Azienda Agricola Stanislao Radikon

Riserva Ivana Collio Ribolla Gialla 2013

Like a crash course on what a natural wine should be...beautiful deep orange color, funky, earthy nose with an orange blossom surprise. Then lots minerality, bits of apricot, some tartness and a sprinkle of salt to keep it interesting. — 18 days ago

Jericho Family Wines

Selected Vineyards Fumé Blanc 2018

The addition of ripeness and oak to these grapes really does a great job of moving away from their common green origins. A delightful medley of juicy ripe stone fruit, medium body from the oak, a sprinkle of acidity and green apples, with a crisp dry finish. Really enjoyed it. — 2 months ago

Roxanne Fox Butler
with Roxanne

Juliane Eller

Juwel Weissburgunder 2017

Pre-Labor Day festivities with friends.

A solid follow up to the 2016 version, quite nice, more notes later...

24 Hour Update:
Nose has pear/apple blossom, pear flesh with a sprinkle of salt, sweet-sweet green apples, cold stainless steel and cold marble slab.
Palate has sweet pear, green apple, sharp acidity, peach skin, apricot skin with great minerailty on the medium-ling finish. Just a fantastic experience to move this wine around on your palate, fresh and delicate!
~400 bottle production on this, crazy low! Only for the true lovers of German Pinot Blanc!
— a year ago

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Lyle Fass

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Killer value and such a lean weiss

Lang & Reed

Kate Skupny Plate #6 Napa Valley Chenin Blanc 2017

Pale gold, clean, crisp and “On pin-point”. Hints of white peach and pineapple. A sprinkle of fresh oregano with a smooth mineral finish. Excellent pairing with pork Pinchos Morunos. — 23 days ago

Progetto Calcarius

Ca 40.08 Nù Litr Orange Puglia Falanghina

Lots of apricot, a whiff of orange blossom, and a sprinkle of salt. Not as much funk as many of Valentina Passalacqua's wines but depending on your taste, that can be a positive or a negative. — 4 months ago

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Limited Edition 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale

Just translucent, reddish amber with a slightly off- white top evoking puffy clouds and sticky tendril lacing of carnivorous plants eventually arabesque. Light caramel malt smells overlay the lemon and pine, thyme and clementine-grapefruit. The extra touch of sweet malt rounds the citrus on the palate, and the grain shines briefly adumbrating the pine return. Pith of lime and grapefruit with a ginger sprinkle sustain the finish for a refreshing aftertaste with a ghost of basil. .
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— 8 months ago

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Laherte Frères

Les Vignes d'Autrefois Extra Brut Champagne Pinot Meunier 2014

Amazingly fresh. Blocked ML. At a great drinking spot. Crispy, crunchy red verging on brown apple skins. Kirsch / ratafia nose, ginger and the right oxidative sprinkle. Persistent, mouthwatering and punchy finish. Candied ginger, parsnip / celery with air. — 2 months ago

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Swick Wines

Woo! Syrah Chenin Blanc

This was a fun ride. It presented a bit dank in a great natty-wine way and then started tart on the tongue followed by plum, minerality and a sprinkle of salt. Really enjoyable. — 3 months ago

Russell Vineyards

Russian River Valley Syrah 2014

Beautiful wine. Smooth as a baby’s butt. Imagine Dylan’s butt when he was around 2 months old. Slather that butt with blueberry preserves, sprinkle some black pepper on it, and bury your face in it. Really get in there. Go deep. — 7 months ago

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Haha. What day is it?
Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas

Eat my baby ass out


Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay 2015

15’ Aubert Ritchie. Best Ritchie I’ve enjoyed from Mark to date? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Medium + bodied. Beautifully balanced Chardonnay. White peach, splash of pineapple core, apricot, white toast, sprinkle in a bit of floral spices. 3 favorites from this vineyard are Château Boswell- Arista- Aubert. Cheers. -at BLT Honolulu, Hawaii — a year ago

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