Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

Quivira Vineyard and Winery

Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 2015

Fooled me as a tarty cherried blend of valpolicella and Grenache. The lightest dancing of sour cherries expression of Zinfandel. Way to get me to go Greek 😉 — 4 days ago

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Seaton Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 2018

Great zin. Received from the Mazzocco wine club shipment. Mazzocco produces some of the best zinfandels in Sonoma county. Well balanced and smooth with tannin undertones. Jammy but not too sweet. Extremely easy drinking for 16.0%. Great job Antoine! — 8 days ago

Caitlin Hughes
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Quivira Vineyard and Winery

Dry Creek Valley Montepulciano-Sangiovese 2011

Wow-I’m impressed. This takes me back to drinking wine in vineyards in northern Italy. Buy this and drink often. — 3 days ago

Ridge Vineyards

Lytton Estate Dry Creek Valley Syrah Viognier 2006

Absolutely stunning; velvet textured tannins, round mouthfeel, wonderful fruit presentation. Prime drinking window! — 5 days ago


Dry Stack Vineyard White Blend 2016

Shay A

Well dang. I got this on recommendation of @David L , @Carl Fischer , @Mike R , @Ron R and a few others. I am SO glad I did, especially after hearing that my favorite SB, Arkenstone, is moving to $95/bottle! To me, this tastes like Arkenstone on day 2. It is chock full of pineapple juice, cantaloupe, kiwi and stone fruits. Reminds me of the ice cream bar Creamsicle in how creamy it is. There is a tartness with the fruit but also balanced acidity. It is powerful and bold. Truly fantastic for those who enjoy bigger style SB. As you can see in the background, @Mark Flesher enjoyed it! — 2 days ago

Mark Flesher
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Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

@Jake Rubash that would be a fun comparison
Ron R

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@Jake Rubash, where you located? We’d like to be part of that inquisition 😃 If you’re close to the tri-state area, I’m doing something late February. Let me know if you want some...
Jake Rubash

Jake Rubash

@Ron R that would be awesome but probably not in the cards as we live in the Bay Area in CA

Moshin Vineyards

Perpetual Moshin Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2009

We had this on 1/11-12/19. Blackberry, graphite, oak, cedar are all experienced in the medium bodied wine. Fruit forward yet has the feel of Bordeaux. The tannins were all smoothed out. — 9 days ago

The Fugitive

The Fugitive Dry Creek Valley Red Blend 2015

By the label we weren’t expecting much. But what a lovely drinkable wine. Would definitely buy a case to have on hand for every day as well as nice occasions. — 9 days ago

Ridge Vineyards

Lytton Estate Dry Creek Valley Petite Sirah Blend 2013

Similar notes from 2 months ago, if anything it is putting on a bit more weight...aging very nicely! — 12 days ago

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A. Rafanelli

Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Beautiful potential wishing I would have let I lay for another few years. Tannins are beginning to soften but still lending a good back bone. Black raspberry and dark cherry in the mouth under nose of cedar and vanilla. — 25 minutes ago

V. Sattui Winery

Ramazzotti Vineyard Zinfandel

Happy 12 wedding anniversary Guillem!. — 8 days ago

Guillem Aromi
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Muralee Murugesu

Muralee Murugesu

Ahhhh. Congrats.