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"My Friend Matt's Vineyard" Los Olivos District Syrah 2017


There are a lot of seriously amazing #syrah that is coming out of #sbcounty from #santamariavalley and #staritahills like #storm #dragonette and #holusbolus #zotovich yet this seems like an antithesis to what I love about those wines. This smells and tastes like chocolate milk on acid. Where’s the crushed pepper? Where’s the rich black fruit and herbs? Reminds me of the Wendy’s commercial “where’s the meat?” For me the oak isn’t noble. Seems like staves or chips. This is a 2017 it should be showing complexity and tertiary but it’s just one-dimension fruity raspberries, milk chocolate and acid. Not my thing #losolivos #overrated — 6 months ago

Rosario Molina
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Won’t be purchasing that.