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Weiss & Grau Burgunder Weißburgunder Grauburgunder 2019

It gives me the distinct impression that E&M capture something like an essence that others cannot in the wine making process. Orange blossoms, creamsicle, muscat grapes aroma, clean a bit thin mid palate but long taste aided by slight tannin. — 14 days ago

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Jae Cho

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@Dawn E. It’s a good one. Purchased with Fass selections. Thanks @Lyle Fass
Matt Perlman

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Yes. So good

Enderle & Moll

Villages Baden Pinot Noir 2009

Gotta try more German Pinots — 13 days ago

Camille Puglia
with Camille
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Enderle & Moll

Pur Müller Thurgau 2019

Casey Curbow

Grapefruit pith, ginger, honeysuckle, golden apple, honeydew, fresh fall herb. Tannins of course. — 2 months ago

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Enderle & Moll

Baden Pinot Noir 2018

you should contact delectable. it auto-signed me in to your profile — a day ago

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Müller Thurgau 2019

Skin contact Müller Thurgau aka orange wine. Fantastic bottle. More acidic than in the past which helps to lift this wine to new hights. More serious than in the past and a contender for the best white at this price-point. Very clear unlike previous iterations. Wild apple, gooseberry, 🍋. Tried again white Guava while sitting under an Argon blanket. — 17 days ago

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Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Mine just landed. Looking forward to giving it a try soon, along with the Rosé.
Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

It won’t last long - this wine is so easy to drink. I put the Rosé and Mueller on tap and drink it every day for lunch and dinner.

Enderle & Moll

Grauburgunder 2019

Apricot nose, dry and fruity, tannic with orange and grapefruit notes — a month ago

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Enderle & Moll

Spätburgunder Rosé 2019

Quite dark. Came Thursday. Forest strawberries, limes, crushed stones. Fantastic Rosé tastes almost like a red. My favorite Rosé by far. Unlike the 2017 which was complex and needed 4 years. This is a drink now summer wine. I doubt this will last until the summer! It’s just too good. Salmon would be an awesome match. Looks like E&M did it again. I expect great things from the 2019 Reds based on this first peek. — 17 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Excited, mine are enroute to the east coast now!

Enderle & Moll

Liaison Pinot Noir 2017

So controversial.
#The 2017 as turned!!!! to a real beauty - finally after 4 years!!!
So there was no need to bully/discredit/return this wine after all.
It is probably the most elegant Liaison they made to date.
I Coravin’ed the bottle drank half and popped it 6 months
later. Resiny, classic E & M Black Forest herbs, crushed marble,
Cigar box, orange zest. One of the few wines I will cellar for 10 years.
This will probably evolve like a Riesling and could last decades.
(I really had trouble with this wine at first - boy was I wrong).
— 19 days ago

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Enderle & Moll

Auxerrois 2018

Tons of texture! Solid aeration will drastically change how this wine unfolds. Saline, citrus, pear, and clay. — 2 months ago

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