Haut Médoc Du Haut Beyzac

Château La Tour Carnet

Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend 2003

18 years old and also 18 years young. There is a history here, with a future ahead. This wine came a long way baby! Fruit of the forest, licorice, incredibly rich and bursting with life. Voluptuous and warm, coffee, butterscotch, powdery and integrated tannin. It’s shining. Cheers Floor. Here’s to adulthood! — 7 days ago

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Château Charmail

Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend 2001

Alex Lallos

Dark color. Black currant, coffee and cassis on the nose followed by damp forest floor. This is drinking really well at age 20! Still loads of fruit. Dense and opulent with some tertiary notes beginning to take hold. I can’t believe that a comparably aged wine in say 2005 (when I got into wine) would be a 1985. This also shows how far cru bourgeois has come. I would imagine the 2010 is a stunning wine. Hard to believe this likely costed $20-$25 on release. Talk about qpr — 18 days ago

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Château Cantemerle

Les Allées de Cantemerle Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend 2013

Strong flavor and intense yet smooth and not too dry. — a day ago

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Medium bodied, noticeable tannin with plump oak taste, slight weight, might be better with decanter.

Château Belgrave

Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend 2014

Vintage 2014 | deep colour. smell with laurel, hint of chocolate, predominantly cherries. not very complex but certainly comforting. and á Point but with still some tannins. Paired with beef. — 7 days ago

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Château Sociando-Mallet

Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend 1986

Lovely older Bordeaux that is drinking beautifully tonight, still not as beautiful as my lovely bride on our 35th Anniversary!! — 11 days ago

Jim Powers
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Château de Villegeorge

Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend 2014

Very nice. Rich but balanced. Bought at Mitsukoshi for ¥5,000. — 12 days ago

Château le Meynieu

Haut-Médoc Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2006

Flinty, earthy, little spice, silky. Paired with oven fried chicken! — 8 days ago

Château Coufran

Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend 2006

This is a left bank done with over 80% of merlot and it shows. Still its a medoc wine and has all the tell tale soil notes together with some great and velvety tanins. Top stuff for the price point and they normally age really well. We liked it a great deal. — a month ago

Adriana Pagliano
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Château La Lagune

Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend 2011

2011 very generous good balance of fruit and oak — 8 hours ago

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Château La Reine Perganson

Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend

I reckon it’s about in its moment, but wouldn’t be surprised in either direction. A little hint of mystery, the nose you expect, & soft & earthy & midbright to drink. For the money I reckon it’s outstanding, & for the drinking a pleasure. — 3 days ago