Petit Manseng

Delaplane Cellars

Mélange Blanc Virginia White Blend 2017

Poetic as it is practical....mouthfeel is the key to such precision. At once it is silky, voluptuous, deep and clean!! 43% Chard, 30 Vidal, 20 Viognier, 7 p man...from the best year for whites in a decade! Buying more at $22 post club % — 15 days ago

Isenhower Cellars

Jongleur Petit Verdot 2014

Dense highly extracted purple. Plum, black currant, cola and barnyard notes in nose with a hint of eucalyptus and spice. Blueberry, black currant flavors, coffee in the finish. Some lightly chewy fine-grained tannins (later expresses as moderate skin astringency) and seed bitterness in finish as well. This is probably my favorite red from Isenhower. The 2014 is tasting different and arguably less complex than their 2013 and 2014 PV, but still tasty in my book. The barnyard may be too persistent for some, however. — 15 days ago

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Nice review! Have a good weekend!

Paul Jaboulet Aîné

Le Petit Jaboulet Syrah 2003

This has everything I love in a wine. Zesty and still fresh with a lot of structure and balance. Layers of black fruit, spice and licorice flavors. Just checked the Parker review. One of the greatest Crozes Hermitage ever made. It’s clearly one of the best I’ve ever had. Very highly recommended (by me). 😁 — 2 days ago

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Ehlers Estate

St. Helena Petit Verdot 2015

This Petit Verdot pairs well with a Friday night! — 7 days ago

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Clos Lapeyre

Vitatge Vielh de Lapeyre Jurançon Sec 2012

Very dark golden color but light and bright in taste. Crisp and clean tasting. Enjoyable on its own or with food. Would buy again — 20 days ago

Daumas Gassac

Mas de Daumas Haute Vallée du Gassac Blanc White Blend 2008

No formal notes, NYC night out. — 14 days ago

Lyle Fass
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Lyle Fass

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This was crazy good
Severn Goodwin

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Great opposing bottle to the Cotat.

Daumas Gassac

Vin de Pays de l'Hérault White Blend 2008

Lyle Fass

Outstanding. — 13 days ago

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Clos Saron

Carte Blanche Sierra Foothills White Blend 2015

Salty savory dry nice acidity natty — 23 days ago

Domaine Bru-Baché

Jurançon Sec Gros Manseng 2013

Beautiful copper orange. Nutty sherry like aromas with peaches, apricot, and stone fruit atop a bed of fall spice. Salty spiced beauty and one of the best values you can find. — 9 days ago

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Amr El-Azhary

Amr El-Azhary

I think we fully agree on that one.. it blew my mind when I knew that this one has not seen oak ...
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

@Amr El-Azhary with that amber color I was very surprised there is no skin contact. It’s one of my favorite values. I always try to keep a bottle around.

Hope & Grace

Napa Valley Petit Verdot 2014

Solid 93, almost 94. This wine is 100% PV. A bit young, this one pours a dark, deep violet to the glass. There is no way light is getting through this monster. The nose is pepper and spice cake. The entry is fruitcake, pepper, allspice. The middle gains a youthful sweet tobacco leaf on top of a fruitcake red and black spice. The finish is tannic without a doubt, and I feel that another year or so would do this one quite well. A 93.45 stunner tonight, with potential to improve over the next 5 years. This one would top the 25th Anniversary William Harrison PV depending upon the style you prefer for PV. Gonna have to acquire a few for the collection! Nice pull @Shay A — 17 days ago

Shay A
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Shay A

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My rating from earlier in the year remains unchanged after opening this tonight. Aside from the William Harrison Anniversary PV, this is the only PV I would actively seek out and enjoy. Well balanced in red, blue and black fruit & herbal on the nose. The palate showed an underripe and chalky characteristic to the fruit, as well as peppery, and a kirsch style finish. More saddle leather showed after a couple hours of bottle decanting. Textbook PV from a very well respected winemaker.
David T

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Charles Hendricks is one of the rare Winemakers that is able to produce wines that are very accessible young and will improve over the next 10 years plus. That craft is even more difficult with PV. He makes one of a very few I can drink young and really enjoy it.