Alban Vineyards

Alban Estate Vineyard Grenache 2013

Opened this 2 days ago. It was good then...but it’s SO much better now. No extraordinary measures for storage: put the cork back in and put it in the fridge. Fantastic balance, layers of flavor, and a finish that goes on forever. If you have this in your cellar, let it sit for 3-4 years. Otherwise, decant it for 6 hours and then enjoy. Awesome. — 8 days ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
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Fulldraw Vineyard

Hard Point Paso Robles Grenache 2016

Just an amazingly delicious Grenache! Full bodied and perfectly balanced. Could easily be mistaken for a SQN Grenache. Terrific job @Connor McMahon! — 15 days ago

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Dusted Valley Vintners

Columbia Valley Grenache 2007

Wow! 12 years old and still tasting fresh. Strawberry notes hide behind initial red plum and white pepper. Tannins are relatively huge; an unexpected acidic bite is intriguing and welcome (and maybe part of why it still tastes so fresh). — 6 hours ago

Alex GillespieCherish HartJen Masar
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Herman Story

On The Road Grenache 2013

Just beautiful. Amazing dark fruit, coffee, savory. Everyone raved. — a day ago

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Vin de Pays de Côtes Catalanes Grenache 2012

Earth, mushrooms, peat, tobacco on the nose. Ripe fruit, cherry, a fair amount of alcohol, boisenberry, a little but of oak. Very good. — 12 days ago

Jacques Smith
with Jacques
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Whitcraft Winery

Stolpman Vineyard Grenache 2017

So interesting! Has this strong fresh green note that plays with how floral it is, like you’re smelling all parts of a rose garden. I feel like that might be from harvesting early for Santa Barbara? Super pretty light cherry notes that you might predict. Ethereal and lithe. Elegant restraint. Completely drinkable. — 7 days ago

Clarendon Hills

Kangarilla Vineyard Grenache 2010

Loved this. Bright, red berries. Soft tannins. Silky smooth. Decanted for two hours. A total pleasure - savored every drop. Probably the nicest grenache I’ve ever tasted. — 5 days ago

Herman Story

After Hours Rosé of Grenache 2017

2017 Vintage. 15.6% Alcohol. Big fruit and went well with Thai food. — 2 days ago

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Eric Urbani

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@Joseph Barsky if you are here let me know!
Joseph Barsky

Joseph Barsky

Hi Eric, Sorry, Gail wasn’t feeling up to it today.
Joseph Barsky

Joseph Barsky

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Old Vines Vignes Centenaires Besson Vineyard Grenache 2013

I love this wine! After 6 years the nose stills shows off beautifully pure Grenache kirschy, raspberry fruit and crushed rock, as well as some roasted green herbs. In the mouth, savory flavors are in play, replacing some of the pure fruit I noted in earlier bottles. But still some cherry/raspberry extract fruit there. So good. This is how Chateauneuf used to taste before the doubly whammy of Phillipe Cambie and global warming, if maybe a tad more delicate. — 21 days ago

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Sine Qua Non

Rattrapante Eleven Confessions Estate Grenache 2012

This is why we wait for years to get on the mailing list of Sine Qua Non. Q.E.D. — 13 days ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
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Joseph Barsky

Joseph Barsky

Friends just made the list after waiting 9 years... and many more signed up since then.... that is a great wine.

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@Vanessa McCaffrey Jim Cheers 🍷