Lunar Apogé

Lunar Apogé

Pays D'Oc Syrah

2018 vintage. Medium-bodied, fruitier expression of Syrah. Wild strawberry, raspberry, rose petals, black rocks. — 8 days ago

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Beer Geek Breakfast Oatmeal Stout Brewed with Coffee

Huge milk chocoalate to Cappuccino colored eruption of thickest froth dwindles, flattening to a lunar landscape. Dark chocolate and coffee elements initiate. Machinery. Roasted almond-in-shell, vanilla and hazelnut aromas. This stout will zap the tongue with malty coffee notes that feel like a 9 volt battery connection, then shimmer in bitter arabica, dried violet, valerian root, nutmeg, clove tinges of ginger. The whole almost suggests licorice, but the flavor isolates encourage soloism. Dark chocolate abates, revealing rich roasted coffee in a splendid finish. Launch into the darkest astral day with the breakfast for champion cosmonauts. — a year ago

Cave Caloz (Anne-Carole et Conrad Caloz)

La Mourziere Les Coteaux de Sierre Humagne 2015

My first Swiss wine and in love! Welcoming lunar new year. — 2 years ago

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James Gerhart

James Gerhart

The Swiss drink their own wine. Its fantastic and they don’t share it with the world. One side of the lake is Switzerland the other side is France. What’s the difference?
Amy Yan

Amy Yan

Much more interesting version of Sauvignon Blanc and less expensive version of white burgundy. Held up well with winter veggies, scallops and pig liver.

Big Basin Vineyards

Homestead Block Roussanne 2017

Nicely done. I like the Amphora texture and acidity. Queveri-ish. Good food wine. For on its own enjoyment, would love to see lightly topped with late harvest Roussanne. Lemon+Honey 🐝

I also want to bury the Amphora ceremoniously, with you (Bradley) and Randall Grahm.... on an eclipse/lunar biodynamic magical night, you already got the patio with a firepit to fulfill the bonfire... cow horns and crystals for everyone :) haha
— 4 months ago

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Fontana Candida

Frascati Lunar Mater Riserva White Blend

Vintage 2015 / made from Malvasia, Greco and Bombino. Powerfull spicyness. Nice Frascati. Paired with Surinam Plaice and afterwards Leidse kaas / cheese from Leiden, cumin and carawayseed flavoured cheese. — 2 years ago

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Ca' Bertoldi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Corvina Blend 2012


Lunar New year celebration at PA Margaret Kuo with 20 per CB tradition. Pino's 3 Amarone. Well balanced with fruits and spice and earth but I'd say need more time. — 2 years ago

Château Siran

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 2008

年初二… 開年啦!
Chinese Lunar New Year, Day 2!
— 3 years ago


Lunar Ribolla Gialla 2007

On 5-6-20 Magnum — 5 months ago

De Castelnau

Brut Blanc de Blancs Millesime Champagne Chardonnay 2002

This was a gift to us from our wedding and wow what a gift. Toasty yeast and stewed apples up front, sweeter palate with apples and a nuttiness from the yeast. Fairly short finish and smoother mousse, likely due to its age. Happy Lunar New Year! Xīn nián kuài lè! — 9 months ago

Ellen Chang-Richardson
with Ellen
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Terre di Bo

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Corvina Blend 2008


Lunar New year celebration at PA Margaret Kuo with 20 per CB tradition. Pino's 3 Amarone. Well balanced with fruits and spice and earth and am angular and lively texture vs other two. I'd say need more time. Is probably drinking the best. Also the oldest. — 2 years ago