Horsepower Vineyards

Sur Echalas Vineyard Syrah 2013

Popped yesterday, notes from 24 hrs open. I used to buy and drink Cayuse wines. but I've soured on these wines in the last 4 years or so...last time I popped a horsepower wine with friends, the joke by the end of the night was: friends don't let friends drink Horsepower. Tasting this alone, I can see what I liked, but a lot of what I didn't like also. Aromatically compelling: strawberry compote, loads of olive brine, pickled cabbage, medicinal.herbs, charcoal, and a fair amount of bretty funk. On the palate: just kind of flat. Ok acidity (better than I remember), some bitter burnt notes, but just missing something; seems a touch thin and weedy and attenuated tannin on the thin finish. Love the fact this is 13.0% ABV, but there is a very long list of Syrahs I would drink over this one...esp given the pricetag.

P.S. I've had all the debates about ageability of these wines, granted the lack of acidity, and vintage variation. These wines are novelty wines, yielding a rather esoteric interpretation of the varietal character of syrah. They were fun for a while, but I don't want novelty anymore: I want depth of character.
— 2 days ago

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Domaine Odyssée

Chimichurri Côtes Catalanes Syrah 2019

Beautiful garnet color with deep. The nose is bright on red/black and spicy fruits. Bloody mouth, and depth. Lacks a little acidity to conduct the tasting with vivacity to me. The finish is persistent, and fleshy. 2019 still needs 2 years to round off.

Belle robe grenat avec profonde. Le nez est vif sur les fruits rouges/noirs et épicés. Bouche sanguine, et profonde. Manque un peu d’acidité pour conduire la dégustation avec vivacité. La finale est persistante, et charnue. 2019 a encore besoin de 2 ans pour s’arrondir.
— 4 days ago

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Domaine des Pierres Sèches Sylvain Gauthier

St. Joseph Syrah 2019

Lyle Fass

Floral and full of olives. Utterly classic and super pure. Loads of granite and huge dark berry fruit. Aromatic and sensual. Lovely herbals as well. Almost smells like high end indica. Wow this is terrific! Huge power, depth and concentration and big, but ripe and substantial tannins. But of all the normal st. Jo’s I sell this one benefits the most from age. 3-4 years this is what one wants to be drinking. Perfect balance and outrageous freshness. Really long and showing wonderful complexity. After air this gets super duper floral and shows such startlingly pure fruit. Really young with such fine tannins. So well knit and integrated as it airs. The first sip is a bruiser then it gets all elegant and fine. Tangy as well on the finish. A great wine. — 10 days ago

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Domaine des Pierres Seches

Sylvain Gauthier Cuvée Aubert St. Joseph Syrah 2018

Lyle Fass

Stunning nose, blackberries and florals, hint of honey and loads of granite. Black and green olive. Almost a tapenade. Super floral. Just a stunning stunning nose. Truly wow. Big wine and very juicy and very grippy. Huge structure, depth and tannins and just unreal granitic freshness. Wow. So so deep. Massive tannins but they are ripe and has that 2018 “this will age for fucking ever” vibe to it. That nose is easily a 9.7 but the palate needs to come together a bit more which it will. So rich, so decadent yet so fresh with absurd levels of concentration and richness. Bury this deep in the back of the cellar. Terrific long finish with just amazing persistence. — 12 hours ago

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Domaine des Pierres Seches

Gauthier Revirand Saint-Joseph Syrah 2019

Lyle Fass

Sick nose. Incense, spices, lavender, so floral and pretty. Orange rind and orange zest. Flower shop. Granite. So so pretty. Cote Rotie like nose.

Palate is so refined and juicy. Wow. What an intense wine. So gamey and meaty. Gravy almost. Blackberry and black fruits. Huge acids. So juicy and terrific fruit and purity. Velvety and sweet tannins and a level of class and refinement not even seen in the Aubert. Lovely and fresh. Really well balanced. Saturates the palate with a terrific fruit soak. Excellent wine. Needs maybe 5 years!
— 12 hours ago

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Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen

Wait what? What is it ?
Lyle Fass

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@Matthew Cohen new cuvee. No idea what it is because sylvain never answers emails.

Proper Wines

Syrah 2016

Sad this was my last bottle. Savory Syrah with a great QPR. Also, I had read about pairing Syrah with Indian food and wanted to give it a try last night. The pairing actually worked. I think that some of the notable factors to keep in mind when pairing red wine with Indian include: no grippy tannins, no fruit forward styles, and lack of oak. — 18 hours ago

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Delas Frères

Les Bessards Hermitage Syrah 2006

Nez de mures, prunes, poivre. Une bouche de belle texture et belle densité, c'est fin, frais, des tannins assez assouplis, soyeux, très long, pur délice. 93+

Nose of dark currant, pepper, plum. The palate is of such a great density and texture as well s being fresh with silky tannins, very long finish, gorgeous.
— 5 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Great wine, last I had was a '99 a few years back. Miss it.

Cayuse Vineyards

Armada Vineyard Syrah 2007

Shay A

Color me impressed at how youthful this was drinking. Normally one of the “bigger”/more intense syrahs from Christophe, this is certainly flexing its high usage of whole cluster/stems as well as classical Cayuse funk. I had a small glass at pop, and then enjoyed from the bottle over the next 2+hrs. Smoked cherry jerky, black peppercorn crusted raspberries, and plenty of stemmy green notes jump from the glass. Acidity is still really quite vibrant here, keeping the wine nervy and wild. Fleshy black cherries, truffle/savory herbs de Provence, and iron minerality to the core here. Towards the end, the floral notes really started to pop. Aging at a glacial pace. — a day ago

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Norman Gennaro

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Just had one. Whole cluster and funk was also in serious play
Shay A

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@Norman Gennaro : As always, love it or hate it style…I’m in the “love” camp.

Vinding Montecarrubo

Il Piccolo Terre Siciliane Syrah 2018

Wow. Just wow. Silly good. Mineral and floral blast from the get go. Black currant, olive, smoke, tea, woodsy red and black fruit profile. Violets and lilacs and Mediterranean herbs unfurl in the glass over hours, along with complex fruit and spices. So crystalline, elegant, seductive. Light, but minerals are through the roof. And the clarity! This producer works magic with French varieties in Sicily and this feels unexpectedly about terroir.

Tasted alongside a great bottle of Foillard Morgon, which this demolished. Amazing find from
@Lyle Fass
— 7 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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Thanks. I had so many naysayers when I introduced this estate as they all wanted me to sell Sicilian grapes. But Peter knows what he is doing and if you zoom out you see Sicily has the best terroir for Syrah outside the Northern Rhone. Glad you enjoyed.

Domaine des Pierres Sèches Sylvain Gauthier

Syrah 2019

Lyle Fass

Nose is a bit reduced and sulfury but that will blow off. Some nice berry Syrah fruit and hints of granite. Lovely black and green olive. Spice and smoke as well. For such an inexpensive wine this is showing terrific aromatic complexity. Wow, that’s what I’m talking about! Juicy and so pure. Refined and rustic at the same time with just killer Syrah fruit that is bouncy and juicy. Lots of red berries intermingled with some dark berries as well. As it airs it gets more refined. There is a lot to like here and this represents very very good value. Really longer than it should be as well. As this airs it gets so much lighter and finesse driven. Superb wine! — 10 days ago

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