Fläsch, Bündner Herrschaft

Hansruedi Adank

Fläscher Spondis Pinot Noir

Wow. A wine of stunning purity. Needs a 45 minute decant at a minimum.

Nose muted lilacs. As this opens perfect pinot fruit.

Palate: utterly incredibly pure early season cherries. Incredibly well made. As this opens some more lipstick and joy. Pure mountain air in a bottle. So elegant. Pure filigree.

Expansive internal aromatics. Majestic. Intensely packed florals.

Palate coating finish

Fass selections
— 2 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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Lyle Fass

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Thanks. Please edit the vintage so it shows up here.

Peter Wegelin - Scadenagut

Weisstorkel Blauburgunder 2022

Lyle Fass

Gorgeous, elegant and stunning herbs, what a nose, high toned, unreal fruit, 100% burgundy clone. sweet, dense, rich, ripe, very impressed, richer and deeper and more acid and structured. Deeper cut and higher acids. Wonderful purity. Top stuff. — 5 days ago

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Markus Stäger

Maienfeld Riesling Sylvaner

Очень легкое цветочное вино. Вкусно, долгое легкое послевкусие, хочется еще. Заказать в хумидор — 6 months ago

Weingut Familie Hansruedi

Adank Pinot Blanc

Lyle Fass

@Delectable Wine this is chardonnay flascher am berg. Thanks!

The top white at Adank. Steepest parcel, later harvest, nose is saline, brown butter, iodine, hazelnuts, lime flesh, so complex, just stunning, so so good. juicy and so clean and the level of intensity is off the charts, elegant and so concentrated and so structured. Sapid and grand. It’s so aristocratic. Finish lasts forever and ever. Unreal inner mouth aromas. You don’t get freshness and complexity like this in Burgundy. Almost tannic like intensity. It takes over your mouth. Sapid. stony freshness. Insane.
— 7 days ago

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Peter Sultan

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Aristocratic-cool!! @Lyle Fass
Severn Goodwin

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I spy a sparkler.

Weingut Möhr-Niggli

Maienfeld Pinot Noir 2022

Lyle Fass

Blend of all the little vineyards. gorgeous finesse, super aroma, excellent early season cherry, herbal, berry fruit, spices, florals, focused, clear. juicy and so engaging, red berry fruit, herbal and so elegant and nimble. very focused. neutral oak, small barrels and not new. Great tannins.
— 7 days ago

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Fläscher Chardonnay 2015

Just getting better and better. — 7 days ago

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Peter Wegelin - Scadenagut

Malanser Blauburgunder 2022

Lyle Fass

Full of fruit, huge cherries, mid season, sour cherries, intense red berries, spice, lean, sweet, unreal acids, swiss clones, high acid, freshness, wow, great tanginess, citrus, wild berry, forest berry, woodland berry , woodland forest vibe, very alpine, so juicy and clean. Wonderful. Long. — 5 days ago

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Weingut Daniel & Monika Marugg

Bovel Chardonnay 2021

Lyle Fass

Nose is like Chablis crossed with Meursault. Gorgeous notes of seashells, iodine, vanilla extract, airy salinity and light butter. Gorgeous and clean. Wow the palate really delivers. Complex and deep and wonderful texture and mouthfeel with gorgeous minerals. So complex. Really juicy and great depth and weight. Just a gorgeous wine and has that added level of Swiss precision. — a month ago

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Weingut Möhr-Niggli

Pilgrim Pinot Noir 2021

Lyle Fass

Gorgeous nose, red berry, red cherry, sour cherry, herbs, florals. so wisely and haunting, unreal aromas. 9.7 so bright, silky and sweet and so fresh and energetic, unreal fruit, energy, crips early season cherry and berry, sour cherry, unreal. — 7 days ago

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Barbara und Thomas Studach

Malanser Pinot Noir 2015

Characteristically of cold region Pinot Noir: thin, bitter, although every other time the sip is sweetish, smelling deep dark roses — 6 months ago