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Martha Stoumen

Mendo Benchlands Zinfandel-Nero d'Avola Blend 2019

Best Martha to date. Her wines get interesting at this level, beyond Post Flirtation. Here she channels Sicily and projects Cali through two grapes she adores - Nero D’Avola and Zin.Dark brew of juicy fruits and toasted spice. Plums, Driscoll’s blackberries, ripe raspberries. Cinnamon and cardamom. — 8 days ago

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Ely Cohn

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@Josh Morgenthau I’d say comparative. Blackberries - sour and juicy the way they are in the grocery store vs wild caught which I think can be more concentrated flavor and sweeter
Josh M

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Makes sense! Have yet to try her wines. Would you seek this out or another cuvee for a first timer?
Ely Cohn

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@Josh Morgenthau she makes wonderful wines. I would skip over her post flirtation line of wines and focus on the others. Her wines are maybe slightly more expensive than they should be but they are very good nevertheless.

Standing Stone Vineyards

Finger Lakes Saperavi 2017

Finger. Lakes. Saperavi.

If this ain’t American winemaking in the 21st century we don’t know what is! 🇺🇸🍷🇬🇪🍇

At least, that’s what we were thinking before reading up on Standing Stone and founders Marti & Tom Macinski. They actually first planted this fascinating Georgian grape here in ***1994*** (just 3 years after Georgia left the USSR, for those keeping score at home) intended for blending.

Increasingly impressed by the quality of the grapes, they offered their first varietal Saperavi in 2010 - as “The Dark Red”, since the grape name was as yet unrecognized by the federal government. Once it was, they became the first American winery to release a wine labeled Saperavi.

Fine tuned to the cold, high mountains of Kakheti in eastern Georgia, it makes sense why it would thrive in the Finger Lakes! The name Saperavi literally means “ink”, a sensible name for a grape with pitch-dark skin AND flesh! 🖤

Marti and Tom sold the winery and retired in 2017. But their enduring legacy may just be budding. We’ve heard of Saperavi planting projects underway in New York, Virginia, and Oregon.

Saperavi’s runaway affinity for the Finger Lakes may have been a bit of a happy accident, but the Macinskis deserve every bit of credit for thinking outside the box, putting it in motion, and bringing it to fruition! 🙌🙌🙌
— a year ago

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Contra Costa County Red Table Wine 2017

Splash decanted. If I had to use one word to describe this wine it would be "fresh". Everything about it projects freshness. As I poured this into the decanter, I was immediately struck by how energetic and alive this wine looked. Very expressive on the nose with a fantastic combination of red and blue fruits and the smell of spring air. On the palate: red and blue fruits and a sort of chalky, mineral-like thing that was almost electric. I thought the tannins were relatively low and the acid relatively high but nothing at all overbearing. This would be sublime with a wide range of foods and even worked tonight with our salmon risotto. The 2017 Red Table Wine is exactly as advertised. It was freaking delicious from the first glass to the last. More wines should be made like this. No fuss. Honest. Fresh. Quaff-able. Drink now with a splash decant and over the next 5-7 years. — 2 years ago

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Walser Wine Projects

Blankbottle Raw Nebbiolo 2018

Medium bodied, light tannins. A more translucent color. Cranberry and sandlewood. Dried roses. Good acidity. Would really like to try this in 15yr. — a month ago

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Maxem Wines

UV Vineyard Pinot Noir 2018

Purchased based on Sam’s involvement with other projects that I have enjoyed, this is not my go-to style for a Pinot. It is more ripe and alcoholic (14.8%!) than I would usually purchase. I was told that this is characteristic of the UV vineyard. That being said, this was very enjoyable. It is a cab-lover’s Pinot as it is plush and broad on the palate. While it won’t be my daily go-to Pinot, I will definitely keep some on hand to fit the right mood and/or company. — 4 months ago

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Abremundos Wines

Octava Superior Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2014

Ming L

A beautiful blend of Cab Franc and Malbec with dash of Syrah. On the nose it was a interplay between red and black fruits, violet, and hint of barnyard. Entry was smooth, fresh, and elegant, building up an intense mid palate with spice, pepper, chocolate and a long meaty finish. I really like what Marcelo Pelleriti, of 100-point Chateau La Violette and 99-point Chateau Le Guy fame, is doing with all these projects with various artist in Argentina. — a year ago

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Camargue cepage Manobi Sake 2017

French Manobi rice, grown in Carmague, brewed in Japan - part of the Kuheiji's projects in France (the other being a winery in Morey-Saint-Denis). Weighty, but mind-blowingly elegant. Floral, herbaceous, with an exotic fruit profile, and a mineral finish. So good, impossible not to empty.

NB: Taking this notes straight from my IG. After the Aramasa Cosmos, I would have never thought I'd drink another saké that could trump it within the span of a week. To be frank, I've got mixed feelings about Kuheiji - sometimes their saké's are too rich for me, but at times they are truly out of this world, like the one right here. Ranks among the best saké's I've tasted. Thanks to JS for bringing this rare bird back from Japan.
— a year ago

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@Aaron Tan Cheers 🍷

Récoltant Wines

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Winery $60.00, but most retailers had it for $30.00🤷🏼‍♂️ fruit forward but not as bad as caymus or Austin hope
Notes from retail,,

Recoltant is the younger brother to Le Pich and Purlieu, and the wine is produced by Julien Fayard, who is absolutely at the top of his game.

Recoltant is a collaboration of declassified barrels of premium Cabernet that didn’t quite fit into Le Pich or Purlieu. The final blend was stitched together from several celebrated regions throughout Napa Valley, and Julian made the wine with the same standards of excellence that he practices in all of his projects.
— 4 months ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

They skipped the 19, so I only have the 18, 20,21
Severn Goodwin

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The 21? Awesome, would you mind telling me just one week of the right lotto score?


Sounds like pretty good QPR?

Hiyu Wine Farm


Hiyu is one of the most interesting wine projects on the planet. Nate Reddy is conducting experiments with his 30 acres in Oregon that blur boundaries (like wine and cider) and genres and make you expand your concept for what is possible. The complexity of Tzum Feis is otherworldly and maybe the best winemaking I’ve seen stateside. A field blend, it has the minerality and greenness of excellent Loire Cab Franc and the graphite, cedar, and structure of Bordeaux. The aromas have candied orange peel, green bell pepper, cedar, and pencil shavings. Deep concentration and chewy well integrated tannin. Bravo. — 7 months ago

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Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Enjoyed this at the winery last summer and have a bottle pending delivery soon, along with some others. Nate and China are doing some great things at Hiyu!
Kiley Baker

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I just ordered some of this.

Château L'Evangile

Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 2015

This is going to be fantastic in 10 years. Pitch black and complex, it projects as a high 90’s wine. — 2 years ago

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