Moutard Pere et Fils

Grande Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend

Lemon peel, yellow apple, crab apple, Nicco wafer, crispy veggie dumpling, orange pith, pear blossom, and lime. Fantastic, juicy lemon-lime, citrus entry that puckers up to dried star fruit and lemon pith. Chalky and lip smacking with lemongrass finishing amidst crystalline ginger and ginseng whispers. Great holiday brunch sabrage with @thei.llustrious.13 Courtney, Tiffani, Nete, Richard, and Eleonora Gale.

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— a year ago

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Le Brun Servenay

Exhilarante Vieilles Vignes Brut Millésime Champagne Blend 2004

Crystalline, with briny sea air and smoke gliding atop earth-bound aromas of granulated honey, orange zest, and bruised pear. Le Brun Servenay Exhilarante Brut Millesimé 2004 is understated, nuanced and impressively rich. Delicate mousse forms sparkling filaments through dense, golden-hued and sappy layers of orchard fruit and brioche. The acidity is quite focused, providing not only lift but a wonderful mouthwatering saline edge. #ChampagneDay — 5 years ago

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Franck Bonville

Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut Millésimé Chardonnay

Yeasty, marmalade and butter-biscuity! Lemon peel, olive oil, hazelnut and sesame. Fantastic texture, lively mousse, with a pronounced lemon after initial brioche. Clean as white marble; chalky, with a powdered lemon veracity. Dried violets and a touch of chicory flower. Creamy throughout and truly extraordinary! #GrandCru #grandcruclassé #grandcruvalue #grandcruclasse #champagnes #champagneday #champagnealldamnday #bubbles #bubblesalldamnday #champagnecampaign #frenchwine #blancdeblancs — 4 years ago

Charles de Marques

Brut Champagne Blend

celebrating truth-in-labeling #champagneday — 5 years ago

Jean-Noël Haton

Brut Millésimé Champagne Blend 2005

Brioche, biscuit, madeleines, poppy and marigold aromas. Racy lemon zest, lime and gooseberry, with a tangerine pith leading into the silky mousse and a decidedly chalky and dry, lemon pith, arrowroot and hazelnut finish. #haton #jeannöelhaton #bubblesalldamnday #champagne #champagneday #vintage #vintagechampagne — 3 years ago

Jean-Noël Haton

Extra Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

Yeasty lime, cut strawberry, watermelon rind, orange bread, potting soil. Palate-wise, tart cherry, sour apricot, biscuity, lemon zest, dried mango, clove and white pepper cut with lime. Star fruit chalky, minerally, zesty, layered, complex. Was told this was just okay, but it is amazing. All the sweet tart and lemon pudding of the leading brand, but integrated perfectly. #haton #champagne #champagneday #bubbles #rosebubbles — 5 years ago

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Camille Savès

Carte Blanche Bouzy Premier Cru Brut Champagne Blend

Ed Hodson

Green apple, red apple, sea spray, strawberry, alfalfa, wet chalk, cream, puff pastry...there's so much going on here. One of Champagne's best values and most consistently satisfying champagnes. And it's what I'm drinking right now to celebrate #ChampagneDay 2015. Cheers! — 5 years ago

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