Bodegas Ximenez-Spinola

Jerez de la Frontera Pedro Ximénez


Impressive #pedroximenez #sherryporn #jerez #sherrylover it has such a drink ability and a purity of flavors. I love it because it has less body (while still having quite a lot of body) than other #px long long finish — 2 months ago

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Viña Mayu

Valle de Elqui Pedro Ximénez 2015

Haven't had much #wine after moving south 4 weeks ago ~ introduced to this fun surprise yesterday ~ #highaltitude #coolclimate #pedroximenez from Chile ~ in one sense creamy, in another chalky minerality, one second apples, peaches and nectarines, the next hints of citrus, and flashes of white flowers ~ FUN! — 3 years ago

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Bodegas Ximenez-Spinola

Liquor de Brandy Jerez de la Frontera


Perhaps the best #brandy in the world. #jerez #pedroximenez — 5 years ago

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Reinhard Wall

Reinhard Wall

I fully agree. It's unbelievable. Like almost everything they make in that bodega. Try the Pedro Ximenez white that they make! White wine, not sherry!
Reinhard Wall

Reinhard Wall

I would have loved to be in that tastjng!
Felipe Ferreiro

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I would have loved too!!!


Vino Nuevo de Tinaja Montilla-Moriles White Blend 2018


#px #pedroximenez #dry #whitewine #montillamoriles — 4 months ago

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El Candado Sherry Pedro Ximénez

NV Currants, figs and dates. Awesome balance, sweet and complex. Paired this with a cheese classic from Belgium Hervé Pikant. #px #pedroximenez — 2 years ago

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Marenas Viñedo y Bodega

Mediacapa Pedro Ximénez 2014

A revelation: 100% #pedroximenez #lateharvest #noSO2 fresh, saline, mineral, floral. 15%ABV w/o heat. @smallwarespdx — 4 years ago

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One of the "Winesman's Picks" at Deadshot!
Deborah Heath

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That Winesman seems to know what's what ;)

D Tinaja

La Primilla de Tinaja Montepila Pedro Ximénez

NV / #pedroximenez earl grey tea, raisins, almond paste. Lovely — a year ago

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Casa Pedro Domecq

Viña 25 Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Pedro Ximénez


#gonuts #px #pedroximenez power. Sixty years old and glorious. Acetate and burnt caramel nose along with brown sugar and vanilla palate. Seems like a Burgundian Jerez. So balanced it's insane. Slightly sweet, slightly bitter, slightly acidic, slightly full bodied. Seriously delicious — 3 years ago

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Les Vignerons de Maury

Tuilé Vieille Reserve Vin Doux Naturel Maury Red Blend 2000


A #maury perfect match between an old #Rioja and #pedroximenez #px Aromas of walnuts and raisins on the palate it has that black olive touch — 5 years ago

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Bodegas Toro Albala

Don PX Montilla-Moriles Pedro Ximénez

1946 - massive, incredible nose. Blueberry, blackberry and a consistency of used motor oil. A little goes a long way. This will probably still drink well in another 50 years. #sherry #px #pedroximenez #wine — 5 years ago

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