Domaine Morel

Jean-Jacques Morel

Puligny-Montrachet Chardonnay 2016

Hazy medium gold color, white flowers, lemon, stone fruit, iodine, med body and med + acid, better with air and as it warms ⚡️ — 2 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Oh man, that is the bomb wine, glad you have a good connection, only one superb man brings it over. That bottle was one of only 3 we carried back from our Burgundy trip last year. JJM is a vibrant soul!
Brendan Baker

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@Severn Goodwin my first bottle from JJM but looking forward to more - cheers!

Jean-Jacques Morel

La Chatenière Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Chardonnay 2015

Wow. Totally 2015. Thank god for vintages. Nose is so rich. Caramel a bit. Palate is so dense. Rich. So dense. Almost chewy. Still nice acidic balance. Mineral.

Bought from fass selections
— 2 months ago

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Hinterland Brewery

Lunatic Imperial Stout

Char-brown with uneven horizon, stacked cappuccino bouffant, that drops slowly to reveal spooky Spanish moss lacing. Smells like werewolf pee on dead wood. To be more friendly: mint mocha and pine sap on shiitakes. A coffee element shines sporadically. Additional mushrooms converge: morel and Reishi. Expansive, if just medium-heavy mouthfeel with coffee syrup, unsweetened bakers chocolate, Reishi coffee, beef Bourgogne scrapings in a grappa reduction. Nutmeg essence. — a month ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Lovely note 😜

Pierre-Henri Morel

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhône Blend 2016

The spicy Grenache shines. Wild strawberry, raspberry, black pepper, hints of red currant. Very well balanced with a big mouthfeel, but stays hurt lithe enough not to get heavy. The acid and alcohol creates great structure for the fruit and terroir. Great find. — 13 days ago

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Orkney Brewery

Skull Splitter Scotch Ale

Acts like soda, with agitated foam, but lingers as residual, and, quiet as a mouse. Lacing laced with sediment and has a super galaxy look. Rye toast aromas, with fried egg white and brown herb butter. Also has mocha coffee and pepper, plus oregano dill and bay. Soy sauce soaked tofu entry on a medium bodied palate. Fennel and morel, coffee rye, cumin, and finally the dark caramel and malt emerge in a sarsaparilla and bitter chocolate finish that smacks of Scottish sensibilities, with its earthy complexities and herbaceous mathematics. Will render your skull into a fraction of its whole!#theorkneybrewery #orkneybrewery #orkneyale #beer #bier #birra #quoyloo #orcadianale #skullsplitter #ThorfinnHauskaluif #ukbeer #vikingbeer
— a month ago

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Jean-Jacques Morel

Les Genouvrées Bourgogne 2014

On open ...Nose has some smoke. Palate is citrus rind. Very mineral.

-as it opens very clean mineral opulence if that makes sense Nose is improving as well. Smoke disappears and it’s very mineral.

Just a very different wine. Such a unique style.

Bought from fass selections.
— 3 months ago

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Domaine Morel

Valentin Morel Les Pieds Sur Terre Les Trouillots Poulsard 2016

Strawberries all the way down. A (very) little sous bois to finish. Medium high acidity. Comes off like a Fleurie more than a Jura Poulsard. — 3 months ago

Xavier Vins

X Cuvée Anonyme Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2015

Uninterrupted rim saturation. Dark plum with rich pressed blackberry aromas; Applewood charcoal smoke, suede, and charred bacon. Violets and safe vie for recognition through a textbook panoply. Black and red plum bounce in the thick blackberry, with thyme and rosemary now, black pepper dusted grilled meat, dried lavender and sapling oak, blue spruce nettle, morel, pencil shavings, cottonseed, cassis, and black currant. There is an iron feel sifting through fine earth dust that seems to re-emerge on the finish. This is a real beauty with a stunning combo of finess and sinewy, farm strength. Sun-bronzed and Hands-on, she is a perfect assimilation of her environment. Great look!
#châteauneuf #chateauneufdepape #XavierAnonyme #XavierVignon #XavierCDP #cuvéeAnonyme #CDP #2016CDP #RhoneReds #frenchredwine #Rhone
— 4 hours ago

Jean-Jacques Morel

La Traversaine Saint-Aubin Chardonnay 2016

Lyle Fass

Just brilliant. There is a zen harmony to these whites that is utterly magical. Nose of mineral, applesauce, apple spices, pear, sprigs of fresh grass just unreal and super unique. Not your typical white burg. Palate is just delightful. Saline and super mineral with green apple and unreal balance and purity. My god this is so ultra pure. Clean as a whistle with terrific, length, minerality and balance. Unreal long finish that is just perfect. What a great wine. — 2 months ago

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Pär Sjölinder

Pär Sjölinder

Shame hes not continuing in Burgundy. A star.
Lyle Fass

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@Pär Sjölinder yes it is but he can’t deal with Burgundian bureaucracy so I understand. And he’s still got the Aussie wine.

Jean-Jacques Morel

Le Ban Saint-Aubin Pinot Noir 2013

Lyle Fass

Love Morel’s reds. Brambly, bright, red-fruited nose. Lovely spice. Very pungent. Palate is bright and juicy with wonderful acidity and freshness. Dazzlingly pure and fresh with huge red fruits and a wonderful hint of rusticity. Lovely earth and spice perfume develops after a while. Wow. Still has many years ahead of it. — 3 months ago

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