Whitcraft Winery

"My Friend Matt's Vineyard" Los Olivos District Syrah 2017


There are a lot of seriously amazing #syrah that is coming out of #sbcounty from #santamariavalley and #staritahills like #storm #dragonette and #holusbolus #zotovich yet this seems like an antithesis to what I love about those wines. This smells and tastes like chocolate milk on acid. Where’s the crushed pepper? Where’s the rich black fruit and herbs? Reminds me of the Wendy’s commercial “where’s the meat?” For me the oak isn’t noble. Seems like staves or chips. This is a 2017 it should be showing complexity and tertiary but it’s just one-dimension fruity raspberries, milk chocolate and acid. Not my thing #losolivos #overrated — 5 months ago

Rosario Molina
with Rosario
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David L

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Won’t be purchasing that.


Bossman Syrah 2013


Deep ruby, med+ intensity of aromas, mint chocolate, black currant, on the palate, rich, some cinnamon and Christmas spice, pumpkin and nutmeg. Loving it. Rich. #syrah #viognier #centralcoastwine #californianwine #staritahills #santamariavalley — 5 years ago

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Cambria Estate Winery

Bench Break Pinot Noir 2011

2011 Cambria Pinot Noir Bench Break Vineyard. #santamariavalley — 6 years ago

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Riverbench Vineyard & Winery

One Palm Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir

Ah, that Riverbench Pinot Noir....nestled in the Santa Maria Valley, Riverbench specializes in mainly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The One Palm vintage is made from a single clone, 667, which is typically a blending Pinot for estate cuvées. Per usual, the clone is a finicky one, showing wide variability depending on climate - Too warm? Sugars concentrate and odd flavors emerge, (think apple). Too cold? Tight, spiciness emerges, (think all spice). Riverbench farms the Santa Maria AVA which benefits from an excellent marine influence and a wonderful stewed red cabbage terroir flavor point. Always a favorite of mine - (I did get married there) - and paired with a Chirashi Style rice bowl. Delish! ~$42 | #riverbench #pinotnoir #santamariavalley

On the eyes: Clear, light ruby, quite bright, med stain, med tears, no gas/floc.

On the nose: Stewed cranberry, tart cherry, cedar, slate, hints of braised red cabbage, med alcohol.

On the tongue: med acid, med tannin, med alcohol, med body, smooth. Sharp cherry, pomegranate, cranberry, hint of red cabbage, finishing with clove and star anise. Nice long pleasant finish, benefits from room temperature (began drinking at 60 degrees), and decanting.
— 4 years ago

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Reserve Collection Bien Nacido Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013

2013 - Easily one of the worst Cali Pinots I've had in a while. Which is surprising considering it's predominantly from Bien Nacido and from a good vintage - 2013. Almost no aromatics, zero acidity, flat, and boring. Truly awful stuff. #pinotnoir #biennacido #santamariavalley #wine #awful — 6 years ago

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I feel sorry for the bull, nice watch photobomb.

Sans Liege

The Offering Red Rhone Blend 2012

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

Showing well. Very alcoholic and big but some wonderful complexity developed over an hour or so. Blue and black fruit dominated with some orange in the background. Firm structure and nice length. Very delicious. #sansliege #grenache #syrah #mourvedre #viognier #santamariavalley #california #usa #ctbucklinwine — 4 years ago

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Storm Wines

Slide Hill Vineyard Syrah 2014


Deep violet, med+ aromas, stemmy, black currant, intense flavors, high body, a bit astringent. Smokey as well. #ednavalley #santamariavalley #syrah — 5 years ago

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Riverbench Vineyard & Winery

Reserve Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay 2011

Received the 2011 Reserve Chardonnay from Riverbench in a member shipment a while back and drank it about a week ago. Riverbench, founded in 1973, has long held a very favorable reputation for producing high quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay out of the Santa Maria Valley. Their winemaker, Clarissa Nagy, has all the tools to make great wine and this is a great example. ~32$ | #riverbench #chardonnay #santamariavalley

On the eyes: starbright, yellow-gold with light stain and med tears. No gas/floc.

On the nose: very buttery with an oaky nuttiness rounded by melon, guava, and pear.

On the tongue: slightly effervescent with med acid, med tannin, and med+ alcohol, floral notes yielding to lemon, melon, and pear on a nice creamy mouthfeel. There's a bit of spice and unmistakable buttery oakiness on the much appreciated long finish.
— 6 years ago