Château Clos St. Émilion Philippe

Château Haut-Brisson

St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 2015

After at least 8 weeks without alcohol (sorry to all my fans lol), I had to break my fast on my anniversary with at least a glass. Unfortunately, not a standout wine. I believe I had good luck with the 2015 and or 2016 vintages of this, but here... A blast of sour red cherries on the nose and palate, candied. Super astringent, bitter.

The good news is that for 19.years I have been married to a woman who has always been my champion, has always wanted the best for me, and has stuck with me through a lot of ups and downs, including wine. Thanks Mimi, I love you baby...
Consider this your card 😅

90+ points for the wine

99+ for the marriage
— 20 hours ago

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Château Lassègue

Saint Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend 2018

Around 25 ha of vines, limestone clay and the average age of the vines is 45 years. Dominated by Merlot (65%) with CF and CS (25-10%). Red and black fruit, some flowers and five spices. Very smooth and soft tannins on the pallet, drinking remarkable well for young wine like this! Thumbs up from the queen so happy with this OWC for a bargain. — 10 days ago

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Château Figeac

La Grange Neuve de Figeac Saint- Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 2011

Not an easy vintage for anyone in bordeaux. This is very elegant and understated with this sophisticated blend of Merlot and the cabernets. Right bank meets left bank and is a good cross. One of the last vintages of the old regime at Figeac and highly recommended !! — 25 days ago

Adriana Pagliano
with Adriana
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Tertre du Moulin

Cuvée Millésime Saint-Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend 2018

Color of different shades of purple, with a hue of ruby and a bit cloudy. Nose of spicy alcohol, oak, fermented cabbage, ripe grapes, and some strawberry. Taste for the nose, dominant by the grapes note, with addition of grapefruit zest, strawberry syrup, and a bit graphite mineral note. Dried with some tannins. Aftertaste of some more grape note, and a hint of sweetness. Average, considering the price. — 2 days ago

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Château Macquin (Saint Georges)

Saint-Georges-Saint-Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend 2017

2017 vintage. Pretty solid fruit balanced with tannins/structure. Really good QPR/bang for the buck. Finishes smooth without that greenish acidity that plagues most Bordeaux in this price range. — 7 days ago

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Château de la Cour

Saint-Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend 2017

Lovely young St. Emilion (90% Merlot, 10% Cab Franc), nice fruit and good finesse, medium-long finish, purchased locally in Queens in a non-wine shop, very good!! — 3 days ago

Jim Powers
with Jim
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Château Villemaurine

St. Émilion Grand Cru Classé Red Bordeaux Blend 2018

2018 vintage. Mint, cinnamon, molasses, spent coffee grounds, cassis and orange peel compose the bouquet. Medium body but medium/big tannins. Orange-based tea and earthy finish. Meanders in an endearing manner with just enough richness to coat and mitigate multiple astringent flavors…and ultimately…comes into focus pushing a really delicious balance. Ignore at your own peril/price point. — 10 days ago

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Château Angelique de Monbousquet

St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 2016

Ming L

Deep nose of blackcurrant, plum, dark chocolate, eucalyptus, incense with subtle green notes. Full body. The warm soft entry belies a rich and powerful palate. Very chewy tannins.
Consumed the bottle over 3 days and it did not miss a beat. Given time, this 2nd wine of Monbousquet could challenge a lot of grand vines from the average-to-good vintages, a testament to the great 16’ vintage.
— 2 days ago

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Château Figeac

St. Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend 1982

Very dark ruby robe that does not show the 39 years of the wine. Enthralling nose of cedar, tobacco and top soil notes, followed by a medium bodied, long and elegant mouth made of dark fruits, leather, asian spices and a hint of licorice. This is an amazing bottle by any counts and its in its infancy, lots of tension here. Phenomenal drinking now but trust us, no rush. Wow !! — 4 days ago

Adriana Pagliano
with Adriana
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Adriana Pagliano

Adriana Pagliano

Special wine for a very special occasion. Perfect match!

Château Pavie Macquin

Saint-Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend 2017

2017 vintage. Oh. Wow. Blue/black fruit, dusty cedar and rhubarb in the nose. Silky medium body. The cedar (and a bit of oak) galloping through on a body thinning finish that ends up supremely dry after collecting zinc, orange peel and sea salt. This baby needs some TLC in the cellar and will grow up to be an absolute monster. — 12 days ago

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