Swiss Pinot Noir Gamay

Cave des Tilleuls (Fabienne Cottagnoud)

Pinot Noir de Vétroz Valais 2014

Really an incredibly interesting wine that deserves some thought. Pinot Noir from a prolific organic producer in Southern Switzerland. Violet in the glass, tons of cherry on the nose but something else too - a sort of sweet earth character. Lots of minerality on the palate with good refreshing acid on the finish. Really interesting and quite delicious. — a day ago

Cave Ardevaz (Michel Boven)

Valais Humagne Rouge 2016

Here as guests of the Listers, our wonderful friends from IRCC who live in Switzerland 6 months per year. Sat on patio with sun and light breeze. David ordered this local wine, a vibrant medium body with good finish. What a treat. — 2 days ago

Jean-René Germanier

Amigne de Vétroz 2015


Balanced sweetness, not syrupy. Our first Swiss wine?? At l’etoile. — 2 days ago

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Eigenkelterung Primus B Deux Noirs 2014

A very light and delicious Pinot Noir — 10 days ago

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Cidrerie du Vulcain

Cidre Premiers Emois

Cider with hints of apple and pear. Little on the sweeter side but perfect — 7 days ago

Abbaye de Saint Bon Chien

Grand Cru Oak Barrel Aged Ale Malt

Deliciousness in a glass, one of my favorite biere's of all time!!! — 24 days ago

Robert Gilliard

Les Murettes Fendant Chasselas

Floral , neutral and delicate, low acid- very restrained 🦋 — 6 days ago

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Pinot Noir 2008

Liquorice, leather and gingerbread taste. Very long and balanced finish. — 15 days ago

La Maison du Moulin

Grain de Velours 2016

Amazing ambiance! 😍 love this place!! 😍 Maison du Moulin — a month ago

Carles Julià
with Carles
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Thierry Constantin

Petite Arvine

Good mouthfeel, clean and crisp. — a day ago