Band of Roses

Washington State Rosé Blend 2018

It’s Saturday and someone needs to hold your hand. Nuzzle into your neck and whisper something that adds a quiver to your vibe. This wine.. will do this Saturday. It sings all tropi-lime-limestone-is-that-a-baptismal-fountain-or-are-you-just-jazzed notes on nose. Lovely texture of silk. Lovely acid balancing fruit. Washington is there for you. Life will go on. — 9 days ago

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A poetic review or shall I say lyrical? Take care.🌹
Ellen Clifford

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@Trixie me attempting to be poetic I suppose ;) cheers 🥂

Cantina del Signore

Metodo Classico Millesimato Extra Brut Rose 2016

Lyle Fass

Delectable ate my note 3 times. It is what it is. Gorgeous. Drinks like $50 champagne. — 2 days ago

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Moussé Fils

Effusion Rosé Champagne Blend

Think alpine strawberries. Well made but on the fruit side (in a good way for those of us that like that) 92% Meunier, 8% Pinot Noir disgorged 4/25/18. Dosage 6g/l. MS — 15 days ago

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Pet Nat 2018

Last year when I tried this, my opinion that Pet Nats couldn’t be deep, complex, sophisticated wines was forever changed. In that year, Brand’s blend of Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner has made a name for itself. It’s about as lean as anything at 10%. Very German - precise, direct, ordered. Screaming acid with zero sugar makes for a salty citrus thing. Sour lemon and smokey sea shells. — 21 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Brand Bros.!
Severn Goodwin

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They have a crazy rosé (still) that I can't seem to get hands on.
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

@Severn Goodwin these guys make a still??? I need!

Krupp Brothers

The Damsel Napa Valley Rosé Blend 2017

Shay A

A few fun bottles from last Friday.

I’ve enjoyed many Krupp reds but had never tried this. Honestly, I think this may not have been cool enough for my liking. Definitely a more flavorful and rich rosé, with a deep hue. Rose petals, watermelon jolly rancher and gummy strawberries are the main notes here, but the finish has a slight spice and black cherry note thanks to the Tempranillo. Unique.
— 12 days ago

Dan Fitzgerald
with Dan
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Brut Champagne Rosé Blend

Takes time to open up with the initial nose and palate coming off a bit light in flavor. Once it does though it’s a very layered champagne of floral notes followed by a mix of cherries and raspberries. Never picked up the type of volume you get from its grande cuvée. — 12 days ago

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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@David T Raising my hand as a Rookie! Good info to learn! Krug NV was a huge disappointment to me.
David T

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@Dawn E. I’ve had good & bad bottles of N/V Krug. There is a 6 digit code on each bottle to check on Krug’s website to see when the bottle has received its cork. I found through experience this to be critical in choosing my bottles from resellers. Bottles that sit on retailers shelves or other in less than ideal storage conditions that are pushing three years or more are not to be purchased. Again, especially in 375ml’s. I look for resellers that store their a Krug in climate controlled storage and always check or ask about their disgorgement dates. Also, when a brand has received so much hype and developed such cache like Krug, unless it really hits your wheelhouse, there is room to be disappointed. Having said that, I like Krug when it’s good. However, they have pushed their price point past their quality over the last two years for me. I don’t buy their N/V Rosé anymore. On rare occasion, I will still buy their grande cuvees.
Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@David T thank you once again! 🤗


Frutado Rosé Blend 2018

This wine pours up salmon pink and fizzy in the glass. The bubbles dissipate quickly, but they are surprising and fun. Aromas of a wet driveway hit the nose first, a sure sign of minerality. There are fruity raspberry and cherry notes as well as a whiff of flowers. On the palate, raspberry and cherry flavors dominate, with a touch of lime. The acidity is surprisingly low, but the wine sure is tasty.
— 23 days ago

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Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

David T

Four day weekend. Gotta get it off to a good start. Been awhile since we had our 375ml of Ruinart.

The nose shows, ripe, slightly candied; black cherries, strawberries, kirsch cherries, rich, summertime watermelon, touch of orange citrus family blend, pomegranate juice, hints of fruit roll up & haunting apricots. Sea fossils & spray, a little bread dough, grey volcanics, chalky powder, orange, spring flowers with fresh & withering, red & pink rose pedals.

The palate is full & touch gummy/candied. Fruits are well extracted, deep, ruby; black cherries, blackberries, strawberries, kirsch cherries, rich, summertime watermelon, touch of orange citrus family blend, pomegranate juice, hints of fruit roll up & haunting apricots. Ghostly, not quite fruit brandy or fruit liqueur character, sea fossils & spray, a little bread dough, not quite medium, white spice with hints of palate heat, grainy, grey volcanics, chalky powder, orange, spring flowers with fresh & withering, red & pink rose pedals. The acidity lively and crisp. The round, well balanced & polish finish is always consistently satisfying and lingers for minutes.

Photos of; the House of Ruinart, Dom Thierry Ruinart, nicely light caves and rolling, hillside, Grand Cru Vineyard.

Not quite sure where “D” gets $83 when you can buy this all day at just under $65.
— 4 days ago

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Fulldraw Vineyard

Paso Robles Rosé Blend 2017

Shay A

One of the best rosés I’ve had in quite some time. 66% Grenache, 34% Mourvèdre. Bigger style with lots of complexity and depth to it. It’s as though someone took two of my favorite rosés, Arnyca (lighter style) and Antica Terra (super heavy style) and combined them. In the glass it has an absolutely gorgeous deep ruby color. Aromatically, it has spicy red fruits like rhubarb with watermelon, peppercorn and sea salt. It tastes remarkably like a gummy version of rhubarb, showing more spice at the finish. Not made in the crushable style, this deserves and commands some thought (and food)! My thanks to @Bill Bender for the wine and introducing me to the potential of this producer. — 21 days ago

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Shay A

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@P A : Cheers to you, and I hope 2020 is wonderful for you and yours!

@Jake Rubash : I’m sold on this for sure. I need to try their other wines.

@Deborah M : If you enjoy the bigger style rosés, you will love this. Best at cellar temp, almost treating it like a light bodied red!
Bill Bender

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I’m stoked you liked it as much as me @Shay A the props go to @Connor McMahon I’m pretty confident you’ll dig his big polished reds as well

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@Bill Bender Bill From Canada Happy New Year Cheers 🥂

Dom Pérignon

Brut Champagne Rosé 2002

This is gorgeous. Depth of wild strawberry flavor, a beautiful balance on the mid palate and a luscious, long finish. Just wow. — 17 days ago

Jonathan DavidsonPaul Woolls
with Jonathan and Paul
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