Florida, Usa

Island Grove Wine Company

Backporch Peach

Great peach wine. Not really a fruit wine fan. This was good. Lots of fruity peach notes. Good wine for anyone just starting out in wine. This wine reminds me of Riesling without the Riesling traits. — 3 days ago

Ocean Song

Rum Barrel Aged California Merlot 2017

Summer may be officially over but not in Florida! 🌴🌞🍷 the bottle had me at “toasted coconut, Madagascar, vanilla, black cherry and orange peel”! Who could pass that up!? Happy Friday! — 16 days ago

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Such a tropical vibe to the post. 🌞 Happy weekend!🍷🍍🍉

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@Sharon B Sharon Congratulations on your Green Bay Packers win Cheers 🏈
Sharon B

Sharon B

@P A thanks! It was a great game !

2 Towns Ciderhouse

Sun's Out Saison Limited Release

Peach saison cider, made with “northwest apples and juicy freestone peaches [and] French saison yeast”, 5.6% alc/vol. Not much of a head on pour, a moderate stream of pinpoint bubbles emerges from the cloudy orange-yellow cider. Apple aroma profile on nose with light yeast notes. Apple flavor profile with some peach flavor on finish. Good mix of malic acid from apples and peach fruit acids on finish. Finish is fizzy, creamy and pleasantly tactile, with slightly tart aftertaste of peaches and slightly bitter saison yeast, which I rather liked. Almost dry. Well made, wonderfully textured with layers of simple flavors; another pleasant winner from Two Towns. — 7 days ago

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Nice Fall looking label. 🍂Cheers!

Island Grove Wine Company

Blueberry moscato Wine

Lower alcohol content. Good flavors with the combination of blueberry moscato. Thus wine is on a sweeter side of wines It’s refreshing on a hot day. — 3 days ago

Due South Brewing Co.

Category 3 IPA

Frothy head of bone, with lacy lacing, thick as a garter. Blood orange eternal. Heavy perfumes of musky jasmine, deviled eggs, tarragon and chamomile. A bitter pine-y entry turns evenly sweet, between honey and radicchio flattening to light caramel on dried hempseed. Ever cycling from one side to the next. Amarula, and then cigar stub. Cognac sweet and then candle-grappa and cigarette paper. Feels like you’re chasing your tail, until you forget and are left with a pleasant blend of after dinner courses and cigar coating comfort. — a month ago

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Orin Swift

Mannequin California White Blend 2013

OMG... this is a balls-to-the-wall kind of a wine...
Very opulent, lots of alcohol, thick and creamy, confident and convincing clods of coconut oil, vanilla bean, grilled pine apple, peach yoghurt, honey glazed pastry and heartwarming scents of Bourbon.
Yes, this is as obtrusive and cheeky as it sounds. And yet... somehow... it works. RP scores 96/100.... don’t see that. But, when served slightly chilled, I like it a lot!
The label says California chardonnay and that’s partially true. 70% Chardonnay indeed. The remainder of the blend (Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne, Grenache Blanc and even Muscat) gives this wine its unmistakably Rhône-esque personality.
— a day ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Label you can’t forget 🧐

Jdub's Brewing Company

Bell Cow Milk Chocolate Porter

Amazing how you can really taste the milk chocolate in this Porter, tastes like cocoa beer to me. Pretty nice but not one I'd drink all the time. — 18 days ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B

Sounds like a dessert!! 🍫🍺
Danielle Adams

Danielle Adams

Sharon it was! A little darker than the vanilla Porter, definitely one to just sip.


Pickpocket California Red Blend

Great/smooth blend.., discovered in Florida recently. — 18 days ago


Limited Release Heritage Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Had at the Maher's in Florida. Really good. Dry and full bodied. — 17 days ago

Martha Stoumen

Post Flirtation White Marsanne blend 2018

I’d been jonesing to try the Martha Stoumen collection for a long time. I’ve read plenty on her background - her training under Occhipinti at Cos and I love her thoughtful articulation of California terroir, natural wine, and Sicilian grapes.

This is fun bright sunshine at a meager 10%. The smell of oysters mid slurp - briny ocean and minerals. Flavors of sour lemon drop.

Attentive and still easy.
— a day ago

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Jay Kline

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“Training under Occhipinti...” seems almost crazy considering Arianna’s relative youth but I get it
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

@Jay Kline i should have specified - she trained under Giusto Ochippinti who runs Cos - I believe he is Ariana’s uncle and she trained under him as well....
Jay Kline

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@Ely Cohn ahhhhh...I totally forgot about that connection at Cos. Thanks for the clarification!