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Patz & Hall

Alder Springs Vineyard Chardonnay 2018

Rich with toasted hazelnut, ginger, and pear aromas. Would like to have another. — 12 days ago

Nicole et Romain Chanrion

Perle de Gamay White Blend 2018

Unique. Direct press Gamay from Romain Chanrion (son of Nicole) rendering a white Gamay wine. The nose leads you to believe this will be crisp & mineral, but there is a delightful richness on the palate. Plenty of bright citrus & acidity for days, but also a fruity pear note which adds some complexity. A great wine to stick in either a Chablis or Chenin Blanc blond tasting as a ringer. Very nice — 2 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Wow, quite unique.
Tegan Marriott

Tegan Marriott

Interesting find
ES Faiello

ES Faiello

Ditto on Severn’s comment!

La Sorga

Sorga Blanc White Blend 2018

A million micro-organisms socializing in your glass. Life thrives in the absence of S02. You feel the chatter - naval orange, clementine, white flowers, dill, basil.Like Mandarin Orange Arizona Green Tea - with Ginseng and Jasmine - and a soul. — 10 days ago

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Carla Hine

Carla Hine

Love Antony’s wines!

Patz & Hall

Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

This wine is very buttery, which I typically do not enjoy, but this wine is an exception. — 16 days ago

Vern B
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Vern B

Vern B

Agreed it was buttery but a nice change.

Patz & Hall

Kent Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay 2018

Nice green apple and floral aromas and a green apple and ginger palate. Vibrant acidity and a nice ginger nuance to the palate. — a month ago

Weingut Wieninger

Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC White Blend 2018

Delicious white blend from Vienna. Paired nicely with beer cheese soup, brats, sauerkraut and spätzle. Zesty on the palate with medium acidity. First time drinking this and will definitely buy it again — 5 days ago

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L'Esprit D'Edouard

Brought this back from Paris 12 years ago after being told it was the best at the absinthe store. Intense anise and spring meadow nose that fills the room when poured. High proof and hot, with a burnt herbal quality and a very bitter finish, even with a healthy dose of sugar and ice water. Very pure stuff, pretty sure it would run a car. Hard work though! Dated 2007. — 15 days ago

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Società Agricola Gradizzolo

Buriana Vino Bianco

Blend of Pignoletto, Trebbiano, SB, and Verdicchio from Monteveglio near Bologna. A dry but fruity orange wine that’s quite delicate and 11% abv. Very old vines, (69-90 yrs) grown wild. Buriana is derived from “Burian”, a Siberian stormy, cold wind. Azienda Gradizzolo is a very small family-run winery known for bringing together regional wines and food - can’t wait to visit ! — 3 days ago

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Caduceus Cellars

The Diddler Merkin Vineyards White Blend 2017

70/30 blend of Malavasia Bianca and Albariño from my home state of Arizona. Grapes from Willcox, vinted in Jerome, bottled in Camp Verde. That’s a lot of trucking, folks. Yellow-green, excellent clarity, clean nose. Floral, honeycomb and citrus flavor, almost tart, almost dry, apricot-citrus finish with some skin astringency. 13.2% alc/vol suggests early harvesting. Exceeded my expectations. Present from my brother who had similar feelings about the wine, saying “You’ve got to try this”. Not great, but much better than you’d think — 8 days ago

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Combate Albillo Real 2015


Waxy candied citrus. Wet gravel. Had a ‘14 several years ago but don’t remember it much. Fun to see your wine spidey senses evolve, or at least I like to think so. Found out today that the winemakers who crafted this wine have since ceased making wine. That is a bummer. — 9 days ago

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