Gros / Bovet / Cousin / Jacquod

N.V. 4 Elements I 2017

Acidic at first, but sweet after a few hours. Really enjoyed how easy it was to drink, the olive flavor after it seats in your mouth and the mineral after taste. Medium body. It went well with cheese and charcuterie, and pizza. — 9 days ago

Angelo Delea

Chiar Di Luna Ticino Merlot

White merlot - have you ever had?? — 17 days ago

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Claus Preisinger

Kalkundkiesel Weissburgunder Blend 2017

Биотуалет, цидония, осока, сахарная пудра, карамбола. Классная высокая кислотность, сочно, чисто. Отлично за эти деньги. — 4 days ago

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Cidrerie du Vulcain

Premiers Emois Cider

Crisp, funky, fizzy. — 12 days ago

La Maison du Moulin

Grain de Velours 2016

Amazing ambiance! 😍 love this place!! 😍 Maison du Moulin — 4 days ago

Carles Julià
with Carles
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Cave Caloz (Anne-Carole et Conrad Caloz)

Les Bernunes Valais Heida Païen 2015

Robin Gerber

Perfect time to open up this little gem. — 16 days ago

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Jean-Pierre Pellegrin

Grand Cour Cabernet Franc & Sauvignon

Took a solid hour to open up. Green, shy and herbal at first but blossomed into a sexy fresh rose pedal and herbal bouquet, complex mix of garden and wild flowers. Very nice wine if you give it the time to wake up. — 18 days ago

Jost & Ziereisen

Le Petit Sauvignon 2015

Lyle Fass

@Delectable Wine this is the Sauvignon Blanc.

I adore this wine and I think it’s next to cotat/vatan some of the most original and distinctive SB out there. It will also age like Cotat and Vatan. Deep nose. Lemon and mineral. Wonderful purity. Lemon drop and mountain herbs. What a palate. So deep, so mineral. Insane texture and depth. Holy shit. This is profound. Grassy mineral finish that does not quit.
— 19 days ago

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Maison Gilliard

Trésors de Famille Cornalin

Nice full-bodied Swiss red wine from the Valais region. Cornalin is an interesting red grape, allegedly from Northern Italy origins. Dark fruits dominate, with a distinctive earthiness and some anise on the finish. Very nice. — 19 days ago

Domaine La Colombe Raymond Paccot

Le Brez Chasselas 2016

Good balance of acidity and fruit. One of the few Chasselas from Switzerland you can buy in the US. — 3 days ago

Sarah Mangold
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