Marquis De Salvary

Domaine Marquis d'Angerville

Champans Volnay 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2007

Another 07 that is drinking beautifully! — 5 days ago

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Domaine Marquis d'Angerville

Domaine du Pélican Arbois Savagnin Ouillé 2016

Seven years and delicious with quite a bit of life left in it. 2016 could easily drink to 2024 or 2025 if stored correctly.

Light straw colored. Has a toasted scent, a bit of vanilla, similar to a brut. More like the crust of well buttered toast. Ok, enough of analyzing that… The first thing you’ll notice when you taste is the salinity, super strong, followed by strong minerality and crisp green tart apples. It’s a lingering wine, not a casual sipper. I bet it would be great with some food. Medium bodied, high acid, makes your tongue push against the top of your mouth.

I know it’s an Ouillé style, but I think there is some oxidation going on. Not much, but it’s there. Love it.
— a month ago

Jillian Varner
with Jillian

Joseph Drouhin

Marquis de Laguiche Montrachet Grand Cru Chardonnay 2010

Vin élégant et mature.
— 2 months ago

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Château Léoville-Las Cases

Clos du Marquis Saint-Julien Red Bordeaux Blend 2000

Reddish brown. Very nice bouquet after 23 years of aging. Plum and herbal. Medium tannins. — 8 days ago

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Château Léoville-Las Cases

Grand Vin de Leoville du Marquis de las Cases Saint-Julien Red Bordeaux Blend 1989

Deep spice overtone on a classic Bordeaux. Maybe a bit too much. — 6 days ago

Domaine Marquis d'Angerville

Domaine du Pélican Arbois Chardonnay 2018

Open knit. Floral. Spice. Light body. Complex and unique. — a month ago

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Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

I am a big fan of Jura Wines and now this major Burgundian power house has moved in. Domaine Angerville.
Turd Ferguson

Turd Ferguson

To me it’s a bit more Burgundy than Jura (not overly oxidative), but it’s definitely somewhere between the two stylistically. A very fine Chardonnay.


Marquis Pinot Noir

220430 en Croacia en ZOI con Vero. Muy balanceado Pinot Noir, 2018. Aromático y correcto com la comida. Con el dulce no iba tan bien — a month ago

Noble Vines

Marquis Red California Red Blend 2019

Fruit forward with a very light sweetness. Enjoyable. — a month ago

Domaine des Tourelles

Marquis des Beys Red Blend 2014

Mary H

Would liken to an entry level rioja. Dark red fruit, tobacco, astringent tannins. Mellowed out a little after opening but still a bit rough on the finish. — 2 months ago

with Louis

Château de Lamarque

Marquis d'Evry Red Bordeaux Blend 2018

Needed an hour or so to open. I probably will hold off on the rest of these for a few more years. — 2 months ago

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