Connecticut, Usa

Abomination Brewing Company

Tropical Fog

Ron R

Very cloudy, which acted as a proxy for the exotic flavors. $24 for a 4 pack means it’s not cheap, but worth the spend. — a month ago

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Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Looks like grape juice
Ron R

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That’s why it’s good for you, Hugh 🤥

Huss Brewing Company

CenPho Local Citrus IPA

Orange with a hint of brown, slightly hazy, medium head on pour. Good orange and grapefruit flavor that drifts off into piney hop IPA land, with a citrus zest finish with moderate hop bitterness. Given the tradition of citrus growing in the (central) Phoenix (or CenPho) area, the brewers do capture something authentic, “zesty, fruity, local pride” as it states on the bottom border of the can. It even looks like they forage their citrus from the backyards of locals. Tasty stuff, admirably imagined and crafted. Not a classic IPA style but who cares? 🌵🍋🍊🍺🌅 Gonna be another scorcher, drink up — 3 days ago

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Refreshing! Cheers!🍻

Arrington Vineyards

Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Say hello to my first Tennessee wine!

This Cabernet Sauvignon is drinking very nicely now. Showing black fruits with oak, vanilla milk chocolate coffee, tobacco spices peppercorn.

Full bodied and bold with medium acidity and long legs.

Short finish with soft tannins and tangy raspberries.

Good right out of the bottle and better with some air time.

Easy drinking with a nice mouthfeel.

Good by itself as a sipping wine by the porch.

I paired it with cheeses and crackers.
— 9 days ago

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Daniel Bloom

Daniel Bloom

“ain’t no place I’d rather be”

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Ha 😃

Ridge Vineyards

Monte Bello California Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 1977

This looks immaculate and has a really high fill. On the front there’s loads of iron, a salinity, a liverish quality, a pure dark plum and black cherry. This is very lovely still and quite primary. Delicious. — 3 days ago

Bex GreenDavid Schachter
with Bex and David
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Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Celebration wine! Looking back at this past year so many things to be grateful for given the atmosphere of...well let's say a lot!
I chose this wine because both of my kids are musical! Son...viola; daughter chorus (soprano one). Love classical music.

Celebrating my daughter's marriage, reduced as it was..Pandemic woes. Two days later we moved my son to start a 6 month. Contract position in the Biomedical field which landed him a permanent position that he loves!
I retired! No regrets.
Celebrating my daughter in her 3rd yr..Master's program at Iowa for Audiology ( AuD). Getting ready to start her 4rth entire yr. Externship at Yale New Haven Connecticut Hospital. Grateful that her husband is able to take his job with him!
So proud of them!

This wine despite the musical notations for its selection is absolutely amazing! is gorgeous and is drinking really well now! Huge smile stuck on my face! 😁😁
Peeps 🐣 to date! For my exposure to wine! This IS the best that I have had!
— 24 days ago

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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Bob McDonald I am extremely blessed!


Sharon B

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Wow so much to be thankful for! Congratulations!!

Charles Smith

Royal City Washington Syrah 2013

Shay A

I’m between a 94 and 95 here. I think this is slightly better than the 2010 I opened two years ago in that this showed more classical funk and savory notes.

I gave this an hour of slow ox and then decanted another 2+hrs. At pop and pour, not very expressive. Even after the hour of being open in the bottle it made such a difference and then absolutely exploded in the decanter. Floral, violets, potpourri, herbal spice, stemmy underripe black fruits all on the nose. Gained a touch of Syrah funk the longer it was open but stayed more between the fruit and stem inclusion side instead of going full on iron/smoked meat. So much up front fruit on the palate before a wall of mineral hits and takes everything down the mid palate on a wild ride. Peppercorn crusted black cherries, dark red and black berries, underripe red plum and really nice acidity to give it a nervy type profile. Alongside the 2014 Horsepower Tribe Syrah, this was more a caged animal yet still retained a wild factor. Then again, most wines are tame compared to Horsepower (just give them time...I’ve experienced how incredible they can be with age)!
— 10 days ago

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Jan A

Jan A

Had the 2008 last year, kept evolving and needed several hours. My last glass was the best
Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A : nice notes Shay. How much life do you feel this wine has?
Shay A

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@Jason and Jennie : Would love to go there!

@Jan A : Haven’t had the 2008, but both the 2010 and 2013 certainly benefitted from extended decants, even though their profiles are a bit different.

@Bryan Kesting : Plenty! I’d say it’s likely hanging in this drinking window another 5+ years before the fruit starts fading more to the background and the required decant time drops closer to pop and pour.

Caymus Vineyards

1858 California Red Blend

Seemed a little sweet at first but then opened up with nice tannins. Blackberry and plum on the palate. A very nice wine that paired really good with my steak. — 3 days ago

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You have excellent taste in wine. Cheers!🍷
Sharon B

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@Trixie thanks! I love to try new wines all the time!


Fingers Crossed White Rhone Blend 2017

Shay A

Curiousity finally got the best of me. A measley 25 cases of this inaugural wine was made. The blend is 73% roussanne and 27% Viognier. Opened alongside a 2014 SQN Lightmotif. Now known as Fingers Crossed, this is a must for those who enjoy the SQN style.

The fact that this is over a quarter Viognier is shocking. Seems like hardly any! This wine is amazingly bright and fresh while sporting plenty of richness and depth. The SQN Lightmotif had so much savory character to it like salted popcorn kernel, so the differences were very fun to diagnose (yet the style between the two has many similarities). Oily and honeyed mango, dragonfruit, and some caramel-lemon cream. There is a kiss of sweetness in the mid palate which is really unique. I’m hard pressed to see this being a wine that gets better...likely just somewhat different. Great first vintage!
— a day ago

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Mike R

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@Shay A i know I purchased the set which I assume this is in it - is this one that you think drink now or see if ages - thank you sir
Shay A

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@Mike R : Their inaugural release set didn’t have the white included, only the reds, as production was so small. It (and the rosé) were sold first come first serve. Last year’s release set included the white, so I assume moving forward it will always be included. I do think this will hang around for a while, but the freshness will fade, and I think that is its best quality.
Mike R

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Thanks Shay

Sine Qua Non

Poker Face Syrah 2004

2004 Vintage. 15.5% Alcohol. Magnum shared with Stanley, Elena, and Chris at Top Winery in Paso Robles. Amazingly fresh, love mags. At peak now and just mind blowing. Loved the Top and Hood wines as well. Our thanks to Elena and Stanley for sharing a Crossed Fingers to compare and contrast. I didn’t get my request in before that sold out. Finished the mag with a great Mediterranean takeout dinner from Oasis in our room at the Seacrest hotel in Pismo Beach. — 8 days ago

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David L

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One of my all-time favorites. In a magnum with great people like that👏
Joseph Barsky

Joseph Barsky

@David L Boomers got the vax celebrating. Finally!

Foyt Family Wines

No. 93 The Final Lap California Red Blend

This is a great sweet wine from California. Very tasty and elegant with lots of black fruits and nice acidity.

Showing blackberries, stewed figs, chocolates, cherry pie, raisins, spices, oak, peppercorn, vanilla extract, Indian spices, coffee, tobacco, licorice and honey.

Sweet on the palate with enough acidity to balance the sugars.

Still young and it would be nice to revisit it in 3 years.

Delicious by itself as a dessert.

18.5% alcohol by volume.

92 points.

$45 (375ml)
— 11 days ago

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18.5?!?! Wowza

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@ESF this is port style. Fortified