Domaine des Baumard

Savennières Chenin Blanc 2016

The Baumard family growing the noble Chenin at Rochefort in the Anjou for centuries, in 1953 they acquired a vineyard in the Quarts de Chaume, & in 1968, purchased acreage in Savennieres. Straw with full fruit and light spice aromas. On the palate ripe apple, pear & melon, complex, with vivid acidity. Lingering, ending with mineral and sweet honey character. Wow. A white that should age well.
— 6 days ago

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Jeff Venier

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One of my fav wines over the years. So great...

Domaine du Closel-Château des Vaults

La Jalousie Savennières Chenin Blanc 2014

Really good! Tons of acidity and a smidge if sweetness made many people guess a trialing unenthusiastically, but all enjoyed it. A little different from what I was expecting but highly recommended! — 14 days ago

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Château Pierre-Bise

Clos de Coulaine Savennières Chenin Blanc

Rich chenin, peach, chamomile, Parmesan cheese 😋 — 4 months ago

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Domaine du Closel-Château des Vaults

Les Caillardieres Savennières Chenin Blanc 2013

Корзина садовых яблок, мягкая груша, абрикос, лимонная цедра, мёд, подсохшая трава, воск, сырая шерсть, осенний ручей, битый камень. Полное, чуть маслянистое тело с хорошей кислотностью и аккуратной минеральной подложкой. Спело и монолитно, с кажущейся сладостью и ультратонким намеком на ботритис. При этом под всей этой массой хорошо структурно оформлено, не утомительно. Не суперкомплексно, но богато и серьезно. — 15 days ago

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Château de Plaisance

"Le Clos" Savennières Chenin Blanc

Paired with Capriole Sofia - Loire-style goat cheese, Indiana 👌 — 18 hours ago

Nicolas Joly

Clos de la Coulée de Serrant Savennières Chenin Blanc 2014

Not the best vintage/bottle. Still a wonderful wine w honey, apricot n the less spice notes o ginger. Les fruit than expeggeded, maybe due to oxidation/bad cork. Acididi was more prominent than expeggeded. — 19 days ago

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Domaine du Closel-Château des Vaults

Clos du Papillon Savennières Chenin Blanc 2006

Closed for the first 30 mins. Really wants a decant to strut — 9 days ago

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Great pic!

Eric Morgat

L'Enclos Savennières Chenin Blanc

Jaune soutenue
Nez plein solaire pointe terpénique foin
Bouche pleine et délicatesse après 24h d ouverture chaleureux sans excès
— 3 hours ago

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Domaine de la Bergerie

Clos le Grand Beaupréau Savennières Chenin Blanc

Bright, chalky, expressive fruit and nicely balance. — 3 days ago

Château d'Epiré

Savennières Chenin Blanc 2013

Beautiful. Green apple, citrus, and a hint of sea salt on the palate. — 15 days ago