Weingut Josef Walter

Hundsrück Trocken Spätburgunder ,,J" 2015

Lyle Fass

I have been waiting to taste this wine for 4 years and it’s better than I imagined. Holee fuck. This is the best young Walter wine I’ve ever had. Blind anybody would say grand cru red burg. Easily up there with the top 5 German Pinots I’ve ever had. Just insane nose. It’s insane right off the bat. The nose is a spectrum. There is so much and its so fragrant and so detailed and so vivid and so so delicate. It’s the Pinot Noir experience from a top vineyard that nothing else can reproduce. Huge chestnut, fresh rotting leaves, orange rind, cherry flower, mid season cherry. Tons and tons of the most beautiful spice your nose gets lost. It’s so stunning. And I’ve only described maybe 1/3rd of the nose. There are accents of mint and menthol and also hints I’d very fine cigar. A new nuance and detail every time you stick your nose in the glass. The palate puts the G in Grand Cru. It’s totally seamless. Just this beautiful orb of Hundsruck that is blessing your palate. It’s opulent and sweet but also velvety and has the most velvety, melty, to die for tannins. Just perfect balance. I know Walter and I know this wine is only showing 10% as I’ve NEVER had a mature Hundsrück. The 11 and 12 are still too young. This is a mindboggljng wine that is so distinctive. No Pinot in the world acts like it smells like or taste like Walter’s Hundsrück. This is a masterpiece. This is Walter’s Seven Samurai. So elegant and deep wirh just an amazing finish that keeps on adding length and richness the more the wine aerates. This is a 9.7 right now. Any other producer we are at 9.8 now but this is Walter and air is this estates friend. A masterpiece and a new benchmark in German Pinot.

UPDATE: after 3 hours this is as transcendent as German Pinot gets. Just velvet. Amazing delicacy in this wine. A privilege to drink now at 3 hours. Waffling between 9.7 and 9.8.
— 6 days ago

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Schulen Spätburgunder 2016

Lyle Fass

Nose has a bit of funk, mint, bittersweet cocoa, dark big cherries, floral, hint of sweet oak, juicy, complex, young, almost embryonic. Balanced and pure. Needs 5 years. Long. Persistent. — 24 days ago

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Winzerhof Thörle

Saulheimer Hölle Trocken Spätburgunder 2015

Amazing nose on this wine. Pure, classic Pinot aromas. Crystalline fruit. Beautiful. But acid is way too prominent. Still. A beaut. — 18 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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Love that wine but yea it needs some time

Weingut Josef Walter

"J" Centgrafenberg Trocken Spätburgunder 2014

Lyle Fass

2014 is gorgeous at Walter. A cooler vintage you really get a sense of the Centrgrafenberg right out of the gates. Citrus peel, decaying yet fresh leaves. Fresh decaying leaves? Mid season cherries that are cracking. Huge cherry perfume. Wow. Gorgeous minerality that bisects the fruit perfectly. Such a great nose. Classic Walter and classic Centrgrafenberg. Hints of licorice and confectionary aromas abound. Palate starts off tight as a drum but boy is it all there. It’s got length, freshness, a great core of fruit, incredible length and just so complete. Yes it’s 96% closed off the bat but seeing the forest through the trees it is all there. Will be back once it opens more.

Now the fruit is starting to happen on the palate. Juicy, lean, intense with small berry intensity like nothing else. Such presence and incredibly ripe yet stoney tannins. So so so long. This is so so good. Nose is super perfumed now. Superb structure. Sappy.
— 6 days ago

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Rotwein Trocken Spätburgunder 2015

Starting off the Thanksgiving week with my in-laws.

Prior notes definitely still apply! This is just the ultimate German Glou-Glou! Note to future self, and any other Fass clients, buy this by the case!
— 20 days ago

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@Chris Shultz Always exciting to drink the reds in an area that is predominantly Riesling!
Peter van den Besselaar

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How do they call glou glou in German 😂
Severn Goodwin

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I think it's universal to all languages.

Rudolf Fürst

Klingenberger Spätburgunder 2016

Red fruit, cherry, great balance of oak, acidity and fruit. @ Rudolf Fürst — 11 days ago

Weingut Friedrich Becker

Kalkgestein Spätburgunder 2009

Very elegant and expressive. Light to medium bodied and pale (almost see through) garnet and pale garnet in color. Forest floor on the nose, black cherry on the palate. — 16 days ago

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Julia Bertran

Handwerk Spätburgunder 2016

A beautiful earthy, plummy Spätburgunder that punches above its weight. — 11 days ago

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Becker Landgraf

J2 Gau-Odernheimer Spätburgunder 2014

Strong cherry flavor with some liquorish notes. Sweeter and lusher than other cold climate pinot noirs. — 8 days ago

A. Christmann

Pfalz Spätburgunder 2013


Solid #spätburgunder smooth fresh lovely and light. You’ll drink the whole bottle before you can say darntooting! — 23 days ago

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