Gaillac, Southwest France

Alexandre Sirech

Les Deux Terroirs White Blend 2019

This lightly tinted greenish wine brings a nose that is heavy on the minerals, with citrus and a slight floral aspect. The aroma is dominated by a beautiful savory sense. On the palate, very mineral-laden, great flinty salinity and a savory finish. The nice acidity makes it a great Wine to pair with seafood. I had mine with a lovely quiche Lorraine at Monsiour Marcel’s in L.A.’s Farmers Market. My wife loved it and immediately wanted to make a cocktail with it, using Creme de Cassis. We may just do that. — 7 days ago

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Uroulat (Charles Hours)

Cuvée Marie Jurançon Sec Gros Manseng / Petit Courbu 2017

Wow! Has some body, oily on the palate, mineral driven, with lots of gravel and stone, but also heavy fruit, lemon/lime, and a nice honey element tieing everything together. Great acidity, tingly at first, electrifying as it opens up. Long and satisfying finish. — 7 days ago

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Château Barouillet

Bergerac Blanc Sec Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2019

R Bl

Bergecrac (note the extra “C” - cute, no?) Blanc is indeed snappy; per Wayward, “Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Sémillon, Chenin Blanc.” A bit of RS to my palate; there a lot going on in the glass, not a typical blend but not some kitchen-sink mess, this is interesting enough to taste on its own and also good food wine. I can’t pull out Sauv Blanc notes but I can find Chenin Blanc - the gestalt is more than the sum of its parts. — 16 days ago

Château Bouscassé (Alain Brumont)

Tour Bouscassé Madiran Tannat Blend 2012

Very successful entry-level vintage. Bright acidity and greedy balance. Candied and spicy notes, vanilla touch, persistent tannic finish

Cuvée d’entrée de gamme très réussie. Acidité vive et équilibre gourmand. Notes confites et épicées, touche vanillée, finale tannique persistante
— 5 days ago

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Château du Cèdre (Verhaeghe et Fils)

Extra Libre Le Cèdre Cahors Malbec 2019


Definitely needs some air. Black licorice is strong. Blackberries, ripe plums, dry dusty earth. — 7 days ago

with Jeni
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La Berlue


easy to drink. citrus taste — 25 days ago

Simon Busser

Chaos Cahors Red Blend

Casey Curbow

Nice balance of savory & spicy tones against rustic fruit. Moments of singing floral aromatics. — 16 days ago

Charles Hours

GEMINI VIN BLANC DEMI SEC Petit Manseng Gros Manseng

This was a recommendation of the sommelier in Paris for an after meal wine. She was so right, the wine is fresh, balanced, elegant, rich but dry, and with good length. Really good and interesting stuff. — a month ago

Adriana Pagliano
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Domaine Le Roc

La Folle Noire d'Ambat Fronton Negrette 2019

As always a very biaised review of this one. This is great and this wine feels like it's family. Violet, blackberry, spice and an irony note on the nose. The palate is well balanced with blackberry notes, a good width, a soft and almost sweet mouthfeel, a powerful midpalate with a bit of tannins leaving a layer of complexity before a fruit forward finish that lasts for a while. So good! — 18 days ago

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Château Montus

Cuvée Prestige Madiran Tannat

Would have guessed bordeaux blind. Peppery dark fruits, touch of olive, cedar. Holds its new oak well. This has at least another decade before hitting peak. — 7 days ago