Touraine, Loire Valley

Domaine Huet

Brut Pétillant Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2010

First time trying any Huet bubbly! Really like seeing how their style translates to a sparkling wine. Still has that Huet richness but with an even greater intensity of crackling energy and zing. Poured a bright medium (-) straw-gold hue. Medium (+) concentration of aromatics of ripe Anjou pear and both ripe and baked yellow apple, alfalfa honey, waxy lanolin scent, crushed chalk, puff pastry leesiness, and a bit of chamomile and jasmine. On the palate, there’s just-ripe Anjou pear and green apple, crushed wet stone, puff pastry and aged cheese rind leesiness, lemon curd, beeswax, and a tiny bit of fresh ginger and chamomile.
High acid, moderate and unobtrusive alcohol, dry, medium (-) to medium body with an oily leesy texture and moderate intensity of very fine bubbles. This was impeccably balanced. Simultaneous richness and zing. Still quite young, and would be even better with a bit more age.
— 14 days ago

Cassie Nordman
with Cassie
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Domaine Bernard Baudry

Les Grézeaux Chinon Cabernet Franc 2014

From gravelly soil, somewhat coarser tannins. Pyrazines evident on the nose, dark fruit tinged with pepper and stony notes — 15 days ago

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Henry Marionnet (Domaine de la Charmoise)

Terres Blondes Touraine Gamay 2016

Drinkable. Nicely dry. Has a bite. A bit tart / acidic with white pepper. — 21 hours ago

Domaine Bernard Baudry

Les Granges Chinon Cabernet Franc 2015

The night after Thanksgiving I am still giving thanks to family and friends for the great gifts they bring me. Tonight I have opened the 2015 Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Granges.

On the nose there is roasted red pepper, raspberry sauce, ripe strawberries, some matchbox, herbal notes and a bit of soil background.

On the palate the green bell pepper is ever present, sour cherry, tart raspberry, under ripe plum, an herbal note and crushed gravel.

This wine is medium bodied with medium + acidity, medium smooth tannin that goes into the medium to long tingly finish. Continue having a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. Nostrovia! 🍷🍷🍷🍷
— 17 days ago

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François Pinon

Silex Noir Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2015

Stewed ripe apples, ripe apricots. Slight oxidative nose with some white mushrooms and soy beans. Off-dry. Sharp acidity. — 15 days ago

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Ca C'est Bon

Touraine 2016

Sassy, lively wine, great as an opener to your morning meal with friends. — 9 days ago

Famille Bougrier (Domaines Bougrier)

Cuvée Spéciale Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2016


Good #wsjwines pick. 2016 Touraine AC, Loire Valley. Famille Bougrier mark but bottled by Les Heritiers Dubois, Saint Romain Sur Cher. Good balance of mineral and fruit, with hints of citrus. Very nice. Seems this vintage is better than years past. — 11 days ago


Le Telquel Cheverny Gamay

Could drink this little wiener dog ever day. Tastes like autumn at the union square farmers market. Like someone dropped a pint of Whole Foods blueberries on some dirty fallen leaves and trampled them with some hydroponic greens and made a juice. — 18 days ago

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Vincent Carême

Le Clos Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2014

Jeremy Shanker

Total sleeper. This wine is electric ⚡️ — 17 hours ago

Austin Ferrari
with Austin
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Domaine du Roncée

Chinon Cabernet Franc 2015

Just a little too tart for my wheelhouse. Better the second day. SS — 17 days ago

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