San Giusto a Rentennano

La Ricolma Toscana Merlot 2008

Open 24 h before
Robe poire à rubis très fonce
Nez truffe prune cacao cerise noire et malgres la grande richesse et maturité grande fraîcheur le bois très présent jeune commence à partir
Bouche attaque pleine et fraîche un peu crémeuse mais densité incroyable
Il y a une densité incroyable avec une libéralité et une gourmandise
Le bois est là mais la densité le côté juteux sont énormes
Finale cerise noire légère note vanillee et truffe
À attendre 10 à 15 en toute confiance
— 8 days ago

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Palivou Estate

ΙΧΝΟΣ Single Vineyard Selection Merlot 2014

Отличный комплексный и сложный аромат - клубника, олифа, замша, масляная краска. Вкус легкий, элегантно, но танины мощнейшие. Долгое послевкусие, уголь, клубника, сигары. Отлично. Стоило подержать год, еще в 17 было зубодробительное. — a day ago

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Varaison Vineyards & Winery

Bin 405 Grand Valley Merlot 2007

Interesting. Quite oxidized but still bursting with flavor. Pipe tobacco, old leather, lots of spice. Almost no fruit but notes of butterscotch, vanilla, and crispy toast. Clove and spice.

I struggled with the winery. While the higher end bins seem to be standing the test of time and taste great, it’s a radical approach to the wine making process. Many would consider the art and beauty of wine to stem from the earth and the land itself. Tasting and exploring wine is tasting and exploring the earth, the glass of liquid being the medium which we can experience.

This wine is manufactured using scientific methods and adulterating chemical processes. In theory, this wine could be from anywhere and anytime, an ode to the ego of the winemaker rather than a hymn to earth, soil, rain, and wind.

I would speak to the comparison of music created by a live orchestra of talented musicians to a synthesizer keyboard played by a single performer. The analogy still falls short, though.

I don’t want to be the snob or the conservative critic - I generally like experimentation and new approaches - but even as a food scientist I just question the validity of wine made in styles that are less an homage to their place and more of a lab experiment for the creator.
— 4 days ago

Jillian Varner
with Jillian

Robert Keenan Winery

Mailbox Vineyard Reserve Merlot 2013

My WOTN at a dinner with Michael Keenan (with some 15 different cuvées in tow, so settle in...). A bit more brooding than the ‘14. Still with great purity, but a bit more powerful and savory. “The Original” is a reference to the restoration of the Mailbox Vineyard to its original configuration, namely Merlot. — 3 days ago

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James Forsyth

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Nice! Fun little backstory too.

Long Shadows Wineries

Pedestal Columbia Valley Merlot 2013

At $50ish this is QPR at its finest. Killer balance. Blackberries, licorice, iron, blood, and tobacco. Never seems to have an off vintage. I think Longshadows is my favorite domestic red lineup. — 4 hours ago

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Napa Valley Merlot 2014

This wine was murdered tonight. This one has a TON of youthful black fruit, bramble, wildflower, chocolate. The makings of a really nice Merlot are all here, but are just very tight. After an hour of being in the glass, this one really did perform quite a bit better than it did initially after it was "Coravinned." Sweeter, youthful fruit on the front. Acidic finish, tannin very present. Stiff oaked tannic finish. Very enjoyable. Wish I had a case of this. At the price paid, I should have bought a case, but unfortunately snoozed. — 17 days ago

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Kyeema Vineyard

Reserva Merlot 2009

Lovely aromatics of ripe plum vanilla and some earthiness. Intoxicating. Medium bodied with M + fleshy intensity on the palate. Tannins are supple and fairly resolved. One of the better Australian straight Merlots - from the Canberra district. — 15 days ago

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Toscana Merlot 2013

Beguiling nose of loamy earth and cocoa-chocolate, smoke. The palate that nose promised is still buried deep, but for the first time in my wine life, I’ll predict a 5 point improvement in precisely 10 years. Yes, friends, I have finally, truly tasted profound potential. — 4 days ago

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Phil A

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@LM Segal LM maybe the benchmark for Merlot Cheers 🍷
James Forsyth

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Terrific note. Totally agree about this wine. A stunner that will only get better.
Tony Chen

Tony Chen

This wine is so awesome, ever since my first 2013 Masseto, I love Italian wine more than ever. 2012, 2007, 1997 are so awesome!Unfortunately 2014 is little disappointed.

Domaine de Quissat

Cent Pour Cent Merlot 2014

What an amazing blend! This is a strong, funky wine that slaps you right in the face! Bright purple/magenta, sediment, lots of viscosity, powerful nose sees ripe cherries, oak, vanilla, cured meats, palette sees bright ripe cherries, lots of acid, medium+ tannins, high alcohol finish. This is an extreme, untamed, wild wine in every sense. Enjoyable, invigorating! — 10 days ago

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Blackwood Canyon

Blackwood Canyon Merlot

1998 visit to Blackwood Canyon.
Met Michael Moore, became good friends. Absolutely blew my socks off with every offering he had- decanted wines and tank samples till 2 am! Talked regularly for the next few years: came close to partnering with him on several ventures(which included almost buying a neighboring vineyard, and an exotic/gourmet food company)
Michael's winemaking vision made him many friends (consumers),and enemies (other local winemakers). His philosophy: to make the wines of Pre-WW2 France with the grapes of Red Mountain. If you are fortunate enough to find any- they were meant to be laid down for the next 40-60 years. All of them. My only regret: not buying more when he was still with us. RIP Michael- we miss you
— 5 hours ago