Joseph Janoueix

Domaine des Pierres Seches

Gauthier Cuvee Aubert Saint-Joseph Marsanne Roussanne 2019

Lyle Fass

Big, fat nose with lots of so called “gras” and nougat. Good minerals. Tropical fruits. Spice. Tons of cinnamon. Very complex. That combo of exotic Roussanne and huge minerality is only the N Rhone can do. Tree bark, chestnuts, so complex. Caramel, orange blossom. So so complex. Just masterful. Palate is so elegant. My god. But ripe and rich and incredible mineral freshness and dazzling purity. Insane juiciness with lovely blood orange, mango and tangelo flavors. So so clean and pure. Lovely long finish and just awesome length, finesse and structure. Really long. Dazzling. The Xmas spices are out of control on the nose after 15 minutes. Superb. Insanely juicy and so much energy and the spice and citrus on the palate are so vivid. So unique and delicious! — 4 hours ago

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Jean-François Malsert

Lou Taissou Saint Joseph Syrah 2018

Another great St Joseph, ethereal nose showing lots of dark berry, umami flavors, soy, mineral, olive, savory spice along with floral notes. — 12 days ago

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Domaine de la Côte Sainte-Epine

Côte Sainte-Epine by Mikael Desestret St. Joseph Syrah 2017

Beautiful inky dark Syrah. Ready to go after a couple hour decant. And a nice pairing with roast chicken thighs with lemon and green olives. Quite seamless on the palate with a bit of structure. Maybe one smidge less acid than I hoped for at the end to make it sing - but still very nice. — 6 days ago

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Domaine Monier Perréol

Les Serves St. Joseph Syrah 2016

Just a great St Joseph with amazing aromatics, gobs of dark fruits, meat, blood, iron, mineral, olive, pepper, licorice & violet. Deep & rich on the palate achieving a light as a feather, silky texture that caresses the mouth. — 19 days ago

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Domaine Faury

Vieilles Vignes Saint Joseph Syrah 2018

Big blackberry and plum juice nose, beautiful pastry notes of berry tart, smoke, sweetness and funk. Grape juice and granite. A touch of black pepper spice and amazing mineral density. Burly but clean and satisfying. Some bitterness on the finish that should resolve with time, otherwise drinking really nicely. — 10 days ago

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Scott Rose

Scott Rose Premium Badge

Was "this" close to rating it a 9.3 but opted for a 9.2. Swept away by the body. Taste components were an incidental "whatever" at that point. Need to retaste in the next month or two.
Josh Morgenthau

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@Scott Rose definitely. This bottle seemed like it was just entering it’s window and was drinking beautifully- some really intoxicating notes emerging now! (solid 9.3 for me, flirting with 9.4 even)

Joseph Dorbon

Cuvée des Moyne Vieilles Vignes Arbois Chardonnay 2010

Something about mushrooms & cheese as fall gets into swing makes us crave Jura wines. Scintillating palate, just enough ox to keep things interesting. Zinging acid only just starting to fade. Palate is roast chestnuts, fungus, lemon curd. Medium finish. Beautiful work. #jura — 4 days ago

Alsu Shakirova
with Alsu
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Peter van den Besselaar

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Exploring Jura 👏🏼

M. Chapoutier

"Les Granits" Saint Joseph Syrah 2007

Tres beau vin. Structure complète et tout en puissance — 11 days ago

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M. Chapoutier

Les Granilites Saint-Joseph Blanc Marsanne 2011

If you want a “soft” or “smooth” wine, this is it. On the palate it is silky. Nose right out of the bottle and in the glass is wonderful but fades pretty quick. Finish you could say is short but I think it’s there just not intense. — 7 days ago

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David L

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A bit jealous.

Domaine des Pierres Sèches Sylvain Gauthier

St. Joseph Cuvee 1930 Syrah 2019

Lyle Fass

The new elite high end bling bling cuvee from Sylvain Gauthier of Domaine des Pierres Seches. I’ve been waiting to taste this for a long time. What a nose. Cote Rotie like! Super dark florals, granite, wet clay, dark blackberry fruit. Lifted, complex and super elegant. A nose that stops you in your tracks. White pepper. Violets. My goodness the florals are like elite Cote Rotie. Just stunning. Best nose on a Gauthier wine ever. Endless depth on the palate and big but so so elegant. Wow this is special. Sappy, dense, concentrated and so peppery. Amazing and I mean amazing freshness. Finish is so delineated, gamey and meaty. Concentrated but so lightweight! Wow. The texture here is crazy. This has endless and uncommon depth. Unreal length. This is super super elite wine. Wow, I am speechless. This is one of the best St. Jo’s I’ve ever had. Remarkable in every way. Big tannins that are so sweet and so ripe. This wine has big time dark energy but man is it good. Lurid. Nose starts to develop black and green olive after some air. Wow the granitic freshness that develops after air is something else. Crazy tiny berry fruit intensity. Just explosive. A wine of contemplation and also way too young. This could be as high as 9.9 with age. I’ll be back as it develops.

After many hours this just gets better and better. The nose smells like a JM stephan Cote rotie. Citrus rind, tree bark, spices, violets. Florals. Just an amazing wine. Complex granite and forest floor. Concentrated and so elegant, with great power and structure. Gets to every nook and cranny. Vivid olives on the mid and backend. Abundant yet ripe tannins. A magical bottle of wine.

9.7 to 9.8 overnight. Just transcendent.
— 23 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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@Matthew Cohen this is magic

Domaine Gilles Barge

La Ribaudy Saint-Joseph Marsanne 2017

Nose is gorgeous. Like a mountain air flowing over a field of tropical flowers. Beautiful. A hint of opulence but perfectly integrated and so elegant. Wow.

Palate is mineral. Light integrated fruit. Delicious. Lacks the density to be better than this but good I love this. Blind might have guessed savoie but doesn’t have that pine thing. But it’s that elegant. So clean and perfect. Seamless.

Long finish. Like drinking fresh cold creek water after a long hot hike.

This is insane for 30 minutes and then just very good afterwards. Not a wine to sit with methinks.

Bought from fass selections.
— 24 days ago

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