Gambino Vini

Tifeo Etna Rosato 2016

On this fall day, I was dreaming about my trip up Mt. Etna and they amazing time we had with the two owners of this winery. Cherry, strawberry mineral love. Every sip brings back a fond memory of our time in Sicily. — 7 days ago

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What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing your memory with us. 🍷
Stuart Scheff

Stuart Scheff

@Trixie Thanks Trixie. Get it on your bucket list.

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@Stuart Scheff Stuart you’ll have to go back Cheers 🇭🇺🍷

Seven Hills

Columbia Valley Dry Rosé Blend 2018

Third and last bottle of vintage. Tastes fine even with chill weather — 7 days ago

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11 Minutes Rose 2018

From the Veneto (Italy), resembling, but a nice alternative to, a Provence rose. Comes with a cool label design and unusual bottle format that along with the pedigree make it a good conversation starter. — 18 days ago

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Domaine Tempier

Bandol Rosé 2018

Undoubtedly my favorite rosé. Classic Bandol freshness. Traditional blend of Mourvèdre, Grenache, and Cinsault. Ripe melon and peach candy on the nose. The melon and juicy peach flavors carry on the palate and are mixed with guava, sea salt, wet stones, and crisp minerality. This is actually a bit of a baby, will continue to develop nicely over the next few years. — 20 days ago

Diana L
with Diana
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David L

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Life is good!


Vino Superior for the Tuscan Terrace Rosé Blend

At the Toowoomba Wine Show Judges Dinner and brought by one of the winemakers at Sirromet. No detailed notes - too many wines; not enough time. A very acceptable Rose blend. — 21 days ago

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Louis Roederer

Cristal Brut Rosé 2008

At the Come Taste the Stars Dinner hosted by Tyson Stelzer. Tyson was gobsmacked by this Champagne giving it 100 points. The colour was Salmon with a touch of copper. Strawberry notes with rose petals. Louis Roederer have been working hard on their biodynamic regime in the vineyard. Biodynamics create greater vigour in the vine allowing the roots to penetrate deeper into the chalk. Incredible depth length and precision - stays in the mouth for minutes. Only 31 bottles came to Australia and 8 bottles used up on this dinner. One could write pages about the production techniques used in this Rose Champagne - like Carbonic Maceration of the Pinot bunches by Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon the winemaker. At Montrachet Restaurant in Brisbane. — 9 days ago

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Clive McNish

Clive McNish

Nice set of reviews 🥂
Bob McDonald

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Thanks Clive - 3 more to go.
Clive McNish

Clive McNish

Saw the rest, that’s a top evening.


Le Rosé Brut Champagne Rosé Blend

Sharp, crisp, snappy. Strawberries and red apple. — 8 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Nice, not had their rosé yet.


Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

David T

It’s Friday, gotta kick it off with Champagne. This Friday a little N/V Ruinart Rosé.

The fruits are; ripe, ruby and slightly candied. Deeply extracted; strawberries, black cherries, some black raspberries, cherries, ripe, juicy, summertime watermelon, touch of pomegranate, blood orange, understated, fine, powdery chalkiness, powdery seashells, sea spray, grey volcanic minerals, soft white spice, hard baguette crust with red & pink roses. The gently crisp acidity is dead on. The long, rich, ruby, well balanced, polished finish is delicious and nicely persistent.

Photos of, Dom Thierry Ruinart, our recently added Chrysanthemums, fresh fall table flowers and candle pumpkin. It’s fall! ‘‘Tis the season”...🍂🍁🎃🕷👻👹😱 🍾🥂
— 17 hours ago

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Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

David T

Feet up and game on In the lounge. Time to kick it off with some BSR. Ahhhh!

Showing some leaner & more restrained fruits of; strawberries, watermelon near the rind, cherries, orange citrus-blood orange, tangerine, pink grapefruit with a splash of sugar and black cherries. Still showing their signature, soft, powdery, chalkiness with an edge of a razor. Seashell fossil, sea spray-saline, baguette crust, pink roses and florals. The acidy is always crisp and dead on for my palate. The long, rich, well balanced, polished finish persists nicely.

Photos of; one of their Grand Cru vineyards at sunset, two shots inside the House of Billecart and their beautifully manicured grounds.
— 7 days ago

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Enderle & Moll

Spätburgunder Rosé 2017

Nose has crushed raspberry, ripe red & black currants, sour cherry, sliced blood orange flesh & peel and faint green herbs.

Palate has tart cherry, ripe raspberry, plum skin, orange peel and green apple-like acidity.

Amazingly young, this is the most accessible, E&M Rosé, I've ever tasted. Most prior years, this bottle needs 24 hours of air and then it might show you its prowess, sometimes it may hold out for another day. Just fantastic, I can't wait to see how this one ages and experience new developments.
— 20 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Jae Cho Finally got to the 2017.

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@Severn Goodwin Great post and pic Cheers 🍷
Lyle Fass

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The best rose