Wine Situation Final Five (Now With Drunk Dialing!)

The Wine Situation hosts everyone from winemakers to writers to find out what a person’s situation is…with wine. It’s the solo season with host Ellen Clifford, but listen in with a glass, and nobody is drinking alone! In lieu of guests, at the end of every action packed episode Ellen is phoning a friend with her Final Five questions. This week Ellen talks to Urban Wine Tribe’s John Michael Morcilio! Check out the full episode here THE FINAL FIVE (Ever so slightly edited for length!): QUESTION ONE Ellen: What are you drinking lately? JM: Well, I gotta be honest with you, my favorite wine is always the next wine. I actually am doing a show today, and I got some wines from Slo Down Wines , they have a wine called Send Nudes . They have another one called Sexual Chocolate . They’re out of Napa Valley. I’m most excited for the Chardonnay that they sent me. It’s a 2019 Chardonnay called Broken Dreams . QUESTION TWO Ellen: Love a good Chardonnay. Question number two, what is either the most interesting, or favorite, pairing of yours? JM: I did a show in Mexico last summer, and out of nowhere, they brought out some grasshoppers. It was a grasshopper guacamole. They sautéed the grasshoppers, gave them a little seasoning, and put it in a delicious, or at least once delicious, guacamole. And I’ll be honest with you, the grasshoppers tasted like mesquite barbeque chips. Except for the fact that you can feel the legs and body. Other than that, it was fine. We were drinking some Mexican rosé. QUESTION THREE Ellen: Grasshoppers and Mexican rosé might be the most interesting answer anyone’s given me. Question number three is, did you have a wine that made you want to do something wine? JM: The very first wine that captured my imagination was, coincidentally a Napa Valley Chardonnay. A Cakebread , I believe the year was 2006. That was the first time I drank a wine and was like “Ohhhh there’s a lot more to this than I thought, and I want to know more”. QUESTION FOUR Ellen: Question number four is, if you were to make a wine, what would you make and what would you call it? JM: I really love blends. I love a good red wine blend. I like bringing people from different places so I see myself making a nice exotic red blend—maybe some Cabernet Franc , maybe some Petite Verdot , a little bit of Cabernet Sauvignon , a touch of Merlot to kind of ease the tension a little…And I would name it The Funky Cold Red Blend. QUESTION FIVE Ellen: Question number five is just what’s bringing you joy these days? JM: Aside from my brand and my business, and my family of course, are my wine comics. I started with the idea a couple years ago where I made the character, and then finally about a year ago, I found an artist who was super-talented, and he drew up the first one, and it was absolutely beautiful. A few months later made a couple more. We just worked on two more that should be in the mail. Those are bringing me so much joy and pleasure. They’re allowing me to relive my childhood while also enjoying the culture that is wine. *** Follow JM @urbanwinetribetv on all social media platforms! Check out the previous Wine Situation podcast with Beth Burnham here .

Modus Operandi Cellars

Noctus Red Blend 2017

The 2017 Modus Operandi Noctus was a fitting wine for Halloween. Dark and only purple with a nose of very dark fruits black currants, blackberries, and plums with dried meats and black pepper on the nose. This is a thick, heavy, powerful, brooding wine. Would also be great on a cold night with a hearty stew. Full-bodied for sure, it’s dark, like the night. I believe this blend is made up of Petite Sirah and Syrah. — a year ago

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SLO Down Wines

Slo Jams Horse Heaven Hills Marsanne 2019

Really nice fruit and good drinking wine for a very hot summer evening. 2019 vintage. — 2 years ago

SLO Down Wines

Broken Dreams California Chardonnay 2015

Very smooth and light. It’s neutral neither bitter nor sweet. It’s great to take a break from reds. — 5 years ago

Cakebread Cellars

Reserve Family Vineyards Carneros Chardonnay 2014

We picked this one up three and a half years ago and gave it some time in the bottle.

There’s an underlying mushroom flavour that arises between its oak and tightness. So interesting.
— a year ago

Gillian Koh
with Gillian
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SLO Down Wines

Send Nudes Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir Rosé 2020

100% PN. Free run juice from the RR Valley. — 2 years ago

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SLO Down Wines

Sexual Chocolate California Red Blend 2016

Dark ruby in color with a short purple rim.

Sweet nose of cherries, strawberries, black currants, cooked plums, raisins, vanilla, wood, spices, chocolates, tobacco, mocha, maple and black pepper.

Full bodied and bold with medium acidity and long legs.

Dry and extremely fruity on the palate with blackberries, plums, cooked cherries, oak, vanilla, licorice, spices, tobacco, chocolates, coffee, earth, light vegetables, cola, mocha and black pepper.

Medium plus on the finish with soft tannins, espresso and raspberries.

This is a tasty red blend from California. Showing lots of chocolate and coffee notes.

Still young and needs another few years in the bottle to mature and calm down. Tasty and delicious. Might be too sweet for some.

Good right out of the bottle and gets earthier as it opens up.
Reminds me of the Michael David style of wines.

Thank you Steve and Alex for sharing this with me.

A blend of mostly Syrah and some Zinfandel.

14.5% alcohol by volume.

90 points.

— 3 years ago

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Cakebread Cellars

Napa Valley Chardonnay 2018

Had another ‘18, Cakebread wine offerings are among my Favs, Chard is no exception, consistent quality year/year. 95% of grapes sourced from Carneros, ‘18 saw 8 months on 1/3 new oak with about 20% of wine going through malolactic fermentation. Aromas of stone fruits, slight & honey scents. On palate complex flavors of apple, peach & lemon zest, balanced with good acidity & great mouthfeel. Long finish ending with fruit, wet stone and toasty character. Very nice, aging well. — a year ago

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Cakebread Cellars

Cuttings Wharf Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

Super chard , very new Cali style , with less oak than traditionally used — 3 years ago

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SLO Down Wines

Love Hammer Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Really big. Bold. Dark fruits with licorice and clove on the nose. Long finish with silky baked fruit and sweet baking spices. Needs to breathe. — 6 years ago