Rosé Champagne

Château de Bligny

Grand Réserve Brut Rose Champagne

Balanced not sweet go to rose. There is a light toasty nose that translates to more serious flavors in the mouth and finish. Red fruit and strawberries. Sigh — 4 days ago

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Brut Rosé

Should quarantine force me to eat pizza parlor offerings nightly? Maybe not but I’ve tasted Rotari before and was excited for a reason to get into another bottle which, spoiler, does well with well Parmesan/garlic infused quick pizza parlor orders. I mean it would be great in many places methinks but right now we are all either ordering in or cooking so...really thought this went well with some seasoned bread stuff. Wet stones, and cherry and peach yogurt and some lemon curd on the nose. Ripping acid. Abv were I to guess is...13 and it is, lemme see...12.5. They say lolz. I should make this review more amusing maybe? Or is this the time we all just need to exchange virtual hugs and carry on. I miss hugs. — 7 days ago

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Leclerc Briant

Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

Beautiful rose. Early adopter of organic practices in the 1960s, biodynamic in 1988. Paired extremely well with steak tacos and salsa cruda. 95% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot noir. Almost 3 years aging sur lie. — 16 days ago


Brut 1er Cru Champagne Blend Rosé

This was really nice, classically styles, yeast and but with sufficient minerality to be fresh. Dosed pretty high but much love — 3 days ago


Extra Brut Champagne Rosé

Love this linear, focused Rosé. It never disappoints. I love these Extra Bruts. Drank with some pasta and blistered tomatoes and it was a great pairing, but just a great night with parents and social distancing on the porch. I’ll keep going back to this well. — 11 days ago

Judy Williams
with Judy
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1729 Rosé Brut Champagne Blend

Happy Anniversary to my dear wife!!! 25 years together..... — 10 days ago

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Tom Garland

Tom Garland

Bill Bender

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Happy 25th brother!
Anthony De Blasi

Anthony De Blasi

Congrats!!! 🥳


Cuvée Rosé Brut Champagne Pinot Noir

Great Rose. Enough said — 11 days ago

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Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

David T

Happy Spring! It’s one of our favorite points in the year. More; daylight, a little warmer in CA and everything starts to bloom which, means a long summer of gardening and being outdoors every day/night is not far off.

Since it was such a great day and basically most Californians are shut-Ins, the voluntary self quarantining was getting to me. I did the landscaping and got an afternoon of fresh air today. A breath of fresh air...ahhh! Wow, was it needed after Gavin’s Newsom’s estimate of 25.5 million Californians would be infected with Coronavirus over 8 weeks yesterday.

So, a good night to celebrate another day of being virus free with my 2nd favorite N/V Rosé Champagne.

All my numerous previous notes apply.

Stay safe everyone and remember the new terminology of the new distancing! Cheers! 🍾🥂

Photos of; Spring in our backyard & a Billecart Grand Cru Vineyard.

— 19 days ago

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Paul Dethune

Brut Rosé Grand Cru Champagne Blend

If you like your rose a little more serious and a less sweet, then you’ll love this. The nose is of red berries but the flavors in the mouth are not sweet, a nice toast lifted by a balanced amount of acid. Definitely would pair well with spicy or rich food. TBL — 10 days ago

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Dom Ruinart Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

David T

What to do when the amount of Coronavirus cases keeps increasing in California. Start the night off with a glass of one of our favorite N/V Rosé Champanges.

All my numerous notes still apply!

Stay infection free folks! Cheers! 🍾🥂

Check out the chalk all over their caves!!!
— 25 days ago

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Eric S

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Awesome pic. Reminds me of a Scooby Doo monster.
David T

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@Eric S Dead on. Love the glass of 🍷!
Sharon B

Sharon B

Love it!😆