Michigan, Usa

New Holland Brewing Co.

Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout

Okay, just black. Blonde wood/ baked apple hurrah, and then the dark quiet of space, or the grainy expanses of closed lids. The lacing of lazy, wood-boring insects. Such sights have set me to worrying of late. Mornings being a struggle at times, especially after these nighttime wooden cudgels and dark devices. The rack anyone? Coconut on coals. Tar socks. Dried violets. Black strap cola. Scraped vanilla beans, and dark chocolate cookie covered coal. Anise cinnamon and thin mint. Well, that’s the smell of the thing. The mouth below is unsweetened baker’s dark chocolate, blackened iron, vine charcoal, charred bone, hot springs through rubber piping, black sugar, Spanish “chocolate” brandy/black strap rum and graphite/smoke with evergreen suggestions. Not the Dragon of fire and smoke I expected, but certainly a formidable cave monster, living inside a volcano. I particularly appreciated the mineral/ethereal aspect. — 16 days ago

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Fenton Winery & Brewery

Grin Raspberry

Fenton Winery and Brewery Grin Raspberry. Like the apple, smells like jolly rancher and very sweet. Okay by itself but is to be treated as a sugary cocktail — 11 days ago


Underground Mountain Brown

Brown-black with a root beer head, jungle-banyan lacing. Big whiskey barrel whiff on approach, showing vanilla caramel and heaps of coffee after. Stunner. There is a date bread and chocolate pie combo as well as dark nibs and rich ganache informing the malty mocha. Licorice extract, Madagascar vanilla with extract heat, clove and nutmeg energies, darkest caramel bordering on burnt. Raisin-date-fig ground up with brown sugar and exhibiting an almost pine bite. Cinnamon stick dryness to the finish, but still resonating with a resinous danger. This snake bites you and you know it. — 6 days ago

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Bonobo Winery

Reserve Riesling

I don’t usually drink white wine, but this was nice and refreshing. Sweet, but not smack you in the face sweet. — 6 days ago

Bowers Harbor

Apple Ice Cider

Perfect desert wine for the fall! Great apple flavor and very easy to drink the entire bottle. — 6 days ago

Fenton Winery & Brewery

Cocoa Merlot

Fenton Winery and Brewery Cocoa Merlot. Very intense, I am only tasting it today as a part of a flight but I cant imagine having a glass. Great for a taste though. Cocoa shines through with coffee notes? — 11 days ago

Fenton Winery & Brewery

Breeze Pomegranate

Fenton Winery and Brewery Breeze Pomegranate. On the sweet wine list but pleasantly slightly dry. Slightly tart blush wine. I cant taste the pomegranite but it tastes like a basic riesling — 11 days ago

Fenton Winery & Brewery

Crisp Green Apple

Fenton Winery and Bewery Crisp Green Apple. Smells like a Jolly Rancher. Would be nice alone but it is a bit much with food. Borderline dessert wine — 11 days ago

Leelanau Cellars

Witches Brew Red Blend

Tastes like fall! Very unique and yummy! — 10 days ago