Click on the “ Featured ” tab to read articles on wine, beer, and spirits. Explore a new wine region, get to know Delectable’s Featured Users, or expand your vocabulary with the Word of the Week. Have any burning beverage questions? Email decorked@delectable.com and we’ll answer you in our Decorked column! 10. SEARCH BY CATEGORY Are you craving a Napa Valley Cabernet? How about a German Riesling? Instead of searching a wine by name, you can also search by category. Type your favorite grape or region into the app's search bar, and we'll pull up a list of bottles for you to explore, sortable by price. As always, please email support@delectable.com with any questions or feedback. Cheers, and welcome to Delectable!

Enderle & Moll

Liaison Pinot Noir 2015

WOW 🎆...every time we open this bottle I am just floored at the QPR, nothing beats it. For a sub $30 Spätburgunder, I'll take this every vintage.

On the nose we have black pepper and luscious, ripe blackberries/strawberries, perhaps violet sneaking up on you.
On the palate, so smooth with chalky Pinot fruits, sweet spice notes, earthy/loamy minerals and oh the cherries, they just keep coming at you!

Finish is forever, minium 3-4 hour decant required.

Paired with some beautiful 🐖 chops from a 1/2 pig we purchased last fall... Farmer direct, it's the best way to know the quality of your food.
— 5 years ago

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Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

Cool 😎 review nice picture how do you do the screen split?
Severn Goodwin

Severn Goodwin Influencer Badge Premium Badge

Collage feature in Google Photos... Although it does annoy me because I can't arrange what goes where, the software selects orientation without user input. I'm searching for a better app to do just this. I know that @David T can (should) be able to do this already with iOS.
David T

David T Influencer Badge

There are a number of free apps. Pic Frame, Pic Jointer, etc...I’d be surprised if there wasn’t something equivalent available for Android.

Domaine Clair-Daü

Chapelle-Chambertin Grand Cru Pinot Noir 1979

Jasmine Hirsch

My gratitude to the good friend who gifted me with this birth year bottle. Upon opening it was in the grumpy, questionable state that old bottles sometimes show when first woken up from a long sleep. After a few minutes though, it began to show fresh, even rich, fruit, with the combination of primary and secondary aromatics that make great old burgundy such a compelling yet often frustrating Grail. Enjoying this bottle from start to finish, seeing its many angles and expressions, reminded me of the importance of drinking vs tasting. There’s an intimacy that comes only from time, attention and extended exposure. I wish I had more bottles of this beauty so I could get to know it even better! But I will rest in gratitude for the opportunity to experience this one remarkable bottle. — 5 years ago

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Antonio Galloni

Antonio Galloni Influencer Badge Premium Badge

What a fabulous gift and memories...!

patrick Influencer Badge

Extremely well put. Wow!
Eric Waxman

Eric Waxman

Very nice and well deserved. I think that is how Thelma would describe me.

3 Badge Beverage Corporation

Bozal Borrego Sacrificio Mezcal 2016

Just wow! So this is made like a pechuga but with a lamb leg instead of turkey breast. This is so smooth with a hint of savory and citrus. Agave: Castilla Pueblo: Rio de Ejutla December 2016. Lot 117 — 5 years ago

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Tenuta San Guido

Bolgheri Sassicaia Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc 2010

Cathy Corison

Pinch me. Half bottle. Earth, plums and flowers. Buttered toast. Leather and cassis. — 5 years ago

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Shawn R

Shawn R Influencer Badge Premium Badge

Nice pull!


Finest Quality Beer

Keo is ubiquitous in Cyprus, as is Carlsberg. It's a classic pilsner but without excessive carbonation. A brew for the sun. — 5 years ago

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@James Forsyth Cheers 🍻

Mayacamas Vineyards

Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Old school mountain fruit Napa Cabernet. 2012 was the last vintage made by Bob Travers, who owned Mayacamas from 1968 until his retirement in 2013. Potent aromatics of pencil lead and shavings, black cherry, currant, and blackberry, with a pungent mix of herbs, clay pot, and flowers. A lively balance of fruit, acid and tannin on the palate. It’s still a baby, but more approachable than I had expected. Classic. — 5 years ago

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Isaac Pirolo

Isaac Pirolo Influencer Badge

Here’s the piece: http://www.vinography.com/archives/2016/03/mayacamas_is_going_to_be_fine_.html

Eric Premium Badge

Cool. Will check it out.
Tom Casagrande

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@Isaac Pirolo - Very nice profile on you!


Grololo Grolleau Noir

Marissa A. Ross

smells like the all sprinklers just went off at dusk in late July across an entire neighborhood; lawns of peppered strawberry and blackberry, wet sidewalks wafting. And it tastes like a spiced raspberry juice hot tub with the acidic shock of a peer-pressured dive into the pool. It's not THAT cold, so it's cool [bahhh-dumm-chhh] but it still fucking hits ya, man. It's a pure and simple pleasure, the kind of thing you don't have to think too much about until you decided to hit the bong because you have the worst cramps ever and now here we are. — 5 years ago

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Peter Sultan

Peter Sultan Influencer Badge

Any write up that connects hot tubs & bongs deserves 5 gold stars

Brauerei Max Leibinger GmbH


Cloudy and grey to red-brown Amber through the pour. Leesy-teasy. This voluminous lady sprung a shock white, unexpectedly pure pate. Cinnamon baked apple and caramel are soft suggestions initially. Barley and malt cameo as themselves with a whole jar of raw honey and ginger snap crumbles. These aromas are deceptive. She’s not that sweet, really. She snaps between a mineral texture and a pretzel bun with a Hawaiian bread middle. There is lingering almond butter after a briny lemon and a citrus tea that drags it all back. There is a decidedly German depth to the beer, which embraces a baked bread quality, but this is lean and sleek, sidestepping the heartburn of some styles. Hazelnut oil, almond flower, pecan, and sunflower seed persist in a lees-y postlude. #brauereimaxliebinger #unfiltered #zeppelin #germanbeerday #deutschland #Deutschebier #bier #beer #lees #strangebrew #gettheLedout #Hindenbeerg — 5 years ago

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Landhaus Estate

Arneis 2016

Oh how I love my Arneis! @wineselectirs hit the nail on the head putting this sample case together for me. Plenty of interesting wines to keep my palate entertained!

Arneis is a white Italian wine grape variety originating from Piedmont, Italy. This example from Landhaus is made in SA’s Adelaide Hills region.

It’s a light warm yellow colour in the glass. While on the nose it’s quite aromatic with notes of navel orange 🍊, pineapple 🍍, florals and hint of strawberry candies. In the mouth it’s nice and dry with minerality and a floral-like mid-palate. Quite like a Riesling in my opinion but with a bit more tropical fruit. Delicious and interesting!

All opinions are based on my own taste buds. Wine is subjective & always evolving, so make sure you drink what you enjoy! #winesample
— 5 years ago

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14 Years Bourbon Barrel Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Color of black tea. Nose is very bourbon like, with powerful spice, fermented grains, cedar wood, crayon, and ester. Taste of spicy cinnamon, oaky, definitely some caramel, but fruity notes are not too pronounced for me. Aftertaste does show some good apple flavors and zest. I will mistake it for a smooth and borderline spicy bourbon. — 5 years ago

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