Florida, Usa

Swamp Head Brewery

Berry Jelly

A nice sour beer, fruited Berliner style Weisse. Still learning about craft beers. This one definitely tastes like rhubarb. Just passing time on the front porch watching a storm go by. — 13 days ago

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Danielle Adams

Danielle Adams

My fave!!! 😍

Funky Buddha Brewery

Margarita Gose Mixology Series 2019

Nice gose, hints of lime, a real yeasty sour beer but great for sitting out back on a summer evening! — 4 days ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B

It looks good!

Il Falconieri

Los Olivos District 2015

Time for my #FridayCabernetfix. This week it's a nice Cabernet Franc from California.

Dark ruby in color with a purplish rim.

Beautiful nose of black currants, cherries, dried figs, vanilla, cedar, licorice, spices, flowers, dark chocolates, black pepper and light earth.

Full-bodied and smooth with medium plus acidity and nice legs.

Dry on the palate with black plums, cherries, sweet strawberries, black currants, raspberries, wood, spices, chocolates, tobacco, earth, light vegetables, pencil lead and peppercorn.

Long finish with soft tannins and tangy cranberries.

This is a great Cabernet Franc from Santa Ynez Valley, California.
Drinking very nicely now. Showing medium complexity with a nice, soft mouthfeel.

Good by itself as a sipping wine.

Wine Enthusiasts 90 points.

I had this vintage 6 months ago, and it is drinking better now. This 4 year old should drink nicely in the next few years.

I really loved the nose here. This is Interesting, tangy, enjoyable and delicious.

13.5% alcohol by volume.

90 points.

— 14 days ago

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Cigar City Brewing

Invasion Tropical Pale Ale

A feast of perfect amber teetering between translucence and opacity, well built like a manor whose dissolution laces with cobwebs, diagonally climbing vines and lichen. Spartan tastes of pineapple, lime, clementine and apricot appear as disembodied as faint memories and spirits swept like spindrift into blue skies above brine. Lime pith and lemon oils stir in grapefruit eddies. Just a glimpse of bitter lime and guava sail the far horizon. — 7 days ago

American Freedom Distillery

Horse Soldier Premium Forged in Fire Straight Bourbon Whiskey Non-Chilled Filtered

Great story, great whisky. Heavy vanilla with toffee and caramel. — 19 days ago

Ryan Stewart
with Ryan

Cigar City Brewing

Florida Cracker Belgian Style White Ale

Delicious and smooth. Brewed with coriander and orange peel. — a month ago

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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Sharon B it all looks really delicious! 🍔


Very nice! Would be a beer I would like!🍻

The Alchemist

Heady Topper Ale

Heady Topper from The Alchemist is of course one of the great modern American beers, and a pioneer of the juicy style. Grapefruit, orange and mango with malt coming through in the finish. While it is a terrific beer, and quite extraordinary given it has been on the market for over 15 years, I feel it has been left behind by other beers that have innovated to become the current day references. Still, a classic and always a pleasure. — 7 hours ago

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Cigar City Brewing Collaboration Brew Wayne’s World Blonde Ale

Chunky blonde monkey! This tangy orangutan is riddled with bits of grits! It had a big blonde head and was like an orange freshly peeled with pith, fossilized, and amber singing of grapefruit days and juniper nights; black pepper and cedar chiming in with rosemary and chive. Really slaps your tongue with the Gin-ny Juniper...Secondary notes of grapefruit, orange, lemon seed, coriander and grapefruit pith chatter and whoop as your face is lovingly eaten. The gibberish and screeching grows to a crescendo as the juniper raises its cedar cudgel covered in lichen and wild yeast, cinnamon and clove and just a bay leaf or two, and warmly drums your taut torso while your consciousness clouds like the thick detritus of its last sips. Your limbs pull away with ease as the troop joins the rhythmic frenzy. ‘Why are you hitting yourself?’ their warm starlit eyes suggest with just a little mischief. You know why. — 15 days ago

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Eric Urbani

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Must have been something else in there too lol
David Kline

David Kline Influencer Badge

They throw the kitchen sink in beers these days, so really could have been an Albert Hoffman moment, lol.

Lakeridge Winery

Sparkling Wine White Blend

Super bubbly, really nice slightly sweet. — 23 days ago

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Pretty pink!

Short's Brewing Company

Huma Lupa Licious India Pale Ale

Short’s Huma Lupalicious IPA. Pergola lacing. Warm oranges, carrot cake, white cherries, spaghetti squash, pineapple upside down cake, baklava, pencil shavings and pound cake waft from this bakery of delights. Rich, creamy and lemon-marshmallowy in scope, sporting banana pudding and lemon pith, lime and trailing bitterness of green onions and chewed pencil. Final note is zests of every citrus with an extra zest of grapefruit. From primordial pudding to a backbone of citric acid that makes even the lowest slug or troglodyte stand up. — 6 days ago