Chateau Du Mass

Castello di Cacchiano

Gran Selezione Millennio Chianti Classico Sangiovese Blend 2004

When trebbiniano and Malvasia work together and get some age they are everything but a catholic mass wine. Wow! — 3 days ago

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Feudo Montoni

Vigna del Masso Catarratto

I wanted to try something a little different out of Italy and this fits the bill! The Catarratto grape is mass produced in Sicily but the quality here is excellent. Nice complexity with lots of minerals. I have tried several other wines from this producer and have enjoyed them all.👍 — 2 months ago

Justice Grace Vineyard

Solidarity San Francisco Red Blend 2018

In such an over saturated market which is the NorCal wine industry, rarely can you feel the care that goes into a bottle of wine. Justice Grace wines are the spirited antidote to this. Eric defies the mass production practices of the major labels, and the end result is that his wine is completely different, both in terms of message and taste. Sensitivity and balance are at the heart of what he does! Bright, balanced fruit, soft tannins, lovely grassy notes, playful depth. In short, he creates delicious wines that invoke the harmonious and sustainable land practices (organic grapes! no additives/preservatives!) that are at the heart of how wine has always been made, throughout the centuries. This is a very special winery that deserves our support. — 5 months ago

Domaine Tessier

Champ Perrier Bourgogne Chardonnay 2016

joined a new 'wine club' that's supposed to send me surprise 'authentic' (not mass produced) wines that are 'for me'.
i started 🙈 tasting (my wife covered the label for me).

this was a cliche Bourgogne white. but a well made one. i half guessed it was bourgogne. but wasn't sure this is such an easy right guess. my other option was an oaked sa chenin blanc.

firm but mellow oak-ness, citrus and hints of stone fruit (apple and peach).

full body.
high acidity.

long 🎯

not my style but well made wine.

my wife supposedly didn't like it, but the bottle was empty before dinner was served. we halfed it very easily.
— 5 months ago

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Williams Selyem

Block 10-Mass Selection Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir 2018

The longer this sits in my glass, the more complex it becomes. This Pinot is HUGE. A Pinot for steak lovers. Wonderful. Dark cherries. Earthiness. Burgundian style. My favorite of the night. Only 190 cases made. Not included on their allocation list. If you see this, give it a try. — 24 days ago

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Domaine du Coulet (Matthieu Barret)

et La Banniere... Crozes-Hermitage Syrah

Impressive in its intensely layered flavors, but lacking the depth to be a great bottle. I’m assaulted with many of the Northern Rhône favorite tasting notes: stewed black and blue berries, smoky meat, tobacco/leather, etc., but there is no deep, brooding, mass behind these smells and flavors. I do, however, love the briny, olive and roasted herbal qualities of this wine. It’s delicious for sure!
— 3 months ago

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KBS Chocolate Coffee Stout

Non vintage, but bottled on 2/26/20. Typical KBS on the pour and in the glass. Dark black and viscous. Dark chocolate, bourbon and roasted malt on the nose. Rich and flavorful in the mouth. Great texture. Dark chocolate leads, bourbon in the middle and a slightly bitter finish. 12% ABV is well hidden. KBS was once a unicorn beer (I still have several bottles of every vintage going back to 2013), but this is not that. While still a great beer, the mass production the last few years is starting to take a toll. Maybe a year in the cellar with it's older brothers will give it some balance. — 5 months ago


Muschelkalk Grüner Veltliner

NOT THE GRUNER... this review is for their Gemiscter Satz With so many disappointing example on the mass market, it was so reassuring to find this genuine example of high quality winemaking. Clean well made and true to form. Fresh, citrus and mineral aromas lead to a tight and precise mouthfeel with lemon, complexities and light creamy notes. Brava and Bravo!! Sehr gut!👏👏👏 — a month ago

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Bodegas Gratias

Terra Tardana 2018

2018 - Great Spanish orange wine - mineraly and slightly acidic, but not too funky. Very light.
Natural wine, purchased from Primal.
Critical Mass Selections.
— 4 months ago

Kim Crawford

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019

First to admit I'm a wine snob and yes this is mass made wine. BUT I'm humbled. Paired with intensely flavorful Nepalese/himalayan this fridge-cold wine is absolutely perfect pairing. The light grassy note and medium acidity doesn't poke your spicy mouth, it resets and refreshes. By itself I wouldn't be excited. If I were a professional I would push this as an affordable glass that takes a back seat to make the meal Better. wow.! — 5 months ago