Rotwein Trocken Spätburgunder 2015

2015 Spater-Veit Rotwein Trocken. This bargain basement Spatburgunder is a great buy. Nose has crisp, just ripe cherry and loads of high-toned, almost limestoney, cracked rocks minerality. Nice fruit upfront in the mouth turns savory in the finish. Very nice, crisp acids. Great value. — 7 days ago

Lyle Fass
with Lyle
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Severn Goodwin

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Nice, we have a bunch. Rest should be done soon, so tasting ahead.
Lyle Fass

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Terrific wine

J.J. Adeneuer

Walporzheimer Gärkammer Spätburgunder 2012

Erst ein kleines Stinkerle, mit Luft schöne Würze und Tiefgang offenbarend, hat noch Potential — 6 days ago

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Weingut Josef Walter

Hundsrück Trocken Spätburgunder ,,J" 2014

Lyle Fass

Closed. It’s all there. 5 years minimum. — 16 days ago

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Winzerhof Thörle

Probstey Spätburgunder 2016

Lyle Fass

Man these 16 Thörle Pinots are stunning and will age so so well. They take time to unfurl but once they do your attention is totally captured. Needs coaxing as the Kalkstein did but once it gets going the Grand Cru character of the sites shines through. Deep cherry fruit and an insane perfume start to develop. Mid season cherries. Earthy, mineral and brooding. Pomegranate, wild berries. Just so much. Nuances appear each minute. Really insane spice. Stunning. Palate is stacked with incredible freshness and mid to sour cherry fruit. Lots of it. Terrific spice after 10-15 minutes open. Painfully sweet almost with amazing freshness and terrific length. Still a baby but what a great wine. Needs 3-5 years — a month ago

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S Ahr Spätburgunder 2013

Fooled us all for a great Burgundy. Dark, rich, and some spice. Wish these were easier to come by. — 14 days ago

Weston EidsonJeff Meyer
with Weston and Jeff
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Rotwein Trocken Spätburgunder 2013

Really great wine from the beginning. Earth, spices, dark red berries, textural with a core of ripe red fruit. Definitely want another glass or 7! — 3 days ago

with Yohanna

Weingut Josef Walter

Eiswein Spätburgunder 2001

Lyle Fass

Are you kidding me? — 6 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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I don't know if you are kidding me, haven't opened this one yet.
Lyle Fass

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It needs one hour but then it’s the best wine ever

Weingut Josef Walter

W Tradition Trocken Spätburgunder 2015

Lyle Fass

First taste of 15 Walters! Vey exciting. What a youthful, packed and dense nose. Big, ripe red and black cherries and berries. Spice, flowers and a tiny berry fruit intensity. What a great nose. Whirling spices. Stunning. Palate is incredible. So juicy and concentrated with terrific acidity and a compelling sweetness. This is ridiculous. Gamey, meaty finish. Such delicacy and finesse. There is NO way this is that good. But my score is my score. Incredible. This is brilliant. — 23 days ago

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Weingut Josef Walter

"J" Centgrafenberg Trocken Spätburgunder 2006

Lyle Fass

Wow. Holy epic insanity of beauty. This is ridiculous. The nose is ridiculous. Incredible insane levels of Barolo like headspinning spice. Just unreal. Floral. Florals. An underlying element of the great Centrgrafenberg with an uncanny mineral aromatic expression that just penetrates. Fully mature Centrgrafenberg Pinot is a treat. Huge mint. Menthol. So deep. Just a drop dead nose. The palate is just unbelievable. So fresh, so balanced with terrific and elegant tannins that are thoroughly ripe and so so lithe and complex. The finish is like a cloud of cherries and minerality. This is an epiphany wine for me. I cannot believe how Walters age. Wow. Total wow. This is a brilliant bottle. — 25 days ago

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Jean Stodden

Alexander Spätburgunder 2017

Fresh & juicy with ripe strawberries & sweet cherries, with a nice, uplifting herby edge to it. Midweight on the palate with an impeccable balance and juicy acidity. Very elegant and highly drinkable. — 17 days ago

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