Napa Valley, California

William Hill Estate Winery

Bench Blend Napa Valley Red Blend 2014

Dark inky in color with a short purple rim.

Fruity nose of blackberries, sweet cherries, raisins, vanilla, cedar, licorice, cloves, cola, light vegetables, leather, coffee, chocolates, tobacco, mocha, spices and black pepper.

Full bodied, smooth and bold, with medium acidity and long legs.

Dry and fruity on the palate with blackberries, black currants, sweet cherries, figs, raisins, vanilla, cedar, licorice, cola, chocolates, mocha, coffee, tobacco, leather, graphite, beef jerky and peppercorn.

Long finish with round tannins and tangy raspberries.

This 4 year old Bordeaux Blend from Napa is very fruity with great complexity and a great mouthfeel. Well balanced and spicy. Rich, extracted and delicious.

Peaking now and will be good in the next few years.

Good right out of the bottle and better after 30 minutes of airtime, when tannins come in.

I paired it with cheeses and light appetizers, but it is so yummy all by itself. Thank you Alex for sharing this with me.

Wine Enthusiasts 90 points.

Delightful and very drinkable, so watch out with all that alcohol...😃

15% alcohol by volume.

94 points.

— 5 days ago

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Realm Cellars

The Bard Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2015

Shay A

Monthly WTF wine group meet up.

Potpourri, fresh squeezed blackberries, currant, and candied teriyaki. Plush on the palate, with more acidity than ‘14. Structure here seems more beefed up. I waited an hour or so to try, and it was very soft. Full fruit spectrum (red, blue and black). Muddled mulberry with a flavor punch finish. Thanks for opening
@Weston Eidson .
— 19 hours ago

Dan FitzgeraldWill AdamsWeston Eidson
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Shay A

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@Joshua Fisher : I do too. I’ll be out that way in 7 weeks and will probably drop by Brasswood for either a Montagu or Bevan tasting as well as to enjoy some of that killer mozzarella! Maybe I’ll see you around there.
Joshua Fisher

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Let me know when
I’ll share a bottle with ya
Ron R

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Duckhorn Vineyards

Three Palms Vineyard Merlot 2009

2009 Duckhorn Three Palms Vineyard Merlot
Medium body. Not as structured, firm as I expected. Soft and approachable. A pleasant wine.
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— 5 days ago

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Hope & Grace

Napa Valley Malbec 2007

David T

The final bottle to wrap up the night and the perfect progression to follow up the Cabernet. It’s really hard for me to say which bottle was better, the Regusci Angelo Vineyard or this Malbec from Winemaker Charles Hendricks? However, I would say this is the most, beautiful, elegant and polished Malbec I’ve had. It’s peaking but, still has a lot of life left in it. I can’t believe someone was willing to sell this bottle on for $50. It was like committing robbery winning this auction.

The mouthfeel spectacular and gorgeous. Dark creamy currants, touch of pepper, sweet dark tarry round tannins, black licorice, mocha chocolate, well layered baking spices, subtle, savory meats, rich dark earth, soft leather, touch of tobacco, fragrant purple flower with beautiful lavender notes. The acidity perfect as was the long, elegant, well balanced, rich polished finish.
— 4 days ago

James Christina Champagne
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Black Cat Cabernet Sauvignon

Gave this 3 hrs in the decanter, by which point it was open for business. As usual with EMH wines, this bottle was all about balance and a sense of finesse. The mature red fruit, at age 10, was an equal partner with the rounded tannins and supporting acidity that kept the package together and contributed to the long, clean finish. No tertiary notes just yet. This still appears to have several years of fine drinking ahead. — 3 days ago

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Signature Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Shay A

Always a reliable restaurant pick. My first ‘15 from any of Chappellet’s wines, and I was astounded at how approachable this was at pop and pour! Wow. The aromatics were just sensational...blueberry and blackberry medley, baked pie, very small hint of smoked meat, and plum. Extremely lush on the palate from start to cherry cordial, mixed berry, and cocoa dusted dates. Phenomenal value! — 4 days ago

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Bryan Kesting

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This is a terrific wine for the money. Very consistent vintage to vintage.


I keep meaning to try this
Shay A

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@Bryan Kesting : Totally agree! Beautiful winery as well.

@TheSkip : Get on it. Seriously. You will enjoy this.

Amici Cellars

Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Very important to know about this vintage. For the first time they have decided to ditch the French Oak, and go all Stainless Steel! What an improvement. It's a whole new wine for Amici and it is delicious, focused, and fruity. Not that I won't miss that Bordeaux driven style but this is now more like Sancerre. — 2 days ago

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Hall Wines

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

It's time for my #FridayCabernetfix . This week it's a fabulous one from
Napa Valley.

Dark ruby in color with a short purple rim.

Fruity nose of blackberries, sweet cherries, black currants, vanilla, licorice, cedar, light earth, leather, coke, tobacco leaf, vinaigrette, chocolates, coffee, peppercorn, mocha and pencil lead.

Full bodied and bold with medium acidity and long legs.

Dry and extremely fruity on the palate with blackberries, black currants, sweet cherries, raisins, vanilla, cedar, licorice, cloves, cola, light vegetables, herbs, chocolates, earth and peppercorn.

Long finish with round tannins and tangy raspberries.

This Napa Cabernet is very enjoyable. Good by itself or with food. A good sipping wine too. Fruit forward with nice complexity and a great mouthfeel.

Needs a couple of hours to open up properly. Will be better in 5 to 10 years as more complexity will be introduced.

Delicious and yummy.

15.3% alcohol by volume.

93 points.

— 6 days ago

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Joseph Phelps Vineyards

Napa Valley Syrah 1976

No simile, nor metaphor, nor purple language can do this wine justice. It is a tangible piece of California history and winemaking in this country. The first Syrah to be produced and labeled as such. Grapes were harvested at 22.5 Brix and that acidity gave this wine a gorgeous vibrancy that was utterly surprising and totally pleasurable to drink. The grapes were a trial and planted in 1959 by UC Davis at the Wheeler Farm vineyards. Upon release, marketing notes made comparisons to Petite Syrah because that variety was so much more familiar to the US market. I hope that I age as gracefully as this syrah, which was still ready to play hop scotch on the playground at 42 years old (which in wine years is like 105). — 3 days ago

Tom 'Sqomi' InnersMatt Lasater
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James Cahill

James Cahill

Andrea, I just read your web site info. My epiphany wine was also a 1997 Joseph Phelps. It has been a very fun journey ever sense. The Insignia that year was amazing.
Matt Lasater

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@Andreya Nightingale thanks for sharing!
Andreya Nightingale

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@James Cahill How fun! Wine nerds unite! 🤣

Charles Krug

Vintage Selection Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1974

One of those rare bottles that brings everything I love about this ‘hobby’ together. This was bought at the winery, stored perfectly and was in immaculate condition. Perhaps it was the amazing people around me, the appreciation of the historic nature of the wine - but I can’t recall tasting a more profound Napa Cabernet than this. It was an utter privilege. — 5 days ago

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David L

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Just had a mag of the 1974 F 1 Lot. They only made it this one year. The grapes sourced from Fay Vineyards. @Martin Sher