Gaillac, Southwest France

Causse Marines

Du Rat...des pâquerettes 4102 Duras

Die Ratten von Paquerettes - fantastic red!! Grapes of the sorte Duras (only in Sud Ouest), comes perfect from Gaillac, Tarn!!
Pure, mineral, simply great!! With grilled hip steak, blackcurrant, shallot and fresh vegetables + wild herbs from the garden...

Ungeschönt und unfiltriert, tatsächlich langsames einmaischen mit den Füßen und nur Produktion von 30hl/ha!
Der ist wirklich auf seine Art wunderschön und
— 3 days ago

Fabien Jouves

Cochon de Dieu Malbec 2018

New wave Cahors. “Natural” wine in carbonic maceration. Fruity bouquet full of freshness. Great drinkability, immediate pleasure. — 5 days ago

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Jae Cho

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Love the cheeky label
Romain Fitoussi

Romain Fitoussi

@Jae Cho new wave of wine 🍷


Albedo blanc Irouléguy Petit Manseng Petit Courbu 2016

Lyle Fass

Such a great wine no one knows about on delectable except me and @Chris Shultz .

Nose of dried apricots, fig, pollen, brown sugar. Lime and lemon strands. Minerals and a bazaar like perfume. Something you’d encounter in Morocco. Hints of incense. Unique and complex. Ocean scents but with lots of seaweed underneath. What a palate. Not as round as 15 but with more angles and terrific finesse and white cherries, yellow plum and tangy just ripe apricots. Chewy, dense and concentrated wirh brilliant texture, juiciness and depth. So energetic, clean and balanced and man is this long. A refreshing wine that also is complex and deep. Lemony finish. Wow. Structure to age for a decade or more.
— 7 days ago

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Chris Shultz

Chris Shultz

This is an excellent, dense, clean wine. I think I’ve got a little honey pot stashed away of 15. It’s a shame nobody brings in their wine anymore ;), but you can still find a few of their more casual bottlings kicking around from 5-10 years ago.
Lyle Fass

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@Severn Goodwin this is a wine that got killed by tariffs. Pre tarifss was $40, post tariffs it’s not happening. Pray those tariffs get repealed as that’s only way this wine is ever getting back in the country.
Lyle Fass

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@Chris Shultz see comment to @Severn Goodwin a sad tariff casualty.

Causse Marines

Les Greilles Gaillac Loin de l'Oeil Blend

Pure and aromatic!!! Apple, clear Taste, kind of „stony“... very interesting tasting cuvee of autochthon grapes of south France, especially the Mauzac from Tarn. Ecological — 3 days ago

Causse Marines

Les Peyrouzelles Red Blend

Crushable red, cream soda, strawberries and cream, hay, medium body and easy tannins. — 25 days ago

Aaron Trenouth
with Aaron

Domaine du Gouyat

Bergerac Malbec

Not a typical classic Cahors, bur a great mouthfeel. Plenty of dark fruit, almost well balance, lack of a great finish. A delicious fun wine. Great gift to a winelover. — a day ago

Yekev Lotem Winery

Sonore Shiraz 2017

A concentrated berry first flavour gives way to a tangier second. — 15 days ago

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Randy Slepchik

Randy Slepchik

@Delectable this is an Israeli and not a French wine.

Château Montus

Madiran Tannat Blend 2010

3 days ago I thought this one was far over his peak, no score.
But now its open with balance , depth and a hole lot of fun factor
— 4 days ago

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Les Vins du Grand Sud-Ouest

Les Vieilles Vignes Saint Mont Red Blend 2016

John Howard

Probably our favorite tannat from SW France yet. Like a really fine BDX without the cost. Dark and brooding. Great with oxtail stew. — 4 hours ago

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