Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon

Stonestreet Estate Vineyards

Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Decanting now, can you believe this is the only 2013 CA wine in our cellar?! All the rest is hiding, appropriately out of reach, in off-site storage. πŸ‘

We tasted this at a walk-around in November of 2018, and I was impressed then...

Nose has chalkboard dust, milk chocolate, ripe plum, ripe raspberry, black cherry and cut green pepper (light).
Palate has chalky plum, ripe cherry, medium tannins, light green herbal notes, light toasted oak (few year old barrels?) and milk chocolate.

Very impressed at how approachable this wine is tonight after only about 2hrs of decant. Showing quite nicely at about 5 years past vintage. 2013 was very strong for CA, going to be legendary in my opinion; likely my favorite vintage in the prior 10 years.

Happy Valentine's Day 2019 to all.
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Silver Oak

Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Enjoyed while cleaning out the boss' cellar. Say what you want about this wine, but the one thing you can say is that this wine is incredibly consistent. This wine reminds me of the family uncle who always gives you some silver dollars at Christmas...even though you are now a grown adult. And if you actually listen to his crazy advice on investing when you were a kid, you just might be able to be that Uncle when you grow up. This wine is a thoroughbred. Meant to be consumed at least after 10 years. And this wine is in a really good spot. The nose does show a tiny bit of age as does the palate. This is front-loaded with slightly aged blackberry and a bit brambly. This wine smoothed out quite a bit over 3 hours. Finish with very nice integration, a hint of stiff oak tannin but a lot of it has resolved. Very enjoyable. This wine still has another 10 or 15 years left. β€” 14 days ago

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@Mark Flesher Mark Good wine, producer and vintage a trifecta Cheers 🍷
Tom Casagrande

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Nice metaphor!


Argentum Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2005

Shay A

This had a bit of VA to blow off at first. Lot of funk too. Old fig, graham cracker, stewed red and black fruits. A lot of plum and dates in the finish. Tannin structure was strong as was acidity. I’d enjoy these fairly soon. β€” 4 hours ago

Dan FitzgeraldMark Flesher
with Dan and Mark
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Immortal Estate

Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon

Superbowl of wines. Thank you @Monica O
Always a great time. Awesome wines. Awesome food. Awesome friends to share these amazing wines.
Oh and did I mention the amazing wines
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@leon egozi Leon Cheers

Louis M. Martini

Monte Rosso Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

2013 Louis Martini Monte Rosso Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon in Sonoma. Lets give it a taste: spicy raspberry bouquet. Red and black sour fruit on the beginning slowly mellowing into an oaky Earthy following. The finish comes much later as a tongue curling, slightly sour dry finale. This is a very young wine for its time. I needs to mature in order to obtain and reach its potential complexity. β€” 10 days ago

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Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Really nice! Blueberry, blackberry, cinnamon, crushed rocks, gravel, and hints of vanilla toasted oak. This screams Sonoma from the really nice acidity that keeps it bright and fresh. β€” 3 days ago

with Bob and ADAM
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Robert Young Estate Winery

Scion Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

In a really good spot right now. Drinking with a lot of black cherry and cola on the nose and palate. Goes kind of brambly and noticeably darker in the middle. The finish is remarkably tannic. Stiff, lots of new oak. This wine has a long life ahead of it. The 06 when tried over a year ago was really just starting to integrate. I have zero willpower to keep these as long as they need to be kept, but they are certainly good young and will show well for a while. β€” 18 days ago

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Robert Young Estate Winery

Big Rock Block Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

It's amazing how much these wake up if you can just keep your hands off of them. And I still have one more left? Six years, this one is drinking WELL. After this one had been opened for two hours, the bouquet is deep black fruit, truffle, hint of green pepper. The entry is slightly acidic, but has softened somewhat. Fruit is luscious, combination of blackberry and black cherry with a truffle. Black licorice and herbaceous middle with a savory hint. Finishes still with quite a bit of tannin. Very nice. I'll try to hold my other bottle until after 2022, as this one is DEFINITELY still on the rise. β€” 5 days ago

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Kinsella Estate

Heirloom Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

TRB and Jersey Boys... What’s not to love??? Deep, dark and plush Dry Creek fruit drives a concentrated black and blue fruit profile yet extremely light on its feet and well balanced. With time, the nuance shows. Worth seeking out if you can find it. Will be released in March, only about 250 cases made. β€” 3 days ago

with Bob and ADAM
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Laurel Glen Vineyard

Sonoma Mountain Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Alder Yarrow

Graphite, black cherry, cassis and sandalwood. Tasty and beautifully balanced. β€” 5 days ago

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