Côtes Du Ventoux, Southern Rhône

Le Clos du Caillou / Domaine du Caillou

Bouquet des Garrigues Côtes du Rhône White Rhone Blend 2015

Golden apple, poached pears, gardenias, saline, vanilla bean, almonds. Rounded acid, rich creamy texture, full bodied, floral-melon-savory finish. Highly aromatic, mineral driven, food friendly texture, polished throughout. Aromatically similar to Chenin Blanc with Northern Rhône texture. — 2 days ago

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Domaine Albin Jacumin

Les Bédines Côtes du Rhône 2015

Wow what the heck is this budget stunner? Serious mineral driven raspberry nose and palate, I'm having difficultly letting the glass rest. This received a short decant, but didn't need much, this is a pop-n-pour star, generous to all. Can't believe this was $20.

@Lyle Fass
— 7 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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Love this estate, dislike Grenache but this is style I like.

Delas Frères

Côtes-du-Ventoux Red Rhone Blend 2015

Red wine to accompany a fish dish — a day ago

Domaine Saladin

Per Èl Côtes du Rhône Villages White Rhône Blend

I am enjoying 2015 Rhône whites. Steely mineral nose with a touch of bitter stone fruit pits. Glazed Meyer lemons, wildflower honey, and some rose water. Medium body and acidity. — 13 days ago

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Domaine Auguste Clape

Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend 2014

This was fairly closed for a 3 year old Cotes du Rhone and I wished I had read other tasters of this Wine on Delectable before pulling the Wine and giving it more time in the cellar. This was 100% Syrah and was more structured and serious than one usually expects from CdR. Dried Plum with Charcoal notes. Nothing like CdR from Guigal at around $20. This was $64 AUD. Would like to try in 5+ years. — 8 days ago

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Château Pesquié

Artemia Côtes du Ventoux Syrah Grenache 2012

Lovely Ventoux - showing a bit heavy on the oak at the moment it is still a wonderfully balanced Rhône with mineral and herbal notes along with very appealing red and black fruit showing both the Syrah and Grenache. — 17 days ago

Maxime Francois Laurent

Il Fait Soif Côtes du Rhône Grenache Syrah 2016

2016. I’m a strong believer in letting wines settle but I also make my living in wine wholesale. This is delicious now but in a perfect world, I wouldn’t show this for another 6 months at least. More than drinkable now however. — 6 days ago

Terres d'Avignon

Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend 2015

#youthful #lightred, delightful #redfeuit #appleskin notes with just right amount of #cinnamon #chocolate spice, finishing up with hintbof #whitepepper and #leather. for the price this is good value everyday wine — 8 days ago

E. Guigal

Côtes du Rhône Red Rhône Blend 2010

David T

On the nose; scorched earth, expresso roast, smoked earth, dark currants, blackberries, dark cherries, stewed black plum, hues of blue fruits, smoked meats, tobacco, used leather, dry brush, touch of herbs, crushed rocks and dark decayed florals. Drinking much better after five years in bottle than on its release. It’s just starting to integrate and round itself out. The body is full with the tannins beginning to soften nicely. Lots of dark French expresso roast, scorched earth, grilled meats, dark currants, blackberries, dark cherries, stewed & spiced black plum, hues of blue fruits, faint presence of strawberries & raspberries as it sets in, smoked meats, tobacco, used leather, tarry notes, dry brush, touch of dry herbs, crushed rocks, dry stems, dark chocolate, caramel, clove, nutmeg, black pepper, dark dry florals & lavender, very good acidity and a long finish that still has a fair amount of tension, lots of structure, well balanced, good length and starting to show its elegance. Photos of the front of their property and a couple shots of their tasting area in the cellar. $10.99 at Costco five years ago. Still has 5+ years of good drinking ahead. — 15 days ago

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David T

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@Martin Sher Agree. After collecting for 20 years, it’s hard for me to drink young red wine at this point. I see folks on Delectable open very expensive reds as soon as they arrive or within only 1-4 years of age. If you listen to the people that make them or check reviews, both will in nearly all cases recommend you wait 5-10 plus years depending on the varietal, region, producer and vintage. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want the best out of your investment. Especially, at price points that are $100 plus a bottle.
David T

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@Severn Goodwin Always like cruising the wines at Costco. You never know what you’ll find. Living in Northern CA, we get some exceptional wines. Also, at Costco’s in higher priced real-estate zip codes. I’ve seen Petrus many times at the Costco in Scottsdale, AZ. Not that I’m dropping $1900 on a bottle of Petrus, but it was nice to see that level of wine at Costco. As well, nicely priced in relative terms.
Severn Goodwin

Severn Goodwin

Agreed on the ZIP code relationship to selection, Costco near me is blah, Costco near my in-laws, just outside of Chicago is killer.

Château La Croix des Pins

Les Trois Villages Red Rhone Blend 2014

Liz B

Easy drinking, fruit forward wine — 4 days ago