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Blanc Paso Robles White Blend 2017

Mike R

This is tasty and paired well with the strawberry arugula salads with grilled salmon - this 100% chard with vanilla honey melon and spices - strange thing is this a Paso Robles chard but has hints of being a sauv blanc - update - the 19 is a chard but the 17 is a white Rhône blend but a mystery blend — 6 days ago

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Sharon B

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Sharon B

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@Mike R I see I’m not the only one getting spam account posts
Mike R

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Yep that is definitely spam @Sharon B and Bob please go away @delectable please deal with this

Casata Monfort

Blanc de Sers White Blend

Vintage 2018 | Disgorged 2020 | Historic grapes from Trentino | Vibrant Spumante bubble with impressions of pear, minerals and marsipan. Citrus in taste with good acidity, this is a Brut Nature. A very fine way to start Sunday diner. — 5 days ago

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Cantina Margo

Margò Fiero Bianco Umbria White Blend 2018

Super interesting wine that clearly sees some skin contact. Nice mouthfeel with some slight tannins on the finish. Good acid and length. Nice. — 6 days ago

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Grüner Veltliner 2019

As effervescent and twee as the label.

It’s got a bit of zing and a bit of fizz, a lot of old world flavor, and a ton of easy drinker. It goes from zesty on day one to old world rustic French Chardonnay on day two. Would drink again, especially on a hot day on some cool waters.
— 10 days ago

Società Agricola Gradizzolo

Buriana Vino Bianco

Blend of Pignoletto, Trebbiano, SB, and Verdicchio from Monteveglio near Bologna. A dry but fruity orange wine that’s quite delicate and 11% abv. Very old vines, (69-90 yrs) grown wild. Buriana is derived from “Burian”, a Siberian stormy, cold wind. Azienda Gradizzolo is a very small family-run winery known for bringing together regional wines and food - can’t wait to visit ! — 11 days ago

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Dry Stack Vineyard White Wine 2017

To me, New world sauv blanc is fine, nice on a hot day, but generally unremarkable. Aesthete is the exception to the rule. Excellent grass, melon, pineapple, citrus balance. — a day ago

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Ron R

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@Aaron Rankin, I can reel of a bunch of great new SB’s. I’ll send you a link or two. Give em a whirl. Cheers!

Gerhard Pittnauer

Perfect Day White Blend

Lime zest, juniper, white peach, grass, grapefruit, white flowers. Awesome. Tart. Refreshing. — 4 days ago

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Nicole et Romain Chanrion

Perle de Gamay White Blend 2018

Unique. Direct press Gamay from Romain Chanrion (son of Nicole) rendering a white Gamay wine. The nose leads you to believe this will be crisp & mineral, but there is a delightful richness on the palate. Plenty of bright citrus & acidity for days, but also a fruity pear note which adds some complexity. A great wine to stick in either a Chablis or Chenin Blanc blond tasting as a ringer. Very nice — 10 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Wow, quite unique.
Tegan Marriott

Tegan Marriott

Interesting find


Ditto on Severn’s comment!

Raventos i Blanc

Textures de Pedra Blanc de Negres 2015

Josh M

Shy nose. Rocks and minerals, but not much fruit. A little peach. Some (pleasant) bitterness and saltiness. Very good, though for this price I’m not convinced to stray from grower champagne next time — a day ago

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Rhonely Boy

Rhonely Boy

I love vintage Cava and Grower Champagne, both for their own unique qualities. Sadly, I dont drink either often enough.

Caduceus Cellars

The Diddler Merkin Vineyards White Blend 2017

70/30 blend of Malavasia Bianca and Albariño from my home state of Arizona. Grapes from Willcox, vinted in Jerome, bottled in Camp Verde. That’s a lot of trucking, folks. Yellow-green, excellent clarity, clean nose. Floral, honeycomb and citrus flavor, almost tart, almost dry, apricot-citrus finish with some skin astringency. 13.2% alc/vol suggests early harvesting. Exceeded my expectations. Present from my brother who had similar feelings about the wine, saying “You’ve got to try this”. Not great, but much better than you’d think — 16 days ago

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